Gotham Knights PS5 Update Patch Notes Include Fixes for Invincible Enemies

A couple of days ago, WB Games Montreal released a patch for Gotham Knights on PC with the promise that a similar update would be coming to PS5 later this week. The update has now arrived and finally aims to fix the game’s performance with the October 28 Gotham Knights PS5 update patch notes highlighting fixes for issues like invincible enemies.

Gotham Knights PS5 update patch notes for October 28

The aim of the October 28 update is to sort out some general fixes that have popped up since launch. This includes invincible enemies that seem to be meditating, as well as flickering textures and more frequent crashes. You can see the full list of fixes in the patch notes below:


  • Flickering textures while on the bike and paused in front of the gate, will no longer happen.


  • When dropping down from a ledge/beam, you will no longer jump forward.
  • Invincible enemies playing a “meditating” animation will no longer appear in crimes.


  • General stability issue with destructible objects has been fixed.
  • Some general crashes throughout the title will no longer occur.
  • Crashes specifically tied to mod/fusing has been fixed.

Those hoping for this patch to address the game’s “challenges with framerate stability” will be disappointed that the October 28 update doesn’t fix these issues. This will be included in a larger patch due to be released in the coming weeks.


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