Bob Odenkirk Details Suffering Near-Fatal Heart Attack While on Workout Bike – E! Online

Did Saul Goodman have a Big moment?

In a New York Times profile published on Feb. 9, Bob Odenkirk detailed the near-fatal heart attack he suffered on the set of Better Call Saul back in July, revealing that he was working out on an exercise bike when he suddenly collapsed in front of his co-stars Rhea Seehorn and Patrick Fabian.

“We were shooting a scene, we’d been shooting all day, and luckily I didn’t go back to my trailer,” he recalled, explaining how he and his castmates had gone to a break area instead to unwind before the next take. “I went to play the Cubs game and ride my workout bike, and I just went down.”

Although Odenkirk doesn’t remember what happened next, he said Seehorn, who plays his onscreen love interest, later told him that he had “started turning bluish-gray” following the fall. Crew members rushed in and started administering CPR, before hooking the actor up to an automated defibrillator.


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