Here Are 13 New Things To Know About Dying Light 2

Dying light 2

After the huge success of Dying Light, everyone is waiting for its second part, which finally got us a review of its gameplay. That show highlighted what’s new in this part and how Techland expanded its title frame to be bigger this time by integrating RPG elements that added more depth to the experience.

In order to learn more about this part and the experience that it promises us, in this article we will highlight the game, what is new in it, and the details you need to know about it.

Game Overview

The virus won and civilization returned to the dark ages. The city, one of the last human settlements, is on the verge of collapse. Use your speed of action and your fighting skills to survive and reshape the world. Your choices matter.

Dying Light 2

More than twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus and lost. Now, here we go again. Conflicts tear the city apart, one of the last large human settlements. Civilization has returned to the dark ages. However, we are still hopeful.

You are a traveler and have the power to change the fate of a city. But your exceptional abilities come at a price. While haunting memories haunt you, you embark on an adventure to discover the truth. To find yourself in a combat zone. Hone your skills, to defeat your enemies and gain allies, as you will need everything that is precious and precious. Discover the dark secrets behind the powerful and choose a side and decide your destiny. But wherever your actions take you, there is one thing you can never forget — stay human.

How did the virus spread outside Harran?

Before we tell you about the story of the second part and its hero, there is a large time gap between the events of the first and second parts that left behind many unanswered questions.

The game developer explained what happened in that period of time between the events of the two parts, where he said that Harran is no longer the only infested city in the world, as the virus has spread and spread throughout the world.

Thomas Gerbaud of the development team Techland explained how society has fallen at the mercy of the virus in the past twenty years. He said that despite efforts to contain the virus inside Harran, a group of scientists were conducting secret research on the virus in an effort to benefit from it in the military or commercial fields.

As a result of these events, the virus evolved and reached higher levels than it is, and on Christmas Eve 2021, the virus leaked out of laboratories and began to infect humans. Because of the mutations that occurred during those secret tests, the speed of its spread is greater than the capabilities to contain it.

Despite the efforts of governments to contain the virus, but it only took a few years until all societies and civilizations that we know collapsed, efforts led them to establish the city of Villedor to be the last stronghold of humanity and an impenetrable fortress for them, but even in this city, things were not well, as there are conflicts between its human factions. Various and threats from those who have been exposed to infection.

The question remains about the fate of Kyle Crane, the hero of the first part. At the end of the last additional content of the first game, Crane has transformed, and we do not know if it has anything to do with the story of the second part and how the virus leaked out.

The story and our new hero – who is he and what are his motives?

Our story is set in Villador and in Dying Light 2, you play as Aiden Caldwell, a stranger trying to unravel a complex mystery from his past. And clues lead him to the city – perhaps the last stronghold of humanity in the world.

This person, as we said, is looking for a girl who we do not know who he is. She seems to represent him the only memory from the past. He is one of the untouchables who lived outside the city walls, but somehow, he finds his way in.

Dying Light 2

At first, you will feel like this savage, cruel place will tear you to pieces but then, you will meet the Night Runners, the seasoned survivors who helped the people on the good days. And it’s not entirely clear that you can trust them, you need allies in the dark.

Alliance and faction system

With the fall of the ancient civilization and the building of a new civilization on its ruins. People are fighting desperately for scarce resources like electricity and water. Here the rules are broken and the weak are punished.

The hero of the game, Aiden, has complete freedom to choose which factions he will join and make friends or enmities with, for example, we saw at E3 2019 how you can deprive a group of water by your decision.

Three factions are battling for a position in the city. Survivors take pride in their ability to adapt to any condition and secure safe zones almost everywhere. And they depend on handicrafts such as agriculture to survive more.

Peacekeepers, loyal soldiers who want to impose their version of law and order and run over everything in their path.

Dissident Renegades, former prisoners in the ruthless colonel’s service, seek to become the city’s sole rulers.

Use these factions to achieve your goal. Help them or cause them mischief to reshape the city to your liking. But remember that each faction has complex personalities so that decisions will be more difficult for you, will you follow the calculations of your mind or your heart? Of course, whenever you help a group to reach prosperity, you will get new weapons or tools from them, such as the trampoline, ziplines, and others.

Some in the city offer no chance of an alliance. Thieves, bandits, outlaws and criminals live only to loot and kill, plunging the streets into chaos.

Darkness changes the rules of the world

No matter how diverse and large the factions in the game are, the coming of darkness frightens them all alike.

When the light dims, monsters crawl out of their lair to prey on poor spirits that have been caught outside the safe range of UV rays. Hordes of infected people pour into the streets like decomposing lava. Which is the lethal outcome of 15 years of mutation and evolution.

But the night also offers opportunities. Nests filled with daytime casualties are now empty to explore, so you must move with caution. But those braves enough to face the horrors of the night can get the ultimate prize, because the resources are scarce there.

The parkour system is your most effective weapon for survival

In games like this it is important to master the art of survival, and fortunately, you have all the tools you need to survive. On top of that is exceptional parkour skills that let you navigate even the most dangerous terrain. On the surfaces, you can count on parkour stunts to save your life.

The crazy thing is that there are 3,000 different animations for Parkour, according to the game designer. The movement system in this part seems to have improved a lot from the first and became more fluid, dynamic, fast and really makes you enjoy while you are doing it.

The fighting style is no less fun than parkour

Despite this interesting movement system, you will often have to face your enemies head-on. Then you have to be smart, resourceful and assertive. The game promises creative and brutal combat, where smart thinking, traps and creative weapons will be your best friend.

New Dying Light 2

The game allows you to diversify the fighting methods and weapons between the saw, the flamethrower or the acrobatic movements like kicking the enemy while performing the Bakur movement. There is a crafting system for making your own weapons. We also noticed that realistic bloody visual effects were added to make the fight more brutal than it was before.

World design

The first look at the game really caught us by its vertically designed world where the developer mentioned that you have to take advantage of the vertical formation of the city and escape to the roofs. He designed the game to have lots of layers stacked on top of each other, allowing them to create puzzles during the Parkour.

Choices and consequences

Shape the city’s future with your actions and see how it changes. Determine the balance of power by making decisions in the midst of a growing conflict and aligning your own experience.

Techland previously confirmed that there are dire consequences beyond the obvious, some of which will require more than one game to see it fully pay off, players will have to make incredibly difficult decisions in many situations, decisions that will even affect the world itself, and in some Sometimes these big consequences will come to light at the end of Dying Light 2, making it too late for players to go back in time.

There are 3 types of options in Dying Light 2. The first is story options that set the course of events and vary with the ending.

The second options concern the tasks and the way they are carried out, for example, you may choose a method that makes completing the task more difficult or longer and an option that enables you to finish it quickly and easily.

The third type of options pertain to the world, for example, if you open an electricity tower, options will appear to you for any group you want to reach electricity to, and this improves your relationship with them and opens wider areas for trade with them or moving in their area, which in turn affects the playing environment in that area compared to other areas.

Play your favorite style

The developer has worked hard on the core of combat, ensuring that swinging a powerful massive weapon is fun, satisfying, and well executed. But even the most brutal fights can also be tactical.

You have multiple ways to hone your skills to enhance the style of play that suits you. It is up to you if you focus mostly on movement and parkour skills. Or aggressive direct combat. Or the cunning way, where the tools you created get the job done. Each ability you learn can change the rules of the game and may even represent a new favorite move.

Your decisions shape your world

The pace of things is fast in Dying Light 2. Every moment counts and every move can mean victory or defeat. Choose your actions and friends carefully. Everything you do in the city can reshape the gameplay, change the course of the story, and decide the fate of the city’s residents. But most importantly, you also decide your own destiny. Make sure to remain human.

You can play cooperatively

Studio Techland mentioned that the game in co-op mode lets you play with up to four players. Cooperative play in this part will be different from the first part because in the new part one of the four players will be the host this time. Where you can host your own games or join others and discover how their choices were different from yours.

What about choices and progression when playing with others?

Of course, we know that the players’ choices will affect the story, but how will this be done with team play? In multiplayer according to the developer, only the actions of the host will have consequences for the story, meaning that when you join the game with your friends, you will see how their choices affect the story differently than your choices in your own game.

Malgorzata Mitrega, one of the game’s developers, also confirmed that a player who enters a game session with his friends will keep your progress, but if your friend takes a different path in the story than you did, you may not be able to access all of your weapons in the game you joined.

So, we seem to be promised a huge complex game with a multi-layered world, telling us the story of the collapse of humanity in a miserable world and how human nature sometimes overcomes its owners to strip them of humanity and become similar to the monsters and zombies in that world. And the game delves deeper into the role that the consequences and player choice play in it.

We remind you that Dying Light 2 will be released next December, and it has been announced that it will support the new languages in texts and menus.


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