Lost Ark Shadowhunter: Advanced Class Guide

Lost Ark Shadowhunter: Advanced Class Guide. In this Lost Ark Shadowhunter Guide, I’m going to show you what it means to play as a Shadowhunter in terms of how well they perform in combat, the playstyles available to them, and the best Skills and Tripods to focus on. If you’re searching for an Assassin that provides you with the option to transform into a demonic form while being able to deal rapid and explosive damage combos as a human, then this Lost Ark Shadowhunter Class Guide is for you!

Lost Ark Shadowhunter: Advanced Class Guide

Shadowhunters are one of the Advanced Classes that falls under the Assassin Class. They wield Shadowblades which allow them to destroy enemies in a matter of seconds, whether it’s up close and personal, or from a distance. They’re also one of the top beginner-friendly DPS Classes since their Skills are balanced and straightforward to use regardless of the form they take.

  • Great DPS for Beginners
  • 2 Distinct Combat Modes
  • Can melee and range attack
  • High Mobility

As a Lost Ark Shadowhunter, you can concentrate on inflicting massive damage via your human or demonic form. If you stay as a human, you’ll mostly activate Normal Skills accompanied by upgrades, which enhance damage even more at the cost of attacking at a relatively slower rate. Conversely, should you wish to become a demon, your priority is to use as many Intrude Skills as possible to build up your Shadowburst gauge for your transformation. This will then provide you with boosted health and movement speed.

Advanced Class Guide Demon Form

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Class Role and Identity

The Lost Ark Shadowhunter is a Hybrid DPS Class with decent sustained damage thanks to their Skills, and they’re able to take this to the next level when they transform into a demon to deal burst damage. As an Assassin, their mobility is good, allowing for swift movements when charging in and out of combat. However, the Shadowhunter’s HP is quite low so they need to balance attacking with quick evasion to survive longer in combat. Most of their skills also lack the Super Armor Buff, which means that they’re susceptible to enemy crowd control.

Advanced Class Guide Near Death Experience in Combat

All Advanced Classes in Lost Ark have unique features or Identities that differentiate them from the other Classes. These can either unleash more damage or enhance the buffs they grant. For the Lost Ark Shadowhunter, this is the Shadowburst Identity, allowing them to temporarily shapeshift into a demon. To do so, they have to successfully hit their enemies with a variety of skills. You can continue filling up the Shadowburst Meter by performing Normal Skills, but Intrude Skills such as Demonic Clone and Demon Vision will allow you accumulate energy more rapidly.

Once this meter has been completely filled up, you can enter into the Demonic Mode. As a demon, you have access to another set of abilities known as Demon Skills. Demon Skills like Destruction and Blood Massacre are very powerful. Not only do they deal greater damage compared to Normal and Intrude Skills, but they also stagger targets, knocking them down in the process. Additionally, you become immune to stagger yourself, though you’re not immune to getting knocked back, especially when you’re facing bosses.

Advanced Class Guide Filled Up Shadowburst Meter

When your demonic form has expired, however, your Lost Ark Shadowhunter will revert to human form and your Shadowburst Meter will be affected by the Composure Debuff. This means that you have to wait for 30 seconds before you can start building up Shadowburst Energy once again.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Best Skills and Tripods

By the time your Lost Ark Shadowhunter reaches Level 60, you will have unlocked a total of 26 skills comprised of Normal, Intrude, Demon, and Awakening Skills. To add to this, you also have invested several points into Normal and Intrude Skills to specialize further by unlocking their respective Tripods. The Tripod System allows players to customize their skills in various ways like decreasing Mana cost or cooldown rate. In total, you only need 8 skills per character with a select number of tripods. In this section, I’ll cover the essential Normal and Intrude Skills and tripods you should allocate points into regardless of the playstyle you end up choosing.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Skill UI

Top Shadowhunter Normal Skills and Tripods

Demonic Slash – Charges towards a group of enemies to slash them several times. The Demonic Slash Tripods to consider are Excellent Mobility, Numbing Effect, and Spin Kick. Not only do you perform an extra kick when you rush towards enemies, but you also increase your move distance. Additionally, both your attack and movement speeds are improved upon hitting them.

Cruel Cutter – Exclusively for the Perfect Suppression Playstyle that obliterates enemies from a distance. This inflicts more damage when you target them from the back. The Cruel Cutter Tripods to select are Bleed Effect, Electric Attack, and Encroachment Release. This combination allows you to deal Damage over Time (DoT) with bleeding while improving your crit rate. Additionally, you’re able to increase the damage Cruel Cutter deals by more than 100% in exchange for spending a portion of your Shadowburst Meter.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Cruel Cutter Normal Skill in Combat

Thrust Impact – Acts as an energy weapon in that you build up massive amounts of power to deal explosive damage. The Thrust Impact Tripods to pick are Wide Explosion, Stun Effect, and Encroaching Power. This combination allows you to increase the radius of the explosion while stunning enemies in the process. Additionally, Thrust Impact’s cooldown is reduced and you gain more Shadowburst energy.

Demolition – Combo skill that allows you to dart forward while performing slashing attacks in quick succession. The first two hits deal normal damage, but the third is stronger and can knock back foes. The Demolition Tripods to choose are Weak Point Detection, Quick Attack, and Charge Slash. In particular, Quick Attack enhances the damage of the first attack and then skips straight to the strongest third attack. Charge Slash then enhances the damage of the third attack even further, converting knockback into knockdown. If you intend to deal great burst damage, then you can substitute Charge Slash for Encroachment Release instead.

Spinning Weapon – Combo skill that launches 2 spinning weapons to inflict DoT. The Spinning Weapon Tripods to select are Quick Prep, Instant Disposal, and Piercing Edge. This combination reduces the cooldown rate of the skill while boosting damage at the cost of a lesser AoE Radius. Upon successfully hitting your targets, you also ignore more than 50% of their defense, further raising the overall damage you deal.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Spinning Weapon Normal Skill in Combat

Top Shadowhunter Intrude Skills and Tripods

Demonic Clone – Summons a huge devil incarnate to deal great damage against multiple targets up close. This combo skill is a good gap closer given the size of your summon and it even inflicts more damage when performing Back Attacks.

  • For the Demonic Impulse playstyle, the Demonic Clone Tripods to obtain are Vital Point Hit, Chain Attack, and Enhanced Release Encroachment. These bonuses take advantage of your increased attacks by supplementing them with a better crit rate. You’re also able to stagger enemies while continually building your Shadowburst Meter.
  • For the Perfect Suppression playstyle, change Chain Attack to Fist of Destruction to inflict more damage as a human while launching remaining enemies into the air.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Demonic Clone Intrude Skill

Rising Claw – Another gap closer that propels your Lost Ark Shadowhunter forward and launches targets into the air. The Rising Claw Tripods to consider are Naively Honest, Critical Blow, and Grasp of Death. This combination grants you immunity to prevent being interrupted while boosting your crit and overall damage.

Demon Vision – Channels a beam of demonic energy to inflict massive damage against a group of lined targets while knocking them back. Make sure to face your targets before firing this skill to hit them since you can’t reposition the beam. The Demon Vision Tripods to take are Concentrated Release, Encroaching Power, and Overflowing Power. These upgrades not only boost damage and AoE radius to harm more enemies, but they also let you gain an increased amount of Shadowburst energy than usual.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Demon Vision Intrude Skill in Combat

Demon’s Grip – Utilizes a demon arm to follow targets and to pull them back to you. This is a good skill if you’re fighting against a massive number of enemies who can overwhelm you so you can choose which to pick off first. The Demon’s Grip Tripods to select are Quick Prep, Encroaching Power, and Giant Grasp. You’ll be able to activate the skill frequently due to decreased cooldown rate and gain more Shadowburst energy. Additionally, with Giant Grasp, you instead pull in more enemies.

Howl – Shrill demonic cry that greatly damages multiple enemies surrounding you while inflicting Fear. This is a great skill to use when they’re already intruding in your space because it can give you a bit of breathing room since they cower from Fear. The Howl Tripods to choose are Quick Prep, Encroaching Power, and Mighty Roar. This combination is similar to Demon’s Grip in the sense that it reduces cooldown rate and boosts the Shadowburst energy gained. Meanwhile, Mighty Roar increases Howl’s AoE radius and damage further. You can swap this for Scream of Fury if you’re playing with friends to enhance their damage as well.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Howl Intrude Skill

Decimate – Slashes multiple enemies using large demonic arms. This is your most damaging skill but it has a very long cooldown. This can be offset by taking the Quick Prep Tripod. Other tripods to choose from are Weak Point Detection and Cruel Hand. These upgrades increase the damage you inflict against push-immune or stronger enemies while dealing extra damage when slamming your arms on the ground.

Shadowhunter Class Engravings and Stats

In Lost Ark, every Advanced Class unlocks Engravings that allow you to further specialize in your chosen Class as these grant special effects, which you can activate by reading Recipe Books and equipping Accessories and Ability Stones. You’re able to obtain them as random rewards by completing endgame activities such as Chaos and Abyss Dungeons, and Guardian Raids.

In this section, I’m going to talk about Lost Ark Shadowhunter Engravings, which determine the playstyle you wish to adopt for your character and are class-specific abilities and traits. You gain access to this when you reach Level 50. Let’s first discuss the Demonic Impulse Class Engraving or playstyle together with the Stats that go with it.

Shadowhunter Demonic Impulse Playstyle

The 2 Class Engravings available to the Lost Ark Shadowhunter are Demonic Impulse and Perfect Suppression. Demonic Impulse negates the Composure Debuff, which lets you enter into the Demonic State more frequently since you no longer have to wait for 30 seconds to do so. To maximize this playstyle, however, you need to at least reach Demonic Impulse Engraving Level 2 because only then will you be able to significantly improve your Crit Rate. This playstyle is suitable for those who enjoy annihilating hordes of enemies as a demon with nearly 100% uptime.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Demonic Impulse Class Engraving

Out of the 8 available skills, you’ll want to have a ratio of 6 Intrude Skills to 2 Normal Skills to keep filling up the Shadowburst Meter to activate your demon form. While in your human form, the goal is to debilitate enemies as often as possible while dealing adequate AoE damage.

In terms of the Demonic Impulse’s Combat Stats, you’ll want to prioritize Specialization and then Crit when gearing up. Maximizing Specialization not only lengthens the duration of staying as a demon, but it also enhances your respective Demon Skills, thereby inflicting much more damage. Crit raises your Crit Rate allowing you to further boost the damage you deal with your abilities.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Specialization Stat

Shadowhunter Perfect Suppression Playstyle

Perfect Suppression, on the other hand, completely disables the use of the Demonic Mode so you stay as a human all throughout. While in this form, the damage you deal with Normal Skills, as well as tripods that make use of the Shadowburst Meter, are improved. As such, it’s still essential to have at least 3 Intrude Skills at your disposal. Unlike Demonic Impulse, reaching Perfect Suppression Engraving Level 1 is enough to make a reputable build.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Perfect Suppression Class Engraving

In terms of Perfect Suppression’s Combat Stats, you’ll want to invest in Crit, followed by Swiftness to boost the chances of dealing critical damage while enhancing your overall speed in terms of movement and attack since you’ll be staying in your human form with this playstyle.

Shadowhunter Final Tips

Playing as a Lost Ark Shadowhunter is both exciting and rewarding at the same time because of the insane amount of burst damage you deal. The caveat, however, is this Advanced Class can be easily overwhelmed when there are too many mobs and bosses in the area. If you don’t have the quick reflexes to evade this situation (or just have terrible ping), your Shadowhunter will perish given her relatively lower HP. In PvP, the Shadowhunter will mostly utilize ranged skills such as Piercing Thorn and Grind Chain to not only engage other players for your allies but also catch them by surprise.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Class Guide Normal Skill in Combat

For skills that utilize the Encroachment Release Tripod like Cruel Cutter and possibly Demolition, you should activate these after you’ve accumulated enough Shadowburst energy, 20% to be exact. To do this, you have to cycle through Intrude Skills first, otherwise, you won’t be able to take advantage of the significantly increased damage it provides.

Lastly, skills such as Demonic Slash and Demolition do not only function offensively, but defensively as well. This is due to their Excellent Mobility and Master of Evasion Tripods, which raises their move distance and dodge rate, respectively. Be sure to experiment with these if you find yourself getting constantly stuck in the middle of combat.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Advanced Class Guide Master of Evasion Tripod Under the Demonic Slash Skill

Stay tuned for more Lost Ark Class Guides and be sure to check out our Lost Ark Wiki or drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. What did you think of this Lost Ark Shadowhunter Class Guide? What Advanced Class are you planning to try out first? Let us know in the comments below!


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