Fortnite x The Last of Us Crossover Rumors Are ‘False’ Clarifies Naughty Dog

Fortnite players are no strangers to wildly ambitious crossovers. After all, this is the game where players can pit a range of Marvel’s Avengers against some of DC’s biggest heroes and villains, with both sides using guns to down and kill one another. With seemingly no collab being off the table, the rumors of a Fortnite x The Last of Us crossover were easy to believe, especially when the source was a highly-accurate leaker and dataminer. Bad news for fans of both games, however, as the rumors are false.

Fortnite x The Last of Us rumors debunked

The Fortnite x The Last of Us rumors stemmed from the usually-accurate @ShiinaBR. Having built a reputation on revealing upcoming crossovers and new skins way in advance of official announcements, the new The Last of Us rumors were consumed with the usual amount of enthusiasm and lack of skepticism from fans.

However, just as the rumors were building steam, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann spoke out to debunk them. He tweeted that “there are no plans” for a The Last of Us x Fortnite crossover, concluding that this is a “false rumor.”

Following the comment from Druckmann, Shiina wrote a long statement about how they had jumped the gun by posting about the crossover. They blame themselves for being “overconfident” and how they should have “marked [the] post as a rumor.”

Shiina ended their post by “deeply apologiz[ing]” to those they gave “false hope” to. They then promised to not mistake this mistake again.

When it comes to video game leaks and rumors, you’ll only get so many strikes of being inaccurate before your reputation is forever tarnished.

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