Could September Bring Big Xbox News

The recent months have been absolutely brimming with Xbox content, games and news. That trend looks very likely to continue this fall with a slate of big games releasing and a massive amount of games coming to Gamepass. The month of September, however, looks barren. There’s no news event, show, first party releases or big gamepass titles the entire month.

That could just be a coincidence, but it could also be a sign that some surprise news could be on the way. There is a recent precedence for this with the lead up to the Series X launch leaving a big hole in September. Until that is, that they announced the ZeniMax/Bethesda acquisition and filled months of talk with that move. Is it possible that something similar could happen this year?

There have been talks of more big gamepass games like with UPlay and acquisition talk from Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer, so there’s definitely potential for a big September.

What do you think, will September be a barren month or is some big news just around the corner?


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