Apex Legends PS5 Rating Appears in Taiwan and Europe

Popular battle royale title Apex Legends could be coming to PS5 soon. The game recently appeared on both Taiwan and Europe’s game rating board for both PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PCs, and mobile devices. The news comes just after the release of the game’s twelfth season, “Defiance”.

When will Apex Legends release on the PS5?

Earlier this year, Apex Legends appeared on the PlayStation Network database, similarly hinting at a PS5 release. Specifically, we learned that the game would take up about 80GB of space without any updates. Fans speculated that the game would release for next-gen consoles alongside the most recent season. Interestingly, the European rating entry also features what is likely a tentative February 8, 2022 release date, possibly indicating that the PS5 version was meant to release a day ahead of the new season.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case as Respawn has yet to comment on any formal release date. Considering the timing, however, it would not be surprising if Respawn Entertainment decides to drop the next-gen version later this year.

Regardless, the newest season still offers plenty of new content in the meantime. Season 12 of Apex Legends has introduced an all-new Domination-style limited-time game mode that is sure to pique the interest of Titanfall 2 fans out there. The new season also added the new legend Mad Maggie, as well as various balances, bug fixes, and map changes.

Opinion: Apex Legends PS5 is nice, but cross-progression would be better

Andrew writes… The latest season will, without a doubt, bring about some much-needed refreshing changes to the game. In the same vein, a next-gen native version of Apex Legends would also feature some nice improvements to resolution, FPS, and overall performance compared to the lackluster PS4. However, it’s a little confusing to me why Respawn Entertainment still hasn’t implemented multiplatform cross-progression yet. Seems like it might be more useful to players than a next-gen version, but I guess consolidating three years’ worth of accounts might be a little difficult to manage.

In other news, Boss Team Games has confirmed that The Evil Dead: The Game will get post-launch content spanning multiple seasons. The PS4 and PS5 beta software test has also added voice commands, open parties, and UI updates.

[Source: Gematsu]


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