Forspoken Limited Edition Includes a T-shirt and Is Exclusive to Japan

The Forspoken Limited Edition has been announced and will include a t-shirt amongst its many goodies, but the catch is that it will be exclusive to Japan. The team also revealed a Digital Deluxe Edition. although it’s unknown whether that will be exclusive to the region or available worldwide.

What’s in the Japan Exclusive Forspoken Limited Edition?

As well as a copy of the game, the Forspoken Limited Edition will include the expanded edition of the game’s original soundtrack, The Art of Forspoken artbook, a t-shirt, a special edition box, the Rare Materials Kit DLC. and early access to the “In Tanta We Trust” prequel story DLC that’s due to be released in spring 2023 following the game’s delay. Square Enix announced the Limited Edition will be exclusive to Japan during their live stream, which was helpfully translated by Twitter user Genki_JPN, and there’s no word on whether other regions will be getting anything similar.

The live stream also announced a Digital Deluxe Edition that will include a digital mini soundtrack, a digital mini art book, the Rare Materials Kit DLC, and early access to the “In Tanta We Trust” prequel story DLC. Square Enix did not say whether the Digital Deluxe edition was exclusive to Japan, so we’re assuming this will be available worldwide.


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