God of War Ragnarok Spoilers Appear on PS5’s ‘Explore’ Tab

God of War Ragnarok spoilers have plagued the PS5‘s “Explore” tab, ruining the experience for a number of players. If you haven’t finished the game yet or planned to start this weekend, you might want to unfollow God of War Ragnarok on your console first. This is especially if you preordered or purchased it via the PS Store, or added it to your PS5 wish list.

How to avoid God of War Ragnarok spoilers on PS5

Players may not realize it but pre-ordering, purchasing, or adding games to your PS5 wish list automatically has the console follow those games. The PS5 then displays related purchases or content from around the web. As reported by the kind folks over at Lifehacker, the related content for God of War Ragnarok includes YouTube videos, some of which not only spoil major plot points but also spoil the ending.

To avoid ruining your experience, go to your PS5’s Explore tab, locate your list of followed games, and unfollow the hell out of God of War Ragnarok. If you’re too scared to do it that way and want to avoid the tab altogether, go to your console’s settings > saved data > followed games > manage followed games.


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