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2022 best gifts for kids

Pajamas with cities, cute dogs or favorite books. From $22.

2022 best gifts for kids

Dim sum play dough kit, $39, with all sorts of dumplings and baos.

2022 best gifts for kids tattly

Temporary tattoos for every member of the family, matching their personalities/interests, like a funny bear, outer space, or a croissant. From $5.

2022 best gifts for kids games

A super fun, collaborative game, $24, where you work together to figure out which fox stole the pot pie. We’ve played this a hundred times. (Retro Clue would also be cool.)

2022 best gifts for kids books

Speaking of detectives, Anton and I recently discovered Sleuth & Solve, $14, a VERY engaging series of books where you figure out mini mysteries based on logic, facts, etc.

2022 best gifts for kids

Spy glasses to see what’s behind you (!), $12 for three.

2022 best gifts for kids cookbooks

Cookbooks for mini chefs from Dynamite Kids Cooking School, $25, and The River Café, $30.

2022 best gifts for kids map magnetic

A magnetic world map, $58, to inspire wanderlust and since they’re already asking about big issues.

2022 best gifts for kids games

A Guess Who game, plus printable cards to make different versions — including kids’ movies, Fuller House, and NBA players. (For grown ups, there’s also Schitt’s Creek, Only Murders in the Building, etc.) $6.80.

2022 best gifts for kids frozen game

Frozen playable theater with four backdrops and 12 characters. $26.

2022 best gifts for kids candy

Cool Swedish candy, $14. How great is the packaging?

2022 best gifts for kids

And a Coke (or whatever treat they’re not normally allowed to have) and permission to drink it. $2/priceless.

Finally, a few forever slam-dunks: a wooden school bus, galaxy projector, microphone, box of geodes, mood ring, Magna-Tiles set and slinky. What would you add?

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