Hints Xbox is on the Verge of MASSIVE Moves

Xbox for the second time in three months is adding a senior manager to their team focused on acquisitions. The job post details this is the team that brought some of the biggest names to Xbox like Zenimax.

These additions come after the Xbox acquisition of Zenimax, so these two high level roles will add more drive to a room that’s already brought major talent to Xbox. These moves do not happen with someone that is content with their current stable of studios and as such is a definite sign that Xbox will be adding to their first party studios in the near future. These positions are also longer term strategic positions, so it is likely that Xbox will be acquiring new studios and content for years to come.

These moves now come on the heels of Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer both stating that Xbox will be growing inorganically and targeting major IP. The content to attract people to their systems and services is what both are after, so it’s safe to assume any names that are bandied about will be big names or have big plans for their future. For some possible names they may be looking at be sure to check out my Unknown Worlds posts.


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