Hands On: ‘Mina The Hollower’ Mixes Zelda, Castlevania, And Plenty Of ‘Git Gud’

Death is coming.

When Yacht Club Games formed way back in the distant sepia-toned past (2011), there was a good amount of buzz around a studio predominantly staffed by WayForward veterans. The prospect of outstanding pixel-art gaming was then fulfilled when Shovel Knight was unveiled in 2013, with the game going on to have a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. It then became a true evergreen title, with regular content updates — fulfilling Kickstarter stretch goals — keeping sales high years after release; it even had multiple amiibo figures. When the annals are written about Indie success stories of the 2010s, Shovel Knight will be front and centre.

Yacht Club Games has naturally grown since then, last year publishing the excellent Cyber Shadow and co-developing Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. Yet the sheer scope and volume of Shovel Knight expansions has somewhat restricted the core development team’s ability to make something entirely new. As revealed this week, though, the studio is finally ready to start sharing its ‘next big thing’, Mina the Hollower. We’ve given an early PC build a whirl, too.

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