Heather Rae Young Shares Major Update In Her Fertility Journey With Tarek El Moussa – E! Online

For now, her little ones will remain on reserve, as she and Tarek, uh, go about their business. 

“I’m going to follow my ovulation with my doctor and see if we can try the natural way and if it happens within the next few months, we’d be very excited,” Heather shared. “And if it doesn’t happen, then that’s when we’ll decide that we want to implant one of the embryos.”

Or perhaps two? 

“I mean, Tarek’s mentioned twins,” she revealed. “I’m like, ‘I don’t know, baby. I don’t know if I can carry twins.'” But she’s definitely not opposed to a quartet. “At first I’m like, ‘I’m only having one,'” Heather said. “But we’ve thrown around having more than one.” Because, truthfully, “I love being a stepmom. He loves being a dad,” she continued. “And we would never regret having more. So we’ll see how this one goes, but we would be open to having more, absolutely.”


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