Doom 2016 PC Review, Is It Worth A Try?

Doom 2016

You had a very bad day from start to finish, nothing you wished for happened, you did not meet anyone you loved, and misfortunes did not stop falling on you. You enter the house in the evening and your master is tired, you cannot think or do anything else. This day is simply over for you. You lie on the first sofa in front of you and fall into a sleep you couldn’t resist.

You wake up suddenly in the worst nightmare we have ever seen in your life, a deserted place, closed from all sides, stained with blood and body parts scattered here and there. When you realize what’s around you, then you feel an overwhelming feeling of anger, an anger that you cannot resist as if you were a block of flame wanting to burn everything you touch, then you understand what you must do: cut and rip until everything is over. This is the Doom game.

Doom (2016)

Doom or as some call it Doom 2016 is a fast-paced FPS action shooter game developed by Id Software Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was released on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on May 13, 2016, and it was an extension of the series that made the foundations of FPS games since this genre appeared on its hands.

After the success of Doom 3 in the years following its release in 2004, the name Doom 4 was launched as the next successor to the series, which was announced in 2008. However, the development of this game faced many difficulties and changes to be launched again in 2011, so the developers decided That this work is a return to the original (Doom 1 in 1993 and Doom II: Hell on Earth in 1994). Thus, it was disclosed in 2014 and was not officially launched until 2016.

The audience received the game very warmly, and their reaction was positive towards it, despite many criticisms, which it described as very violent. Let us tell you the details of our experience of the game. So, bring a cup of coffee or tea with nuts and sit in a comfortable seat because the conversation will be long.

Game Trailer

Doom 2016 story

The side of the story doesn’t make for an element of strength but is an afterthought here. And there are not many events that take place compared to the life of the game, the player takes on the role of a Marine named Doom Slayer who wakes up, handcuffed inside a coffin at the mining and exploration facility of the giant Union Aerospace Corporation that is interested in extracting a new form of energy recently discovered called Argent Energy.

This energy offers many possibilities, according to the director in charge of the project, Dr. Samuel Hayden, who confirmed that it is the new path of evolution for the human race. But the use of this energy was not without risk, as it allows the opening of gates that overlook another dimension that no one had to discover, which is Hell itself. An army of monsters poured into the facility to sweep the area in a short period of time.

 Doom 2

And here comes the role of the hero of the story, who will make a bloody path dyed with violence to stop the occupation of the hell’s forces of the facility before the problem takes a broader curve as his move to planet Earth. He also seems to be the only one who has the power to stop them. As our hero progresses, he discovers, or we discover, if it is true, several aspects of his past and his relationship with Hell.

Everything seems vague until we delve further into the various stages of the game, but the vaguest is the main character, which we do not know much about, but she has a legendary power that pushes us to learn more about her.

Game world

The world is linear divided into phases and as a whole is the title of this series. The game has kept the classic character in the design of its stages, each one comes in the form of a maze that has a starting point and many obstacles that must be solved to cross to the next section with the end point that represents the main goal of it and that takes us to the next level.

Fighting against the enemy is along the way in violent friction points, requiring speed of movement and performance to cross, and there are many hidden areas in which we found several prizes that enabled us to develop armor and weapons or find small collectors’ figurines.


The decoration in Doom 2016 divides the stages into two categories: the first type is on board the facility on Mars, in the form of many rooms connected to hallways with a futuristic design that represents the technology used in that era and the machines and machines that operate automatically along the road to give the impression that we are actually in an area Very sophisticated.

The second category is on the surface of Hell. Wild places filled with corpses and skulls, with buildings that look like very old mausoleums, covered in blood and lava, highlighting the infernal character of the area.

And like any decent FPS game, the size of the place we reach always gives us an idea of ​​the number of monsters that will appear to us, the larger the place we enter, the longer the fight we will fight or it can mean the emergence of a leader that we have to face directly.

Gameplay in Doom 2016

Since the game is a glorification of the first versions of the series, it is expected that it will follow suit and that was the case. The gameplay is remarkably based on it in many points with additions, the most prominent of which are:

Difficulty levels

A basic thing that we choose at the beginning of the game is to choose the level and ruggedness of the adventure that we are going to undertake. Depending on our experience with games of this type, we can choose first between three difficulties, which are:

  • I’m Too Young To Die

The easiest level to choose is suitable for amateurs trying this type of game for the first time. He forgives a lot of mistakes, the enemies do not inflict significant damage here, and killing them does not require ammunition and great effort, but this style carries enough challenges to enjoy the game well.

  • Hurt Me Plenty

Normal difficulty level everything is medium and it guarantees the original experience of the game. It is intended for those with average experience in these games and requires a little focus and planning to achieve victory with the least damage, and the sense of challenge it provides is satisfactory.

  • Ultra-Violence

This is the level we chose. A combination of excitement and difficulty that will make sure we don’t die in vain. This pattern punishes mistakes and does not forgive mistakes in shooting, and the ammunition needed to kill enemies is large, which must always be taken into account. Fortunately, a power saw is always available to solve this problem. This difficulty is directed to those who have experience in such games and have a spirit of challenge.

After completing the game for the first time, two additional levels appear that can be selected and their name alone is scary:

  • Nightmare

Dedicated to experts who master this genre insanely, every shot is right, one mistake can separate life and death. Everything is against us here and retreat is no longer an option. Fight fiercely or die a despicable death.

  • Ultra-Nightmare

The level of insane difficulty is no different than before here. But the only difference is that death will bring us back to the forefront of the game and we must repeat it again. As for the stages, there are no save points, so they must be completed first to be able to save our progress. Also, on the following attempts, you can see signs representing the place of our death in the previous attempt.


Moving is quick and easy compared to other games and that alone gives a sense of control over the situation. At no point did we feel that we were the prey here. On the contrary:

The speed of running made it easier for us to reposition on the battlefield and alternate between close and long-range combat, in addition to avoiding attacks and besieging our enemies easily.

Double jumping is a lively addition to Doom 2016. Once we get it, it becomes a staple, thanks to which high areas and ledges that once seemed impossible to reach are within our reach. In addition, avoiding attacks is easier than before and many hidden areas require long jumps to reach them.

We also do not forget to grab the various ledges and climb them, which enabled us to resort to high areas to take the strategic advantage over the enemy and to easily know their locations before they surround us.

All this left us feeling that we are a predator that hunts the beasts of Hell and does not leave them any room to escape, as it is faster than them. And before we forget, our hero is so strong that his armor completely protects him from the damage caused by falling from high places, and instead of this, he takes the position of the hero at the moment of hitting the ground.

Fighting in the game Doom 2016

Fighting is fast and smooth in the game since the movement is also, the enemies do not leave us a period of rest until after we get rid of them. The game punishes us if we stop moving and we must always move, otherwise we will receive serious damage. Many weapons are available and each one of them corresponds to a specific style of combat and is suitable for a specific type of monster. The enemies also have strengths such as shields, for example, with weaknesses as well, and they are often in the head area or exposed areas that are not covered by the shield.

Now we come to the interesting part, which is the Glory Kills. It is a show method to finish off the enemies after receiving great damage, and that is to punch the enemies when their bodies appear glowing, and the way to kill them is according to the area that we punched. We also do not forget to fight the bosses, which obliges us to know their attack patterns to respond to them in time or simply die if we fail to do so, and the moment to finish them is very satisfying.


Our hero has a respectable arsenal of weapons that enables him to eliminate anything that gets in his way, so we start our journey with the simple pistol that has endless ammunition, passing through the excellent rifle in close combat, the machine gun and the plasma weapon until we reach the heavy weapons such as the heavy machine gun, the rocket launcher and the plasma cannon And don’t forget the three different types of grenades (explosive grenades, one that creates a sphere that absorbs enemies’ life points to send to the hero’s suit, and one that creates holograms that deflect monsters).

And oh my God, how wonderful we felt when we got the Super Shotgun when we tried it for the first time, but when we got a weapon called the BFG 9000, it became very easy to solve problems in this game, one shot of it removes all Whoever moves in front of us, thank God, has very limited ammunition, so obtaining it is qualitatively difficult, otherwise it would have become a children’s game.

We also don’t forget the electric saw, which kills a single enemy with one showblow that is very bloody to enable us to recover the ammo we spent throughout the battle. Also, each weapon has add-ons that can be installed on it to give it a new feature (except for the first pistol, the super rifle and the BFG).

The game encourages us to switch between weapons by limiting the ammo that can be carried and which runs out quickly if we do not pay attention to it, and this gives diversity in the way we play and forces us to learn to use others instead of focusing on one weapon all the time.

Wetsuit and Power Balls

At the beginning of the game, the hero gets the Praetor Suit, an armored suit that has a structure that protects him from various attacks and protects him from the damage caused by falling from high places. The latter is also scalable as we progress through the various stages. In addition to this, the hero encounters on his way many flaming balls, which by taking it get super powers, which are:

Berserk We hide our weapons when taking them to be fighting with punching only, and every enemy needs only one hit to eliminate it, and the way to finish it is more violent than even the Glogy Kills.

Haste is a ball of energy that gives us great speed of movement when taken.

Invulnerability gives us complete protection from all kinds of damage for a limited time.

Quad Damage Increases weapon damage to enemies a full four times.

The RPG aspect of Doom 2016

The developers have combined the game with an RPG aspect that enables us to improve the equipment and suit. And that is by obtaining many hidden additions in the stages to enable us to strengthen ourselves more.

Various weapons can be improved, as we mentioned previously, after reaching robots waiting for us in separate places to give us additions that we install on weapons to strengthen them, such as the grenade launcher on the rifle, for example, or the target tracker on the missile launcher or others.

The suit accepts two types of improvements: Finding Praetor tokens to boost the suit’s performance, such as climbing speed, switching between weapons, spotting secrets on the map interface, and more. Finding Argent Cells increases the maximum life points, armor and the amount of ammo that can be carried.

The Runes are talismans that are installed on the suit to give it external additions related to combat, such as obtaining more ammo or armor points when killing enemies, or maintaining the show fighting style for more time and others. It is obtained after successfully passing the many challenges that await us here and there.


After trying this style out on Doom 2016, it turns out that there are many options available here. Many stages and modes are available in this suite for those who want to play multiplayer with or against friends or with other people from the rest of the world, we found that there are a total of 18 stages that we can enter with 12 different modes of play, which vary between single combat or in the form of teams.

We also found that our account has a level that must be upgraded by playing and scoring points thanks to the various challenges that exist. Raising this level allows opening many options such as the possibility of customizing the suit at the second level and adding talismans later when reaching the fourth level, as for the rest of the weapons, equipment and monsters Which can be reincarnated and distributed at higher levels up to 50, which represents its maximum.


Represents the game’s stage editor. It is an interface that enables the creation of special stages and the creation of side scenarios that can be shared with others. After our experience with it, it became clear to us that it does not give many options, as its interface allows us to place many pre-prepared rooms and corridors and paste them together to reach a complete stage. Then fill the places with various decor items, weapons, ammunition, equipment and monsters.

Sounds in the game Doom 2016

The sounds in the game are rough and strong, reflecting the violence and brutality of the game. The rhythm of gunshots is violent, and the sounds and screams of monsters are loud, and this is the main thing that the developers focused on in addition to the music. The dialogues are few to almost non-existent since the game does not focus on this aspect, but the quality of the voice actors is excellent from the first dialogue to the end. And we’ve heard AI notifications more than humans.

Now we come to a point that is one of the game’s strong pillars, which is the music. With a decent amount of rough metal clips mixed with electro, composer Mick Gordon made us loud symphonies of violence and destruction to express the seriousness of the situation and we enjoyed it greatly. It takes a purely rhythmic style that follows the rhythm of the game, so it is quiet in empty spaces and explodes when the first enemy appears. On the one hand, it gives us a constant feeling of tension that leaves us only when the fighting stops and this music stops, and on the other hand, an enthusiasm that pushes us to destroy everything that stands in our way, and this is an aspect that we greatly appreciated.

As for the sounds of interaction with the decor, they are almost non-existent, and this is something that lacks a little fun. We found, for example, that you punch a glass or a metal plate that emits the same sound. Falling things do not make a big noise, and the screaming of monsters in the neighboring areas is non-existent, as if they are petrified waiting for the moment, we enter their area.


As we said before, the developers spent a lot of effort, resources and time to bring this game out. This included the graphics aspect, based on the id Tech 6 engine that was developed throughout that period. The studio crew was able to create stages and designs with high quality in which the details are what fills the eye and immerses us in its atmosphere, in addition to the good performance of the engine that allows playing in high screen dimensions at a high frame rate (60 frames per second) with a little fluctuation that bothered us a little.

The design of the stages is so inspired by the early parts of the series that there are hidden areas that literally revive them. In addition to the monsters that appear to be moving masses of muscles and hatred, they are diverse and each has a special design that distinguishes it completely from the other. As for the protagonist, he is a straight-out character from the grim comic book, giving him a bad boy vibe.

The lighting, materials and colors used in the game are dark and are very suitable for this type with a kind of fog that covers areas especially in the stages of hell to reduce visibility and increase tension. The shadows are darker to enhance the dark character of the game in line with the developer’s direction.

Game evaluation


  • This part is a successful return to the origins of FPS games as it is a mixture of old school ideas and current technology.
  • The game’s atmosphere and style arouse a strange enthusiasm that is very rare in others.
  • The design of the stages like labyrinths liked us a lot.
  • The difficulty levels are very acceptable and the AI ​​of the monsters is very good.
  • The graphic engine is powerful and enables high options to be played.
  • The gameplay is smooth and fast.
  • Close-range combat is very satisfying, especially the Glory kills.
  • Fight level bosses.
  • The RPG tincture that has been added is very much appreciated.
  • Multiplayer exists and has many options and modes.
  • The music is impeccable and we enjoyed it very much.
  • The minimum game life in solo is 13 hours, but we’ve exceeded 20 hours in it.


  • The presence of automatic save points (Checkpoints) alone did not appeal to us because often it is not possible to go back. If we forgot something, we must repeat the stage again, or leave it and continue.
  • Technical problems still exist despite the latest updates. Because of it, we saw a sudden drop in the frame rate and some monsters’ corpses got stuck in the decoration after killing them, which made a big annoying noise.
  • There is no interaction with the decor except for barrel bombs.
  • Decoration sounds are not elaborate. We have previously said that the impact of beating on glass, for example, is the same as on an iron plate.
  • The sounds of some weapons are weak and unconvincing, especially the first machine gun.
  • The number of bosses is small compared to the number of stages we have gone through.
  • Multiplayer is boring after a while and forces us to focus on raising the level to unlock all the content, especially weapons, instead of enjoying it fully from the first experience.
  • Doom 2016

Doom 2016 Final Rating

After we finish the game. We can say that it was a successful recreation of the glories of its predecessors. Despite the poor scenario and some technical problems, the gameplay made us forget everything. The combat is breathtaking and does not require many buttons on the keyboard, just like the old FPS games. So, everyone who loves this type will find it here without any doubt.

Although many media and people criticised the level of violence in this game, the latter managed to attract a lot of attention, which resulted in the next game in 2020, Doom Eternal, which in turn achieved greater success. So, if you like what we have listed in this review. Of course, we invite you to try this game, it is worth it, and if you like this type of shooting games, this is a second reason for you to do so. And here we come to the moment of the final evaluation, which will be:

Game rating: Excellent


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