Call Of Cthulhu PC Review. [Will You Answer Cthulhu’s Call?]

Call of Cthulhu


In this terrifying month, we present to you a review of the game Call of Cthulhu. Let us now enter together into a world full of madness and horror.

Today we decided to present a review of the horror game Call of Cthulhu. Developed by Cyanide Studio and produced by Focus Home Interactive. This investigation and horror game was released on October 30, 2018 on PS4, PC, Xbox One to carve its name in the world of scary games. But in addition to this character. It was also characterized by many other things, including psychological, ambiguity and dangerous religious cults. So today we wanted to express our full experience of the latter on the computer. Let’s dive deep into one of the most famous stories from horror giant H.P Lovecraft. An enjoyable read for everyone.

Call of Cthulhu Trailer

Game story

With the advent of the year 1924 and after the end of the First World War. Edward Pierce begins working as a private detective to distract himself from the horrors of war that have turned his dreams into nightmares. However, as his psychological condition worsened day by day, his reputation among other investigators began to decline little by little. He even made the government investigators’ office send him telegrams warning of closing. In the meantime, a new client entered the office with a mysterious plaque. Where the latter began to give the hero of our story the details of his problem, which was the murder of his daughter.

 Call of Cthulhu

And the arrival of the mysterious painting to the door of his house.

This is where the story of our game begins. Where does Edward go to Darkwater Island to investigate the murder of the Hawkins family? To discover that the main cause of their death was the horrific fire that engulfed a large part of their house. But how did that happen and why for this family exactly?

Darkwater Island is also known as Fisherman’s Island. It is considered one of the darkest regions in the world. Where lie many legends about the adventures of hunting giant whales. Among the most important of these legends, we find the story of the Great Hunt, which made most of the inhabitants of this island eat the meat of the huge whale for several years, thus ending a famine that lasted for several generations.

With the entry of the young investigator into the depths of his investigations. His mood gradually began to deteriorate for the worse. As strange visions began to invade his mind. Also, mysterious figures appeared. Wearing gowns and chanting phrases of the name Cthulhu. A legendary monster who wants to return as the ruler of this world. Is it possible that the Cthulhu cult is the cause of all the mysterious things that happen on the island?

Playing style (Gameplay)

As an investigation and horror game. The gameplay of Call of Cthulhu is based on several things that have been combined to provide its players with an experience full of mystery and psychological horror. It starts first with the character of the investigation and RPG. Then the player takes on the task of uncovering the causes of the death of the Hawkins family. It is based on the dialogue style with the many game characters on the island. And since it is a story adventure, the dialogue will have a great impact here.

The player has to choose the questions and answers intelligently in order to discover what he wants to achieve.

It can also influence the type of speech he says thanks to his progress in his tree of knowledge which he can gradually develop along this journey. The tree of knowledge is similar to the tree of abilities known in the RPG games, but here it brings us the knowledge of the hero of the story, which revolves around:

  • Eloquence: It is the ability to direct the conversation to its benefit and to convince the other side with its appropriate dialogue method.
  • Strength: The physical ability of the hero, he can rely on it during any mission or anything that requires great physical effort.
  • Instinct: The ability to see things that cannot be seen or sense danger. It also works to know the intentions of the speaker if he is lying, for example.
  • Investigation: The ability to link events and gossip with each other to draw conclusions. This ability can open up new dialogues with the characters and can make the player progress in the game easier.
  • Psychology: During a dialogue with a character. The protagonist can know the psychology of the person he is interviewing. Through this, he can work to convince him or calm him if he is terrified.
  • Medicine: This ability comes through reading books only, and through which the details of the death of the characters can be known more accurately. Or the hero can know what harms him and what benefits him from psychological and physical medications. You can also have him make a more accurate description when giving him information during a dialogue with one of the game’s characters.
  • Witchcraft and astrology: the black science that can be obtained through forbidden books only or by making a contract in the midst of a story. Through it, the player can learn what the slave of Cthulhu sees and will also receive forbidden knowledge from Cthulhu himself that will enable him to exploit other characters as he wants.

As already mentioned, the game relies slightly on the RPG character.

So, the player can walk the center of the island freely in the early parts of the game. But this will not be written for long, because the latter will become more and more restricted as the events of the story develop. On the other hand, we can say that one of the most important things in the gym here is investigation and puzzle solving. Through all the chapters. The player has to think about solving the issues he encounters all the time. Some of them are either represented as a pictorial vision of what happened. Or he has to solve complex puzzles to find out the truth or open some secret door.


Call of Cthulhu mainly relies on its dark atmosphere to make the player feel uncomfortable while playing. And one of the things that helped spread this melancholy throughout is music. In most cases, they are quiet, surprising the listener in a moment of tension, with passages that raise terror and mystery. Although composer Markus Schmidt has never worked on a horror game before. However, his great experience is creating music tracks for other games such as The Surge and Drakensang series. It made it a great show to make the game’s atmosphere fit what the developers wanted.

The vocal performance of the characters too has taken its toll. Thanks to many well-known voice actors who participated in providing the best possible performance. This was very important since this game is based on a lot of dialogue. And it’s not as fleeting as many other horror games. Rather, she uses her to develop her characters and to show her ambiguity and feelings as well. All these factors have helped to show the sound side of the game in an excellent way.

A Glimpse of the Legend of Cthulhu

A mythical monster based on the novel Call of Cthulhu by American writer Howard Philips Lovecraft. This writer, who has become called the king of horror because of the nature of his novels, which carry great mystery and madness. His literary career began with his famous novel in 1928. The Call of Cthulhu has become very popular since its publication in Weird Tales. And with the passage of time and even after the death of the original writer. Adopted by many fans of writers, game and film makers.

On the way the latter portrayed horror and mystery, especially the concept of madness, which has a direct relationship with his strange creatures that characterised most of his novels. Among the most important works borrowed from the latter, we find the old paper RPG game presented by the French company Cyanide, from which this game we are talking about today was directly borrowed.

According to H.P Lovecraft. Before the emergence of the earth, the universe and humans. Life began with the advent of the ancient gods. The easiest way to describe them is that they are the basis of everything in this world. Each of them represents something moral or material. They also have supernatural abilities that humans cannot imagine. Even with the advent of humans, they did not give any value to these new creatures despite their intelligence. In the Cthulhu Nida culture.

We find the oldest and strongest ancient existence.

A monster called Azatoth who lives in a place far from space-time where he rules the rest of the ancient creatures there. The first humans saw the power of these creatures and worshiped them. But because of their great mental strength and hideous looks, many people were affected, and most of them entered the stage of great insanity. Therefore, after several generations, the followers of the ancient gods decreased and only a few special sects remained.

From here we come to the monster Cthulhu, who is considered one of the ancients who, according to a description by his human followers, has the head of an octopus and the wings of a dragon. But according to the writer, the shape of this legendary creature cannot be described because its existence is illogical and the human mind cannot comprehend it. The latter is distinguished by his great evil towards humans, unlike his brothers who do not care about them from the beginning, and even there are those who said that it is the thing that represents evil in itself. Because of this, the ancient masters banished him from the grand universe to hide in the legendary city of R’lyeh which is located in the deepest region of the Pacific Ocean.

From there, after thousands of years, he began to rise gradually through his call, which plunged his followers and everyone who hears his name into an endless frenzy.

He exploits them by giving them infinite knowledge and supernatural powers. He forces them to do heinous things and human sacrifices. All this to plunge the world into a state of great terror and evil. That is what will make him rise once and for all. Madness spreads across the entire planet. According to what the writer described; the end of mankind will begin with the awakening of the latter. He will make living creatures into mutant shapes to make them eat each other. It will also introduce the dead to his mind, which describes “literally madness.” Thus, Cthulhu will confront all those who exiled him, by locking him up on the best possible planet. Planet Earth.

Although the game is clearly anecdotal. However, the Gym Play does not depend only on dialogues and solving puzzles. While delving into the secrets of the island. The player must also rely on stealth so that his journey does not end with the guards of the Cthulhu temples, for example. And at the end of the game, he can also rely on a gun to kill the fearsome monsters that will appear.

Call of Cthulhu

Game Pros

  • The atmosphere of the game is mysterious and stressful all the time. During every moment of it, the player will experience the hero’s sense of danger from every aspect, whether psychological or physical.
  • High quality audio and very suitable for the horrifying and mysterious atmosphere of the game. On the one hand, we find the music always in place and in keeping with the hero’s psychology. On the other hand, we find the voices and vocal performance of the characters are refined.
  • The story of the game is inspired by a popular psychological horror novel. And the scriptwriters worked here to show its features through an experience at the level.
  • The game life is good compared to other horror games; it can be finished within a period ranging from 08 to 12 hours.
  • Here the player will enjoy a varied gameplay. Dialogues with various characters, investigations, hideouts, puzzles and also relied on a small aspect also of the RPG. Here we find a tree of the hero’s abilities that can be developed as we go deeper into the gameplay. In addition to roaming freely during the first chapters.
  • During the development of the story, the player will have to choose important decisions. Which can directly affect what happens to the hero of the story at the end of the game. In the midst of our experiment with the latter, we discovered a total of four extremes.

Game Cons

  • Despite the wonderful scenario presented during all the chapters of the game. However, the story did not include all the aspects and questions that the player wants to know. Some of them were summarised in very short moments and did not take their proper share. Especially in the last quarter of the game.
  • The game engine is outdated as it is being introduced in the current games. Although the game was released in late 2018. However, the graphics and the animation of the characters show a clear delay. Also, a lot of the areas in the game are the same.
  • After completing the first chapters. The player will not have the freedom to explore the areas of the game as they will become very specific.
  • Many of the dialogues and choices did not have a clear impact on the events of the story. It can be called false choices, especially in the early part of the game.
  • Repeating the method of searching and hiding in many parts of the game is annoying and greatly reduces the player’s enjoyment of his experience of the latter.

Call of Cthulhu Final Rating

There are many quotes from the famous novel and branched out with all forms of multimedia. Among these quotes we find in this game a wonderful introduction to the legend. And that’s thanks to the work of its development crew, which showed the atmosphere of its mysterious and terrifying world. Despite the many problems we saw throughout our experience with it. The game was up to par. So, if you want to enter the world of Cthulhu, this game will be very suitable. Especially with the multiple game modes it contains as well. Ratings of gamers and video game sites varied between being of average or above-average quality. But thanks to our new journey, we decided to give it the following evaluation:

Game rating: above average


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