Euphoria’s Eric Dane Weighs In on the Future of the Jacobs Family – E! Online

Warning: This story contains spoilers about episode four of season two of Euphoria.

When viewers sat down to watch Euphoria on Sunday, Jan. 30, they probably didn’t expect the episode to conclude with Cal Jacobs coming clean to his family about his double life.

Fans more likely guessed that he would crash his white Jeep while driving home from the gay bar. But Eric Dane knew his character would make it out of episode four unscathed, telling E! News, “I knew I was there for the rest of the season.”

And with six episodes left of season two, that means a lot could happen for Cal. Yes, he may have bid farewell to Nate (Jacob Elordi) and Aaron (Zak Steiner), ordering them to clean up his pee and taking a family portrait in the process. But Eric shared, “Cal’s not leaving for good. He’s just leaving the house.”

“I think we’re gonna have to go through a little more struggle before the healing process begins,” he continued. “He said some pretty nasty things to his kids.”


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