Hisuian Growlithe Distribution Announced For Pokémon Legends: Arceus (US)

Image: via Serebii.net

There’s another Pokémon distribution event on its way to the new Nintendo Switch release, Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

According to Serebii.net, this time around it’s been announced for the US region and is a Hisuian Growlithe and 20 Feather Balls. This event will apparently run at GameStop from February 25th through to March 13th.

“Some signage has come out for a new event. This event will run at Gamestop in the US from February 25th through March 13th and will give players a Hisuian Growlithe and 20 Feather Balls. We have no further details for international distribution so be sure to keep checking back.”

As noted there’s no mention of this event taking place outside of this location (at least yet) – but if we hear anything, we’ll let you know. It follows on from a Piplip distribution event being announced for Japan.


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