GTA Vice City to Leave PS Plus Extra But Rez Infinite Gets to Stay

A few days ago, Sony seemingly got rid of all of the dates on PS Plus Extra and Premium games that told players when those games would be leaving the service. Now it seems like those dates are back but there’s a bit of confusion. Right now, GTA Vice City – Definitive Edition is the only game set to leave PS Plus but Rez Infinite, a game that was in the “Last Chance to Play” section earlier this week, apparently gets to stay now.

When will GTA Vice City leave PS Plus Extra?

GTA Vice City – Definitive Edition will leave the service on February 21, 2023 according to the date that has reappeared on the PlayStation Store. This is the only game that has a leaving date at the moment and there are no games in the “Last Chance to Play” section right now. This means that Rez Infinite, which was in that section earlier this month now seems to be staying in PS Plus, as noticed by Push Square. However, with the events of the previous few days, we’re unsure whether this is a deliberate change or another PlayStation Store bug to add to the long list.

Sony is yet to announce the games that will be joining PS Plus Extra and Premium this month, although we do know that Nioh 2, the Lego Harry Potter Collection, and Heavenly Bodies will be the three November PS Plus Essential games.


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