Hitman 3 Game Review

Hitman 3

The Hitman series is one of the most famous and most successful stealth game series, as there is no game in its high stature, and this is to deepen the roots of the series since the year 2000 AD, when the first part of the series was released in the name Hitman: Codename 47, and the parts continued until the number reached 10 parts, including two games on the platform mobile.

Hitman 3

One of the features of the series is the good optimisation, so you will find games that work on most operating devices such as: (PC – PlayStation 2/3/4/5 – XboX /360/One/Series X/S – Nintendo GameCube), so no matter how weak your device is You will surely find a hitman game that works for you.

The Hitman 3 game that we are reviewing today is the last part of the trilogy that started in 2016, in which we are expected to see a lot of improvements, additions and fun stages, especially with the advent of the new generation of consoles, which allows wide creativity for developers in developing games without worrying about How to operate it.

Game trailer

In the coming lines, we will try to review the game Hitman 3 by talking about the most important things in the game and evaluating it from our point of view.

The story

Like those games, we do not focus primarily on the story, unlike our focus on the Game Play, but in this particular part we saw many events related to the hero of the story “Agent 47” and his assistant “Diana Burnwood” and their attempt to get rid of a group called “Providence”, as we saw the end of the trilogy which in our opinion was very good.

Hitman 3

And if you haven’t played the previous two parts, this will not diminish your enjoyment of the game because the biggest fun lies in the Gym Play than we have often said.

The Gameplay

One of the best things about the game is the game play because of the diversity of methods that you can play the game on the basis of, there is a person who wants to play the game in a completely stealth style without being discovered or killing anyone, and another method is to carry out the task by impersonating another person.

There is also an explicit fighting style that has nothing to do with stealth, where the player kills all the people he meets to make the game more like John Wick, in any case all the methods are available and the choice is according to the taste of each player.


There is a great development in terms of graphics, and this clearly shows in many missions, both in the first mission “Dubai” and in the last mission when Agent 47 was walking on the train.

Hitman 3

And from the power of the graphics, it makes you dig into a lot of details in the game, causing a state of fascination and visual nourishment.

Stage design

Very excellent, and each stage had its own character, in our opinion the lowest stage is the “End of an era” which was in “Chongqing” which we feel is repetitive and not unique.

While the best stage is “Death In The Family” which was in England, as for the rest of the stages they were all very good and if we play any of them now we will not get bored, and this is of course our personal view.

Music and audio

One of the things that helped greatly in entering the atmosphere of mystery and concealment that swept most of the game stages, in addition to the sound effects that appear at specific times, such as passing next to someone who will recognize you (with a white dot on the top of his head).

Hitman 3 rating

In the end, our review of Hitman 3 is that it is a very fun game and its stages are different, so there is no place for boredom, we advise you to play it on the weekend and enjoy it.


  • A wonderful story that kept the enthusiasm and suspense until its last moments, the story completed where the second part left off, so the game did not take time to introduce the player to the atmosphere of the story from its beginning. Also, working on the development of the main characters and their relationship over the course of the game helped add depth to the story.
  • Replacing the image cutscenes in the previous part with full action cinematics helped improve the story telling and create a greater connection with the game’s characters and events.
  • Although the general gameplay did not change from the previous part, new elements were introduced to the missions that added a sense of renewal to the experience. For example, in one of the missions, you can do a full investigation of a murder case and collect evidence either by searching or through the newly added camera in this part, in one of the missions heading To kill unspecified targets, you have to discover them yourself. At another stage, you can kill anyone you want without negatively affecting your points. Of course, you can ignore all this and go to kill your targets directly and end the stage, and here lies the beauty of the game. This diversity in the way the tasks are presented gave more enthusiasm to the experience.
  • The series is still distinguished by the way it builds the stages. The game takes us to six different places, each of which has a special character, some of them are in giant buildings and others in large and large areas. For hard-to-reach places, this helped make the stage navigation better and rewarded the lovers of research and exploration.
  • Perhaps the series is still considered the best in terms of replayability, the game gives you many different ways and methods to eliminate your targets, so every time you replay the stage you will get a completely different experience, whether you prefer to discover those methods yourself or follow the small stories within the mission that you Help you reach your goal in a different way with different story.


  • The experience is sometimes flawed by artificial intelligence, as you can kill your target in the middle of a crowded place or among its guards, and the guards will only search for a few minutes and then stop and nothing happened.
  • In order to complete the challenges and get points, you need a permanent connection to the Internet, and in many cases the connection drops and you receive a reconnection message in the middle of the stage.

Good to mention

  • The game supports virtual reality on PlayStation devices.
  • The owners of the previous parts can play all the stages of the previous parts with the improvements of the third part, and this is for the owners of the Complete Edition version, and the parts can also be purchased individually.

Report: Hitman developer working on medieval fantasy game for Xbox

A few days ago, a rumor surfaced that the developer of Hitman might be working on an Xbox-exclusive project, and some said it was the all-new title for WB.

But today we have a media report from Windows Central that reveals more details of that secret project, as it is said that the project that studio IO Interactive is working on is one of several projects in which Microsoft is collaborating with external development teams in order to enhance the Xbox game library. which will be published under the banner of the Xbox Game Studios Publishing Division.

Sources confirmed to Eurogamer that this project is a huge AAA budget and is still in the early stages of development, and the fantasy world contains winged creatures that look like dragons, and it seems that it will present a huge and vast world in the Middle Ages.

On the mention of dragons yesterday, the journalist Jez Corden published a mysterious tweet that may hint at the upcoming Xbox surprises, and among the symbols he put in his tweet was an avatar or emoji of a dragon, which made some talk enthusiastically about the possibility of the Scalebound game returning again. But the media was quick to deny and say that the dragon logo in his tweet does not belong to Scalebound, but that it is related to something completely new.

Hitman 3 sold 300% more than Hitman 2

A new development studio opens in Barcelona.

The IO Interactive team was so successful with Hitman 3 that it recovered its development costs in less than a week.

Team CEO Hakan Abrak revealed yesterday that he was pleased with Hitman 3’s commercial performance, especially since they published the game themselves.

He said that the sales of this Hitman 3 sequel exceeded the sales of the previous Hitman 2 sequel by 300%, which is undoubtedly a huge and astonishing percentage.

On the other hand, the IO Interactive team revealed the opening of another branch of the studio in Barcelona, ​​and this studio will be the third branch of the team and will bear the name of IOI Barcelona, ​​next to IOI Copenhagen in Denmark, and IOI Malmo in Sweden.

Abrak said that they treat all branches as studios with elite developers, and they have the same importance and priority, and will contribute to achieving the goals of the team.

Hitman 3

The studio is currently busy working on the add-ons for Hitman 3, as they recently announced the addition of Seven Deadly Sins. He revealed that the Hetman 3 support map for April includes the first elusive goals.

At the same time, the studio is working on Project 007, as James Bond is the protagonist of the next IO Interactive project after Agent 47.

In October 2019, he announced that he is currently working on a completely new project in collaboration with WB, described as a game set in a whole new world. Several occasions have brought the IO Interactive team together with Warner Bros., including their collaboration on the release of Hitman 2 games, the Definitive Edition of Part 1, and even the Enhanced Collection released last year.


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