How to Access Modern Warfare 2 Beta on PS5 and PS4

As part of a platform deal, PlayStation users can get early access to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta for PS5 and PS4. However, it might not be totally clear how exactly PlayStation users can enjoy that earlier access and/or when it becomes available to play. Thankfully, this guide is here to help clear things up. Here’s how to access the Modern Warfare 2 beta on PS5 and PS4, with and without pre-ordering, as well as the beta dates specifically for PlayStation players.

How to get access to the Modern Warfare 2 PlayStation beta

To get access to the Modern Warfare 2 beta on PS5 and PS4, users can either:

  1. Pre-order or get an early access code to play during September 16-17.
    • Early access codes are likely to be distributed via content creators like streamers and YouTubers, as well as through the official Call of Duty social media accounts, so monitor them closely.
  2. Download and play the open beta without pre-ordering during September 18-20 and then again during September 22-26.
    • For those who don’t want to pre-order and/or can’t get their hands on an early access code, this is the period where all PS5 and PS4 players can install the game and give it a go.

With only two days’ worth of early access kept exclusive for those who pre-order, folks who decide not to invest early won’t have to wait around too long to give it a try.

It’s still not exactly clear what content the Modern Warfare 2 beta will feature. Fans should expect to hear more about that during the Call of Duty: Next presentation scheduled for September 15.

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