A British Newspaper Deleted A Critical Column About Kate Middleton

Amid continued scrutiny of how the British press covers different members of the royal family, the Telegraph newspaper deleted a critical column about Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, on Thursday hours after it went up on the website.

The story, titled “A rare misstep for the Duchess of Cambridge?”, criticized Kate for coauthoring a recent op-ed about early childhood education with US first lady Jill Biden, who is a teacher and holds a doctorate in education.

“However important the cause, she is in danger of falling into the same trap as the Sussexes; she has risked aligning herself too closely with a sitting political party,” author Joanna Rossiter wrote. “It’s impossible to imagine Kate penning this sort of article with the likes of, say, Melania Trump. Her decision to do so is a tacit endorsement of the Bidens.”

This is not the first time Rossiter has raised concerns about a royal duchess showing possible bias. In 2019, she wrote a column for the Telegraph criticizing Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, for her “unabashed support for all things woke” and “aligning herself so closely with the icons of the political left.” That story remains online.

The Kate column was widely criticized by royal watchers. When its deletion was noticed, speculation began on Twitter that it had been done so at the request of the Palace.


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