Little Nightmares 2,Full of adventure? [GAME REVIEW]

little nightmares 2 game talks
Little nightmare 2 game talks
Little nightmare 2 game talks

Sometimes, as players, we need a short truce to rest from the tsunami of AAA games that overwhelms us in the winter period. In those moments, we resort to quick, fast games with which we spend a lovely time and get a specific message that the game tries to convey to us. Perhaps this is the case of Little Nightmares 2 or nightmares. Small two is precisely here, which has attracted us in its incredible short journey from its beginning to its last breath during the past two days and was able to give us the most potent example of simple games that can enter the heart quickly, especially if that game turns into an expressive painting.

Little Nightmares 2 proved to us that we still need this kind of game in our lives. We still need simple titles that carry significant meanings that we are not indispensable for. There is still space for small developers to show us their creativity, regardless of the size of the developer team. The world is not okay, as we say colloquially.

About Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is the second installment in the series of developer Tarsier Studios and publisher Bandai Namco that puts you inside a bleak and dark world in 2.5D where you begin your journey with a young child as he tries to find his way through many barriers, obstacles and puzzles in a world of nightmares and strange-shaped monsters that… She tries to chase him breathlessly and cinematically at times to find out the truth of what is going on around him.

 Little Nightmares 2 game talks
Little Nightmares 2 game talks

Whoever has played Limbo or Inside or even Unravel will understand precisely what we mean here because the experience is almost the same with different art designs, the intent of the game, and what you do in it.

Overcome your fears and devise your story

Perhaps the story is the most element that does not present itself directly in Little Nightmares 2, the same as the previous one, as it depends on the imagination of each player and his induction of the events around him to be able to understand the story of the game or the general message that it is trying to convey and to the closest to you the image, imagine with us the game Inside, for example, which ended In a way that raised a lot of controversy.

The game did not explain its true meaning at the end and left it to the interpretation and conclusion of the player himself, and usually platformer games do not need a strong story background to support them because they depend on the close connection of their elements to each other, which in the end brings out a very satisfactory experience, that is, it is difficult to judge On games of this type by dividing them into elements, the best is to review the experience as a whole, and for this you will find us talking about the aspects of the gameplay in the story section, and so on.

Overall, Little Nightmares 2 revolves around a little boy named Mono who wakes up to find himself in a very bleak and dark world that does not beat with any life. Still, something pushes him to move forward. His size is small as a fingertip compared to this vast world. The game reminds us directly of experiences such as Inside, Unravel, and Limbo. Still, little nightmares have another sense different from anything you’ve experienced before.

This is because it does not put you in a colorful and beautiful cartoon mold or a mysterious mold but instead puts you in a mold full of excitement and moments of horror and depression.

The important thing is, Mono meets a girl named Six, who is the heroine of the first part. They embark on a journey full of dangers to understand the meaning of a strange signal sent by a tower in the city of pallor. After that, the game world turns into a bleak and dead world.

And only here many possibilities arise for the meaning of the story. Some may say that it represents the idea of ​​​​the control of the means of communication or the visual world over our lives, others consider it a representation of how to overcome your fears and your worst nightmares under what the hero does in the game, and others see it as a regular Platformer game. We see that. That’s what makes this kind of game special. We played little nightmares and didn’t want her story presented to us on a silver platter as much as we tried to imagine it myself. We can take Little Nightmares 2 as our white page, which we colored and painted just the way we wanted it to be. Most linear games don’t even allow it.

Terrifying events and breathtaking chases!

Little Nightmares 2 is not for the faint of heart. It may not appear on it at first sight. Still, it is a terrifying experience filled with excitement and breathtaking moments that will keep you tense. Yes, it is served by designing its most beautiful artistic world, which we will talk about separately. However, there are still some minor drama or cinematic factors, especially in chases with various monsters in which our hands sweated a lot.

Unlike horror games that rely on the factor of surprise, we found that Little Nightmares 2 rarely used that element as much as we relied on putting us in the shoes of a truly toe-sized hero. He had to escape the horrors of a vast world in which the simplest things for you might be a huge obstacle to him, especially In the periods when sneaking was a duty to be able to pass a monster, and our heart was beating unusually with it.

If we were the one who would be devoured, for example.

Little Nightmares 2 game talks
Little Nightmares 2 game talks

Intuition played an important role here because it was ideally employed during chases, meaning you have to think about the next move before you do it. That thought step takes only seconds which further reinforced the stress factor that overwhelmed our experience during chases.

And between this and that, the game mastered playing on the strings of mystery and excitement amazingly, the use of the element of total darkness certainly affected, the strange scenes that you cannot imagine are the most scenes that made us on our nerves until we breathed a sigh of relief every time, we got out of them.

Imagine, for example, that you are in such a place. The dolls surround you from all over the place. The darkness is complete to find that they suddenly move towards you at an abnormal speed and with a terrifying mechanic. We found her like a confused chick that screams and does not know where to go or what to do?

New ideas on playing style, but!

Little Nightmares 2 retains the same gameplay of the last part of moving in one direction to the end of the game with a 2.5D camera to feel like you are on a long journey, not knowing where the end line will be while mixing it all with a lot of obstacles or barriers that Mono will have to and six to cooperate in crossing it. Still, the game increased over the first part in some elements that we would like to evaluate individuals and their first.

Excellent camera angles every so often.

The camera gave us some freedom that was not present in the last part, which is a positive point, through which we were able to see the staff in front of us and what we are going well, and even know our way out of somewhere in advance so that we do not have to find out the hard way during a fierce chase in something very provocative in the first part, which required a lot of wits. So it is still here, but at a much lower rate than before.

The camera angle was interacting with what we also do in the game. However, because of the large size of its world compared to the previous part, it became difficult to know the correct path that we should follow, especially with the absence of any instructions. That is why the camera moved away from the hero and photographed him from afar whenever he deviated from the exact path and then returned to shed light on him to know that this is the desired path in a correct sense: good use of an element in a game, a point that we like very much, as you know.

Fantastic puzzles

Suppose you’re not going to spend your time crossing obstacles, sneaking around behind a monster’s back without making a sound, or running fast in the pursuit that will make your heartbeat. In that case, you’ll indeed be standing there not knowing what to do in front of some fantastic puzzles that Little Nightmares 2 puts in front of you, or that’s it. At least it happened to me because the game’s riddles require some ingenuity, quick intuition, and logical thinking, and don’t worry, it’s not impossible.

Little nightmare 2 game talks
Little nightmare 2 game talks


Another point we liked is the idea of ​​including puzzles as an aid in eliminating monsters. Instead of using escape and fear factor constantly, you can use your intelligence to destroy a monster, meaning that the puzzle factor is well mixed with the aspect of dealing with demons, which serves the idea of ​​the game that you cannot divide its elements because of their connection Close together as mentioned in the first review.

For the first time, two heroes in Little Nightmares

Unlike the previous part, there are two protagonists of the game. You can play with one of them, Mono. Still, Six has a very, very important role, which created the idea of ​​cooperation and harmony that hangs over the two parties at the end of the game. For a while in the game, which we consider an achievement in itself.

Six reached out to help us in various situations. We collaborated to open huge doors together. But, unfortunately, one of us was distracting monsters. In contrast, the other opened a path to survival, and many of the situations in which we spent an unforgettable time together and the presence of a second hero made the design of stages a different flavor and opened new horizons for developers, especially in the idea of ​​puzzles, which appeared excellently, especially the puzzles that included the two together. Therefore, the point of the presence of two heroes in the second part was undoubtedly a specific point and a crucial point to renew the bloody game.

The use of tools and fighting style is the worst point.

The last part relied on the factor of infiltration, escape, and chases from monsters to focus more on the breathtaking aspect and the terrifying experience that keeps you on your finger. Still, our hero’s character in the game Little Nightmares 2 is more daring than made him able to carry some tools lying around him in the game world to use in fighting those monsters, such as A small iron pipe, a hammer, or even an ax. The idea itself is perfect because it added to the first part and brought out more complex situations than before. Our problem with it is the way it is implemented.

Unfortunately, despite the freedom of the camera angles, the game is still 2.5D, meaning that we can only see three sides of the image, which are the right, the left, and in front of me, and behind us is the blind angle that we cannot see to estimate the direction of the strike, for example, which killed us and provoked us unusually.

We were stopped by some part of the horrific school stage at the last moment when we had to use an iron pipe to hit our hand, a puppet that moved on its own, and the problem was that the camera angle didn’t help us at all because the hand was moving in different angles while we had to adjust the angle of the strike with it at that point Blindness, which made us miscalculate more than once to transform the experience from a terrifying experience to a provocative, nerve-racking experience that deviates from its primary text.

When a game turns into a painting!

What can we say about the most crucial part of the review, which is the design of the world of Little Nightmares 2? Oh my God!

Whoever designed that world is truly an artist. These games will remain paintings like cartoons that complain silently, expressing their feelings to you without uttering their lips and giving you a specific message like Charlie Chaplin.

That silent art that echoes in every inch of the design of the world is the most beautiful thing we have been waiting for from games of this type, and every time it fascinates me.

We have talked more than once and in more than one forum about the games being pure artwork. Little Nightmares 2 focused on providing that experience with distinction, whether visually, audio, or graphically.

World design and colors reflect the state of the game.

The world of little nightmares, as we said, is not a pink or cartoon world. This world is dead, dark, gloomy, and frightening at the same time. It sends you a sense of despair and that there is no hope of its return, especially when you enter the city of whiteness itself. All this is accurately represented through colors that reflect the nature of this world. You will find that the dark blue color is the predominant color here. Its use created the atmosphere that the developer wanted to convey to the players.

The magnificence of Little Nightmares is magnified in those quick shots in which the camera turns away to show you an incredible scene despite its gloom, the directing here is lovely in various situations, and the pale colors added to the game its distinctive splendor to the degree that made the game unique from its counterparts.

The idea of ​​being a fingertip in this lonely world was well represented. Minor details in the scene were even shoes, toy boxes. It was strange but entertaining. The developer has thought of every possible detail while designing the game world, which is the third hero here after Mono and Six, who also embodied the idea of ​​you watching a bedtime story instead of hearing it.

Lighting, visual and sound effects are significant.

The game’s hero has a spot of light that walks with him as if on a stage, and it is the only light source in a dark and dark scene. We were impressed by the level of lighting here, which was excellent in the settings of complete darkness in which we used our lamp to illuminate the room in which we were standing wonderfully with a strong presence of shadows, which is something that the game relied on in the horror factor as well.

 Little Nightmares 2 game talks
Little Nightmares 2 game talks

The aspect of visual and sound effects is what the game deserves a prize for. Unfortunately, the sounds were the absent present in our experience. On average, you do not feel them, but you will think that the game is tasteless and without any excitement or horror factor when you close them. The sound engineering here made us not know where the sounds come from. Monsters put us inside the desperate game world. It seems that the gaming boom in this new generation will not only be graphic but rather a sound boom.

That takes the gaming experience to another level and is incredibly realistic.

The sounds of the game were sometimes a mixture of the sound of the hero’s footsteps with the sound of the flash of the lamp when it was closed or opened with the distant sound of a monster or something that would be on it in a few minutes or the sound of a beautiful pouring rain, everything was ready and in place and meticulously mixed for us to live inside this the world.

As for the optics, we want to commend the one who designed the shapes of monsters, especially the bosses, who thinks of a beast in the form of a teacher, whose neck is long like a worm, in a way that trembles for prey to devour you. Too much in our neighbourhood and disturbing the neighbors at two in the morning.

Finally, graphics and music.

There is no doubt about the Unreal Engine, which the Tarsier team used wonderfully. The graphics of the game, in general, are excellent. The single scene is full of realistic details that embody any room, you stand in. The amount of materials used is vast. As we said, lighting and shadows play a massive role in the overall experience.

We have to mention the beauty of the rain in that game, which seems extraordinarily realistic in the way it rains, rains, and collects on the ground and besides all that, there is a very realistic physics in Little Nightmares 2, especially with any device that you can interact with or throw away or hit with your foot to find it moving Realistically by extension and even the movement of the hero himself in opening a port or dealing with anything from the game environment.

Finally, the music that used to enter the heart with its quiet and gentle syllables or break the heart when it turns into a heartbeat whose rhythm rises with chases and situations that irritate the nerves or turns into mysterious music when you start solving puzzles, and we can say that half the game is music, especially since it is her only voice that compensates for the silent heroes.


Little Nightmares 2 was not satisfied with the success of its first part, but added to it and presented a painting in the form of a game to prove to us that we still need this type of games in our lives, we still need simple titles that carry significant meanings, and there is still space for small developers to show us their creativity only if We gave them a chance.”



Horrific events and breath-taking until the last moment

Design a world around the game for a painting

It is a good idea to include the concept of using tools in combat

There are two heroes for the first time in the story

Excellent camera angles

Puzzles are a great addition

Great graphics and music played an important role


Camera angles are often haunting in combat, to a provocative degree.

Little Nightmares II game talks
Little Nightmares II game talks

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