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Guilty gear strive

The lack of fun fighting games lately has been evident, as all the releases lately have either been boring or you quickly get bored of them. Guilty Gear: Strive eagerly awaited the return of the venerable series to sweep the scene and restore its former glories, especially after its repeated delays due to the development of the Corona virus pandemic. Finally, Guilty Gear: Strive is in our hands with a new artistic direction for the series, bringing with it the legacy and fun that has accompanied the series since its inception.

Guilty Gear Strive

The Guilty Gear series and game maker (developer/director/game composer) Daisuke Ishiutari are back with a new part and an improved look using 2D/3D perspectives in a fun way and you can also call it the 2.5 (yes, second and half!) perspective that the series used in its last 3 releases, but this This time has been aided by Unreal Engine 4, and it has adopted this perspective from the Xrd part in all its versions (Xrd/Revelator/REV2).

The GG series is characterized by a unique fighting method, which is the same as the usual game for old players with some minor effects and changes in the style of play, but the characters have been re-designed in terms of shape and gameplay.

Game teaser

The story

The story of Guilty Gear: Strive deals with upcoming events that witness the confrontation of Sol Badguy and “that man” Asuka R. Kreutz, known as the worst criminal in history due to his creation of the Gears that resulted in humanity’s conflicts against them. The events take place in the United States of America shortly after the defeat of Universal Will, as Asuka heads to the White House in pursuit of something. Meanwhile, I-No appears with evil intentions and other hidden plans. The level of events fluctuates with some boring moments sometimes with some exciting moments. In general, normal.


As usual, the series presents us with the story by watching a group of animation episodes without any play, and this time the series is heading to a different artistic style than the previous one with a beautiful view of the characters. But the problem with Guilty Gear: Strive is that the animation for the characters in the story mode is poor, with poor quality CGI animations that make you laugh at what you see sometimes, as well as poor effects, environments, and backgrounds. Change is welcome, but all the trouble lies in the poorly produced story mode.

Playing style

The series is distinguished by its smooth gameplay and well-developed fun that will make you thirsty to play more. Guilty Gear: Strive continued to carry the torch despite the changes in its artistic direction and animation style, which has become more realistic than before, but this does not mean that there is weight in the game or sacrifice the smoothness of movement and speed of strikes that we are accustomed to from the series for the sake of appearance. The always creative Works has introduced a gameplay with great technical changes. Indeed, it’s not as fast and smooth as the gameplay of the previous parts, but it’s well-balanced and still carries that essence of fun that characterized the series.

All the characters are fun to play without exception, with good moves and combos that motivate players to delve deeper and learn more about them. We commend the wonderful animation of the strokes and moves, especially the scenes and the very amazing moments of the characters when they perform their own strokes, which are very beautiful. It is worth noting that the game contains a training phase that we see as the best in fighting games, where it takes your hand and teaches you the intuitive basics until professionalism, by providing 5 levels of training difficulty so that each difficulty has a set of skills to learn with 18 skills to master at least for each level.

Online play

Some of you have tried the first open beta and brought with it a negative experience of the poor condition of the servers, and this is what prompted the development team to postpone the game at that time. Fortunately, there was a significant change in her condition in the second open beta which is almost identical to her condition now. Yes, it has become better and more stable, but we still have a few problems in terms of sometimes taking a while to load my data, finding an opponent and ending the match. Minor problems that did not affect much, but we hope to solve and improve them. While writing the review the game has not yet been released, some problems may appear during its release with a large number of players entering but personally the problems were minor as we mentioned and all of them are outside the walls of the fight. It is worth mentioning that there are servers for the Middle East with excellent connectivity.

Guilty Gear: Strive

In terms of finding opponents, you can move with a miniature character that you design (Avatar) to search and find a person to take him down in a tower where each floor represents the level of his players or by going to the park where you see a group of players of different levels. Or if you want the traditional way by searching and waiting, you can also do that from the quick match option.

Artistic direction and soundtrack

As we mentioned earlier, the artistic direction of this part is very cool and visually interesting. The animation and animation in general in the story phase were poor, with poor quality and disturbing, but very beautiful and very wonderful in the second phases in terms of the movement of the characters and their strikes, especially the scenes before the fight and during the implementation of special strikes. That is not all. The loud and enthusiastic soundtrack, as we are used to in the previous parts, still carries its bright luster, which was and still carries a special touch that makes the series unique in this aspect.

Find out what game modes are available in Guilty Gear -Strive

Developer Arcsystemworks has published a trailer for the different game modes available in the upcoming fighting game Guilty Gear – Strive- where the modes are divided according to the appropriate gameplay for players, from modes that focus on the single and multiplayer competitive play. The game will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as Steam on PC on April 9, 2021.

Singles play

  • Induction training phase
  • arcade phase
  • survival phase
  • Mission and challenges
  • Compete fight mode

Team play modes

  • Detailed training phase
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Online lobby
  • Player Matches (Battle Rooms)
  • Replay Hall (to watch previous matches)

Story mode

  • Watch movie clips of the story without fighting
  • Develop the world of Guilty Gear (chain history, character relationships, information about the world and characters)
  • Museum Develop (Exhibition of Artistic Graphics, Music, and Cinematography)



  • There are 15 characters to play with, two of which are new, and a good variety of design and gameplay to suit each player’s style. Sol Badguy is the first choice for beginners but the two new characters, Giovanna and Nagoriyuki, are also designed to make new players enjoy playing them right from the start.
  • The graphics, especially the characters, are great both during gameplay and in the cinematic scenes, even outperforming previous developer games like Dragon Ball and Granblue. Compared to the previous part the colors are less saturated and give it a different look. Presentation is generally attractive both in lists and messages before and after the fight. The rock music also gives the game a distinct feel.
  • The story development in Guilty Gear -Strive- is a chapter-less cinematic that is presented in an engaging and entertaining way, even if the story is difficult to understand for new players to the series. There is also an explanation of the terms of the series and the relationships between the characters. The story and explanation contribute to getting to know the characters better and choosing who you prefer, although the focus on the two new characters, especially Giovanna, could have been greater.
  • There is a mode against the computer and another against a second player, and of course a competitive online mode, as well as a training mission mode that is rich, although it lacks training in combos and Frame Data information, but it remains an important phase for the professionalization of the game. This is in addition to a free training mode as we see in many similar games.
  • Networking for duel is excellent thanks to the rollback netcode technology, but sometimes you need to try again to connect with a player. In our region, the search may take a long time, but of course the situation may change after the release of the game. The lobby system for meeting players also has its downsides, but you can dispense with it and wait for competitors during training.
  • The combat system has been rebuilt to make it easier to understand and follow without giving up its depth and the biggest plus is the breaking of walls after the opponent receives successive hits, which is to reward the attacker, but it is also an opportunity for the victim as the two characters return to the middle of the game.
  • The fighting system is still distinguished and has excellent depth, whether double jumping in the air, different types of blocking, or the method of building successive strikes (Roman cancels developed in all its colors and gatling, which has become limited), escape from the burst and many others.


  • The focus in this part is on less successive strikes as well as staying in the air, which may be to simplify the game for beginners, but the lack of combos means that its implementation is also more difficult as it requires more memorization, and the development of tasks does not include combos, and the opportunity to link moves together through experience is less.
  • 15 characters are a few especially that only two of them are new, especially since it was announced that additional paid content includes 5 characters whose first character (which is new to the series) will be available within a month of the game’s release.



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