343i Publishing Another Halo Game

As the very successful Alpha test of Halo Infinite closes and we move toward the launch on December 8th, it looks like 343i is beginning to plan their next Halo projects. Halo Infinite will take up most of 343i’s support for quite some time, so it looks like the studio will look to hire a Publishing Senior Producer for their next game and leverage external teams for the project.

The job description clearly indicates that the game will be in the Halo universe and indicates they want someone with experience on consoles. Aside from that, there is not an indication of genre or perspective. Could this be for Halo Wars 3 or is the franchise set to head off in more new exciting directions? This project will definitely be in the early phases so time will tell, though I would be surprised to see another FPS as a spinoff, so a new direction may be likely.


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