Horizon Zero Dawn PC Review

Horizon zero dawn

Today we present to you a review of the game Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on PC. We will share with you all the pros and cons of this version.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn was released exclusively on PS4 on February 28, 2017. It has achieved great success thanks to its unique story idea and open world. It also introduced its players to its field that combined science fiction and fantasy, which one does not often see in video games. Therefore, it was welcomed by the audience of players and game evaluation sites with very high ratings. But over the years, the developers of the game thought of going into an adventure of downloading it to computers in order to bring new experimenters before releasing the new part on PS5 next year. So we chose this month’s review to include everything we’ve lived through our PC version of this game. We wish you an enjoyable reading.

Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer

Game story

In a post-apocalyptic world. An orphan girl named Aloy was born. However, for some mysterious reason, Nora’s wise men rejected her and sent her to another outcast man named Rost to raise her outside the boundaries of the village called Mother’s Heart. Rost worked hard to raise her and became her adoptive father. And by the time she reached the age of six, she received several strict instructions from him not to talk to anyone from the Nora and to avoid entering any area forbidden to the untouchables. One day the girl fell into a strange cave that seemed to belong to the ancestors of humans from the Iron Age who were highly evolved. It was then that Aloy discovered a strange tool called a projector that showed her data when you put it in her head.

 Horizon Zero Dawn

Questions began swirling around the little girl. She decided to confront Rost to ask him why she had been ostracized since her birth and what her mother’s identity was. And the answer of the latter was as follows: “If you want answers, you must become a member of the light. You have to pass the admission test to be eligible to meet the wise women. . From that moment on, her rigorous training began to become a skilled warrior and hunter, taking down robots and discovering their weaknesses thanks to her advanced projector.

After so many years, the little girl has become a young 19-year-old who is strong enough to pass the test to become a certified Nora Hunter. She bid farewell to Aloy Rost and embarked on her journey full of dangers in search of answers to her questions that are still increasing in complexity and depth. Who was her mother? Why are she and Rost outcast? When did robots appear and why are they barbaric? And most importantly: Who were the inhabitants of the Iron Age whom she saw on the day she fell into the cave when she was young?

Playing style (Gameplay)

The gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn falls into the action and RPG genres. Where these two characters are combined in an easy game play that allows its testers to enjoy fighting and hunting robots throughout the playing period. It also offers a unique open world. Now let’s see the most important points that distinguished this game:

When we talk about an action-based gameplay, one imagines that his fights will be fast and cinematic. And this is what the latter actually pursued. But as an addition to that. The player can choose his own playing style. The game here allows him to pounce on enemies in the traditional way to attack them with a spear or a bow directly. He could also rely on hiding under a tall grass to kill her quietly without anyone noticing. Sometimes the player has to rely on hand-to-hand combat during the story battles that can come suddenly. But at the other time he must not fight some powerful robots head-on and rely on stealth to hit their sensitive points to overcome them.

「Horizon Zero Dawn」

The RPG character takes the most part in this game play. For example, Aloy will start out as a weak character in everything. As the player progresses in exploring the world and the story, the player must gradually develop her abilities. This development will make exploration easier little by little, especially when the level of the main character rises to a higher number than the levels of enemies in the area. Not only that, weapons and armour are also very important and can be exchanged by buying them from a seller or you can also find something stronger and better after eliminating a huge robot.

When exploring a dangerous and secret place.

Exploration in the game is gradual, thanks to the RPG system, which places enemies at different levels according to the region on which they are located. The player must work on completing the story missions located in the same place he reached, in addition to developing his equipment and level in order to go to another place. But and despite that. This world can be roamed freely after Aloy attains the rank of “Scholar”. Even if the area is dangerous for it. And since the world is open, the developers of the game relied on placing references placed in different areas for the player to show the data of his surroundings on the map, and this was excerpted from the Assassin’s Creed series of games. Where does one have to climb to the top of the huge robot to turn on this important feature.

The game’s missions follow the same modus operandi as The Witcher 3. Its main missions present the course of the game’s story and our main character’s adventure to discover. How to deter corrupt robots and learn more about her mother and the people of the Iron Age. Secondary missions also put the player in various scenarios that tell stories about the inhabitants of the game world and get to know its many characters. In addition, there are other types of tasks related to exploration and hunting, such as the tasks of advanced shelters and the hunting competitions of the Karga Hunters Guild.


Guerrilla Games studio has provided us with impeccable audio quality. If we talk about the music, it is composed by Joris De Man. Who has worked on several major titles such as Killzone. The music clips are consistent with the circulation of night and day and with the different regions of the world and the environment in which the player is located. In addition to other notes specific to the characters. Attack modes and during cinematic shots that come in the main story missions.

The sound effects resulting from hitting with medium-quality weapons. Most of the strikes do not have a significant effect to tell the player that he has hit the enemy strong or weak.

Horizon Zero Dawn game world

Horizon Zero Dawn is based on an open world that is diverse in its terrain and environment. Although it is small compared to other games of the same genre. The developers have done a fine job in filling its features with many things.

The game world is divided into regions ruled by several tribes. For example, in the first area on which the player sets foot, which is called the Holy Land. The Nura people live in a place ruled by sages with a tight tribal system where they use the instructions of the inspired Mother to command their people. Through this area, the player learns about the features of this world and his idea at first sight. Where the new generation of humans is in a constant struggle against robots. Despite their lack of technology that distinguished their ancestors.

After progressing in the story, the player can go to the largest area in the game called the Forbidden West. This land belongs to the Karga people who revere the sun. After the death of their crazy king, his son, the new king, Afad. Began working to repair what his father had corrupted and to restore his people’s relations with his neighbors, the Nora. And the people who live in the snowy regions.

While exploring the world, the player can visit the tombs of the Iron Age. Which can be said to represent the dungeon that we see in most of the RPG games as well. Through it, the latter will be able to develop the overtaking feature that will enable him to control several robots. Including metal horses that can be mounted to travel long distances.

Pros of Horizon Zero Dawn

  • One of the main advantages of the game that we saw during our experience was the graphics. With the first picture during playback, the quality of its graphics and elaborate character designs becomes clear. The materials are also clear and appropriate. Lighting has also played a major role in improving the quality of graphics. With the change of night and day, and the surrounding environment in the areas, the lighting changes to paint us fine artistic paintings, especially if the player plays it on a screen with large dimensions.
  • Gym play is fun throughout the game. It is based on the RPG system that makes the main character evolve little by little. Also, combat confrontations against robots mostly depend on strategy above all, especially when the player relies on the projector to find out their weaknesses. But despite that, some huge robots offer fierce competition while facing them, and any mistake means death.
  • The life time of the game is appropriate according to the size of its world, by completing most of the game’s main story, side missions and shrines that can be locked in a period not exceeding 50 hours. If the player wants to complete the main story, he must play for 15-20 hours.
  • The Frozen Wilds is an addon that is integrated with the main game, with which you can go to the northern region of the map. Its missions will keep the player busy for an additional 5 hours.
  • Attention-grabbing music composed by Joris De Man. Its clips distributed on all sides of the game, which are distinguished by their different notes and with the clarity of the light opera sounds in them. She made this adventure a unique experience that blends fantasy and science fiction. The music tracks have 4 full hours of fresh notes.
  • The game’s unique story places its characters in a post-apocalyptic world leaving them wondering what happened to their evolved ancestors. And how dangerous and polluting robots have become. It also brings us back to the theory that humans will return to antiquity after being exhausted by evolution.

Cons of Horizon Zero Dawn

  • The PC version has many technical problems and errors despite the updates made by the developer. In addition, the game exits by itself several times.
  • The features of the characters do not bear their facial expressions. Most of the time, even if there are sad or angry clips, moving their features does not change much, which spoils the impact of some important events in the story.
  • The game’s characters other than Aloy and Rost are not presented in the form that makes them important.
  • Spear close combat is weak and its sound effects are very light.
  • How Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Final Rating

This new PC version received many harsh criticisms due to technical problems that were a major inconvenience during its testing. But with the reforms that the developed company is gradually undertaking. The latter is starting to approach the quality of its PS4 version. Therefore, it can be recognized that it was among the most powerful games released last August. Our experience with her was very enjoyable, especially with such a unique adventure. So if you are a fan of action and RPG games or adventures in an open world suit you. This game will be one of the best experiences you can have. Thus, we conclude this review by announcing our official evaluation of it, which will be:

Game rating: Excellent


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