Gran Turismo 7 State of Play

Sony will be holding its first PlayStation State of Play show later this week and the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 will be the main focus of the event. Polyphony Digital’s racer will be on screen for 30 minutes of PS5 gameplay footage and further details when the show goes live on February 2.

Where to watch State of Play

PlayStation State of Play February 2022 will start at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 11:00pm CET on Wednesday, February 2. The show will be streamed on the PlayStation Twitch and the PlayStation Youtube channels. Sony has warned anybody thinking about co-streaming the show or creating a Video on Demand archive that there may be licensed music included in the show and they’re not able to guarantee this will not interfere with co-streams or VOD archives. They also advised those creating recap videos to omit this music from their show.

The announcement of the show confirms the rumors that had predicted a State of Play show for February, but it doesn’t seem to be the big spectacle that many were expecting. Sony’s announcement seems to imply Gran Turismo 7 will be the only game at the show, so don’t expect to see Horizon Forbidden West, SIFU, Elden Ring, or any other imminent major release to share the limelight.

In other news, Sony announced their biggest acquisition in a long time. Destiny developer Bungie will become a Sony studio, although their games will continue to be released on multiple platforms. Elsewhere, The Last of Us voice actor Troy Baker has apologised to those who criticised his move into NFTs, now confirming he will no longer be working with VoiceverseNFT.


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