Fortnite 22.30 Update Finally Fixes PS5 Trophies

Fortnite 22.30 update was released for Battle Royale, Saves The Day, and Creative modes, and the most important note for PS5 players is that it fixes trophies so they can finally be earned again. Of course, the patch also brought along a whole host of new content, gameplay improvements, and bug fixes, including heroes, weapons, and plenty of Star Wars-themed items ready for Skywalker Week.

Fortnite PS5 trophy progress is now being properly recorded

Fortnite update 22.30 fixes all of the issues with PS5 trophies and players are now unlocking them once again as their progress is being recorded properly. Trophies are also unlocked retroactively if players had already met their requirements. Reddit user SnooBeans5300 described how his trophy progression was stuck at 2% before the patch but this increased to 37% when the patch was released.

Other changes made to Save The World in the latest update include the addition of a new hero Brainstorm, who is unlocked by completing the Eye of the Brainstorm questline. The Pulse Pounder, Shooting Star, Plasmatic Discharger, and Third Rail weapons were also added, while players should now be able to ride wildlife.

Creative players get Battle Royale Island as a new playground, which comes with a handful of pre-placed Creative devices to further customize the experience. Finally, Battle Royale players get Skywalker Week with the original trio of Star Wars heroes — Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo — being introduced. New weapons include Luke’s blue and green Lightsabers, while Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, the E-11 Blaster Rifle, Junk Rift, and Pulse Rifle have been unvaulted.


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