Bend Studio Unhappy With Dev’s Rant About Days Gone Reviews

Whenever Days Gone reviews are trending on social media, there’s a pretty high chance that at least one former Bend Studio staffer woke up on the wrong side of the bed (again). John Garvin, who served as creative director, has a penchant for criticizing reviewers for not giving the game a score of his choosing, often blaming Days Gone’s shortcomings on everyone but himself. Garvin just can’t seem to let it go, and Bend Studio isn’t happy about it.

Days Gone reviews written by “woke” people, apparently

When all else fails, throw buzzwords like “woke” around, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a loving army of anti-woke crusaders on social media. That’s what Garvin attempted to do when he blamed, in part, “woke reviewers” for awarding Days Gone low scores. Unfortunately, however, that strategy backfired, prompting Garvin to lock down his Twitter profile. Bend Studio wasn’t having it either, and broke its silence to release the following statement:

Garvin continues to inadvertently prove that Sony made the right decision when it let him go.

Former Bend Studio dev Jeff Ross, who’s also been critical of Days Gone reviews in the past, decided not to side with his former colleague this time.


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