Far Cry Mobile Game Aborted, Becomes Wild Arena Survivors Instead — Report

Wild Arena Survivors seems like a new Far Cry mobile game in everything but name, and that’s apparently no coincidence. Reports suggest that this 40-player PvPvE free-to-play game was destined to be stamped with the Far Cry name, but a lukewarm reception ruined its chances.

Wild Arena Survivors could have been a Far Cry mobile game

It’s difficult to deny that the trailer embedded above oozes Far Cry character. The exotic environments echo Far Cry 6’s Cuban style and there are animals to fight and control. The player uses a range of guns, too.

Of course, the similarities could just be a coincidence, as Ubisoft games can sometimes blend into one another. However, according to Mobilegamer.biz’s source, Wild Arena Survivors was intended to become a Far Cry spin-off.

The planned name for the game was apparently “Far Cry: Wild Call.” The game was apparently soft-launched without the Far Cry branding to see if it could garner enough success to earn the “Far Cry” rebrand. It appears that the game failed to meet expectations in that regard.

Mobilegamer.biz’s source claims that Ubisoft likely “spent more money than they should have on development, and [the quiet launch of the game] is an attempt to recoup what they can and also learn from pushing a fully real-time multiplayer game out.” The source continued, “Even if games are bloated, expensive, and showing poor metrics, if there are learnings from releasing it, there’s value in doing it. It feeds the larger organization.”

Wild Arena Survivors is now available to download and play on iPhone and Android.

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