Grab the Tissues: Dr. Paul Nassif Gives Woman With Botched Nose a Chance at Happiness – E! Online

There’s nothing that can stop a determined Dr. Paul Nassif—not even flesh-eating bacteria. 

He took on the challenge during tonight’s Feb. 8 episode of Botched in a quest to help Edna, who couldn’t help but tear up when sharing her story about her nose, which was “destroyed” when she was just a baby.

“It was always my father’s plan: ‘We’re gonna find a doctor that can fix your face better,'” Edna said, revealing that this was the reason they moved to the U.S. in the first place. “He is not a rich man but he always had a hope to find help. And if I got this fixed, my father would be really, really happy.”

Part of this stemmed from the fact that Edna was always bullied as a child. 

“They would always laugh,” she recalled of her peers. “I still don’t have friends. I still don’t have much outside life…well, I have my kids.”


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