Is Destruction AllStars Free to Play?

Destruction AllStars may be going free-to-play soon if code revealed during the game’s latest update is anything to go by. Developer Lucid Games is working hard to revive the player count for their arena-based vehicular combat title and they’ve promised more news coming soon on further changes they’ll be making.

Will Destruction AllStars be free to play?

During yesterday’s maintenance, players who updated and started the game while the servers were inactive saw that the challenge names were replaced with code references. As noticed by Reddit user u/Mr_WeeWoo, each challenge had the prefix “BS_F2P_CHALLENGE” with “F2P” clearly hinting at the game’s potential switch to a free-to-play model in the future.

For now Lucid Games has made some major changes to the game in a bid to revive the player population. Many aspects of the User Interface have been updated, including more obvious statistics, clearer rewards, and a different format for character selection, avatars and banners. Any new content players have unlocked, like a new story mode, new challenges, a new XP level or even just new shop content, will be clearly marked. The post game process has been streamlined so players don’t have to wait so long to get into another match. The in-game HUD has also been improved with more visual cues added.

Training has been simplified and will no longer be compulsory for new players. Welcoming Challenges have been added to supplement training too, while there are now videos for practically every skill players need to learn. The AllStars Pass, the game’s equivalent of a Battle Pass, has been removed. When asked why this was, the team said they would “have more news to share about passes in the near future”. Other changes include bonux XP for playing in a party, simplified voice comms, a new combo system, and plenty of other balances and gameplay improvements. You can read the full patch notes on Reddit.

In other news, rumors of a delay for Gran Turismo 7 have been quashed after the real reason for the delayed media preview event was revealed. Elsewhere, Horizon Forbidden West will reportedly take as long as Zero Dawn to complete.


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