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Independence March: Pak army warns protesters, will not allow instability in the country

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Major Gafoor

source: Googlr

Maulana Fazlur Rahman, who is leading the ‘independence march’, acting on the behest of the army and alleging undeclared martial law, has given PM Imran Khan a two-day ultimatum for his resignation. Amidst these allegations, the Pak Army has now taken over the front. The army warned on Saturday that no one would be allowed to create instability and disorder in the country.

Major Gafoor
Major Gafoor on ‘The Independence March’

It is notable that while addressing a public meeting in Islamabad, Rehman described Imran as ‘Gorbachov of Pakistan’ and asked that he leave the post without examining the restraint of peaceful protesters. He said that not only the ‘institutions’ but only the people of Pakistan have the right to rule this country.

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