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biomutant gametalks



What distinguishes the gaming world is the dose of freedom and the vast imagination within it. With the excellent game, you can visit space and dive into strange universes with stunning colors, or you can be a commanding hero that liberates the country from the tyranny of a brutal colonialist. You can even control one of the countries and become its controlling president. In the Destinies of the People, we have Biomutant, a game based on a very imaginative and somewhat new idea.

 Biomutant game offers action and role-playing experience in an open world, but what is new in it is the world that the game offers. The game presents the world, but after a major environmental crisis that led to its destruction. What is new is that the characters of this world are strange mammals, not human beings.

BIOMUTANT gametalks
BIOMUTANT gametalks

Here the game combines many elements of fantasy, and you control entirely fictional characters. The game world, in general, is full of many strange creatures, and we add to all this the destruction of the world and exposing it to a great deal of pollution.

Of course, such a fantastic combination should provide a great deal of freedom both for the developer who can come up with any ideas he wants, or of course for the player who is waiting for a new gaming experience with a hefty dose of chaos.

Imagination at once.

According to the developer, the Biomutant game comes from developing the Experiment 101 team, and a team made up of developers who have worked on Just Cause for many years. This game is the first game for this team, so it is expected that the game will be highly elaborate.

Now the development team faces many complex challenges. It has to design a technically sophisticated game and provide an enjoyable game that contains a great deal of imagination and creativity. The task’s difficulty is doubled by the game’s price, as the round comes for $ 60 in total. We compare this game with other games Big offered role-playing and action experiences like Horizon Zero Dawn.

Well, so far, we have talked a lot about the idea of ​​the game and the dose of imagination that we are supposed to experience while playing, and now let’s quickly go to the review to see if the development team manages to balance things out or give us a substandard experience?

Biomutant game idea and story

The events of the game take place in an imaginary open world, here we are not playing on the globe. Still, at the same time, the developer did not give us many details about this world, as we do not know the name of the planet or its history.

All we know about the game world is that it was once a completely natural world. Still, its inhabitants exploited energy resources very poorly until an environmental catastrophe occurred that destroyed the world and caused genetic mutations for many creatures to turn into ferocious monsters.

The environmental catastrophe also made the game world bounce back a little, as the manifestations of modern technology ended. We are in the future, but with somewhat old technologies reflected in the tools and weapons in the game.

The heroes within the game are mammals, not a specific species or class found in real life, but somewhat fictional characters, more like foxes or giant rats.

In the game world, we do not know the natural source of these characters, and whether these characters live all the time in the game world or not, and the dispersion increases with the beginning of the game when we create the surface where the game tells us that some of the characters in the game are from the human race, which It put me in a lot of confusion and even after the end of the game we did not know the source and history of these creatures.

The story of the game

The game’s events revolve around a character who is supposed to carry a prophecy to save the world from destruction because after the environmental disaster, giant creatures are known as “world eaters” appeared. These creatures are destroying the world by destroying the “tree of life.”

Biomutant gametalks
Biomutant gametalks

The game’s hero seeks to save the world by destroying these monsters and preserving the “Tree of Life.” Still, at the same time, we find that the creatures remaining after the disaster is scattered and formed different tribes, and each tribe fights the other.

The hero of the game must choose one of the tribes he belongs to. He must also unite these tribes under one banner. Hence, the hero’s task is to connect the tribes and eliminate the giant monsters, “world eaters.”

The game is trying to put the most significant number of threads in the story to go together, so it has set a third path related to the character’s past and history, a part that we will not touch on much in the story so as not to burn any events in the game.

Story disaster

Unfortunately, Biomutant presents us with a narrative disaster in every sense of the word. The tragedy here is not in the story itself but in the way the story is presented.

All the creatures in the game do not speak any actual language. Instead, they speak a fictional language that is a very dull hum, and here it is not a matter of the game that will translate this game.

The disaster lies in the presence of a narrator who repeats the incomprehensible speech in English. For example, if a character wants to say “hello,” the following dialogue will take place:


He says hello to you.

The whole story of the game is presented in this deadly way, you hear incomprehensible phrases that the narrator begins to translate for you after that, which made me hate the voice of the narrator and hate the obnoxious hum sound in the game, and we started speeding up any dialogue within the game so that we don’t hear these voices.

We also did not associate with any characters in the game because we do not hear them. We do not want to, even the nature of the hero we control. So we did not associate with him or interact with him. We did not understand the idea of ​​​​this view. We did not understand why the narrator is the only one who speaks an understandable language and the Original narrator!

It worsens with the poor writing in which the story is written, and it is full of meaningless judgment. You feel that the game imposes it on you, with repetitive music that made me not pay attention to any talk within the game.

The biggest problem is that the game offers a system of dialogues. As a result, the story diverges and differs, which turns the game experience into an absolute hell with this disastrous story and its horrible presentation. Of course, we did not care which option we chose. Still, all we cared about was to finish these sterile dialogues and be done from the narrator’s monotonous voice.

By the way, after the game’s completion, the names of those working on it appeared, and the characters included a large group of voice actors and actors. We don’t know where the voices of all these people are, and it would be a joke if all of them were tasked with incomprehensible grunts.

Tasks and how to present them

The game contains several main missions with which the story progresses. Still, they are not linear missions, but you can choose the assignment you want to perform. In addition, of course, the game contains several side missions. Still, we don’t think you will accept these side missions in the framework of the disastrous story view.

The tasks of the game itself are catastrophic, it is very repetitive, and there is no new idea. Most of the missions revolve around talking to a specific person. This person asks you to collect something, so you go to collect the tool. A small battle occurs, and when you return to the person, the situation continues like this.

The game does not offer any ideas in the missions. It isn’t easy to view the cinematic scenes. They are nasty and very short, so you will feel trapped among several characters that you move between to take missions.

As for the final stages of the game, the situation does not improve at all. Instead, it shows the developer’s laziness, who is trying to prolong the game in the final in a very revealing way. Step into the game world.

Aura system

The game relies on a system known as the aura system, and this system determines your character in the game. For example, are you a luminous character or a dark character? During the game, you are exposed to some situations that you must take a stance on, and according to the position you take, you gain light or dark points.

The aura system is supposed to determine your attitude towards the game’s story. The finality of the game is also believed to change depending on the character you created, is it a very dark character, a very light character, or a little dark, and so on.

The idea is good, but it has not been implemented well because the concept is explicitly related to the story. We did not initially interact with the story or with the characters to choose actions towards them.

So, we found myself choosing positions completely randomly, not based on how we feel because we did not listen to the story. Still, there was one situation in which we chose a specific direction based on a genuine desire. It was after fighting a relatively tricky boss. We found myself hating this monster because of how long it took during the fight.

Playing style

Biomutant game offers an action role-playing experience in an open world. From this classification, we can predict many components of the playing style. For example, the game enables you to use skill points to refine some character skills such as health, strength, intelligence, and luck.

Also, the fighting style itself combines close-range combat and long-range combat with some skills and abilities such as shooting thunderbolts, flames, or moving quickly.

The game offers many skills that can be unlocked with the progression of the level by spending specific points you get from fighting with monsters. The game also contains many weapons that you fight with, whether close or long-range, and each gun has distinctive strikes.

During combat, you rely entirely on the “combo” strikes, the combination of close-range and long-range weapons, and of course, maneuvering and countering the enemies’ attacks.

The fighting is much better than the game’s story in general. It is an outlet for the many directives and story errors that exist within the game, but at the same time, the fighting style made many mistakes.

Boss fight

The game contains three main monsters that you have to get rid of, and each of these monsters can be considered a boss that you have to get rid of. And the fact that fighting these monsters was very fun inside the game.

Each of the monsters takes us to a specific area, for example, a beast we fight in the water, another beast on land, and the last beast is already underwater.

Also, each monster you prepare using a different tool, and these tools were great fun during the fight, specifically the second monster that you used against a mythical animal from within the game world.

But even though we enjoyed the boss’s gossip, the pre-boss-fighting missions were highly dull, and we would only do them until we got to the boss fight.

Fighting style problems

The first problems in the style of fighting and battles that are very short, you enter into a very long and tedious dialogue and then start to move on the map for a vast distance and then enter into a very short fight that lasts for minutes, and then you repeat the same ball.

The second problem is the game’s reliance on some relatively cheap ideas to increase the difficulty of the battles. For example, sometimes, you will find the enemy leaving you entirely as if you are not there. Here, his health index returns to full while your health index remains low.

At first, we thought we would get out of the battlefield, and the enemy would return to his main point, but we found that the enemy does this many times, even if we did not move away from him.

Finally, the long-range weapon shows a clear superiority over most enemies. Still, it takes more time, but generally, by using the long-range weapon only, you can get rid of any enemy without injuring any harm, especially since dribbling does not consume anything from the character’s energy, so you can continue to dodge and in at the same time, keep firing until you get rid of the enemy.

Absence of free climbing

The game world is full of mountains and terrain mixed with some destroyed buildings. At the same time, we control an object that looks like a fox if it was a human. Despite this, this object cannot climb in any way simply because the game does not contain the idea of ​​free climbing at all.

But the game has some areas that you can climb, and these areas are colored yellow to tell you that this area is climbable, which makes the climb in the game very linear as if it was a game from the time of PS1.

This killed a lot of creativity and freedom in the game because you are now forced to move in the path drawn inside the game to reach a certain point, which is very strange, especially since the game does not punish the player for falling from heights even if he fell from a very high altitude.

On the occasion of punishment, the character suffers greatly. But, at the same time, swimming, sinking quickly, and it is clear that the idea of ​​​​interacting with the environment was absent from the development team in the first place.

Taming objects

The game contains many living creatures that can be tamed and used to move. The truth is this part is very polished in the game because all the objects are distinguished in terms of design. Secondly, taming itself is somewhat fun, where you have to get one of the tools to tame the thing, and each object requires a tool different from the other.

Also, some in-game missions lead to you getting some mobility. Most of the time, these are fun, and their use is highly satisfying.

Manufacturing and searching for resources in Biomutant

The world of Biomutant is full of materials, tools, and gear; everywhere, you can get help and materials, which dramatically supports exploration in the surrounding environment.

The game also has a crafting system that we found pretty interesting. You can craft or upgrade weapons by collecting pieces from the game world and combining them with resources.

The resources are wood, metal, plastic, and so on, and you can get the resources either from the game world or by taking apart pieces that you find that you don’t need.

Although the manufacturing system is exciting within the game, the upgrade system is weak, worn out, and almost non-existent. You can upgrade the equipment by placing some additions that you find around the world only. There is no possibility of upgrading the level of equipment or refining the materials made of it like other games role play.

Repetition kills the game.

Destroying other tribes in the game is significant activity within Biomutant. We can even consider it half the fun. And it is a primary mission that will continue with you throughout the events and life of the game almost.

Within the game, there are several tribes, and each tribe has a set of sub-points and a base castle. And you must destroy these sub-points and then attack the main palace and, in this way, impose your control on the tribe.

Unfortunately, this fantastic idea was destroyed due to the repetition within the game, simply because all the points have the same design and all the castles. Still, the way to open courts or matters is almost the same in terms of the idea.

We are talking here about the similarity in the idea and a parallel in the design itself. The only thing that changes is the level of enemies belonging to each tribe. But, to mention the enemies, repetition kills them as well.

The game contains monsters of excellent design. Some of them are giant, and some are small. Still, unfortunately, the monsters are duplicates, meaning that the beast will be found in more than one area but at a different level.

This idea makes you feel that the game is repetitive or the developer is lazy or did not work on the game enough. However, even the non-playable characters inside the points and cities have almost the same design.


The world of Biomutant is legendary in every sense of the word, as if the development team used all the resources to paint the game world. The colors are very many, vivid, and intertwined in a beautiful and harmonious image.

Initially, the environment changes as you move within the game world. For example, when you enter a destroyed or deserted city, you find many details on the wreckage and houses, helped by their lights and reflections.

Despite the beautiful design of the game world, the world is not alive at all. You cannot interact with it in any way. So, for example, your strikes will not affect any element. Even if this element is a glass window, the same thing we notice when crossing over piles of garbage where we find the character penetrating the trash as if it doesn’t even exist.

But the design of the characters inside the game is inferior, and the movement is illogical at times, especially the direction of the ride that you use to move around, as it moves very slowly.

The cinematic scenes inside the game are terrible. They do not have any quality and feel like scenes from a play on the PS3 platform, for example, and what is more strange in the scenes is the way they are cut and their camera angles.

The game cuts the cinematic scene very suddenly to return to the game or vice versa. Which indicates that there are major output problems in this game. In addition, it is clear that the game director was not working on the game with passion. But was treating it as if it was just a task that must be accomplished at a particular time.

The magnificence of drawing the world raises the value of the style of photography.

Biomutant has a shooting mode, and thanks to the quality of the world design, you find yourself taking a lot of time while shooting in the game world.

This review used more than 90 pictures out of 600 pictures that we took using the in-game shooting mode because the scenes were great and had many technical details, so much so that it made me feel that the game can be considered a shooting game in the game world. Therefore, there is no need to continue in story or fighting style analysis.

Music and acoustics

Of course, we will not talk about the audio performance in any way, and we killed this point in a search above. Still, we will talk here about the music of the game, which unfortunately fell into the trap of repetition significantly.

The game has a limited number of tracks used so frequently that we remember old MMORPGs like Silkroad that had one music per city that was played constantly. The only difference was that Silkroad’s music was good, and Biomutant’s music was awful.

Of course, you can now anticipate just how lousy movie scenes that don’t have good directing, impressive graphics, and of course, no music or vocal performance at all can be.

Performance and price

As for performance, the game runs very smoothly and does not need high operating requirements at all. Initially, the size of the game is only 23 GB, and you can run it on maximum settings using a middle-class device.

As for the price, of course, the amount of 60 dollars is wildly exaggerated. This game does not live up to the quality of AAA games, and it is not a AAA game. We are here talking about a duplicate game that uses the same files and ideas to extend its duration. Bad.

This game had to be priced at $30, for example, at most, especially since the game does not contain an online game mode, meaning that the story is all we have. But, unfortunately, as we saw, dear reader, the story of the Biomutant game is not good at all.

The game contains many side activities far from the main story. Still, it does not satisfy this inflated price, especially since after completing the level of the game, we found myself not wanting to return to it again to practice the rest of these activities.


Biomutant has an ambitious concept and a distinct, well-crafted world. Still, the development team didn’t treat the game with the required passion, and it’s evident that the team treats the game as just a job.

The game falls into the repetition trap. We think the word “repetition trap” is a little friendly because we feel like the team deliberately did things like that. They deliberately copied game files and ideas all over the place until we had a Biomutant

If we talk about the main story, it could have been presented in three hours, for example. Still, the team extended it in about 13 or 14 hours by repeating and copying the content over and over again.

Unfortunately, the Biomutant game is very disappointing because the game could have provided a legendary experience with this world. Perhaps the game was not with the right development team. Still, the Biomutant experience is undoubtedly terrible, but the distinguished game world and distinctive fighting style make it possible.


Playing style: 7

The Story: 4

Acoustics: 4

Fee: 8

Price: 5


The design of the game world is impressive and full of details

The manufacturing system is fun

The boss fight is varied and fun, but the number of bosses is limited


The story presentation system is disastrous

The game is very repetitive

Bad audio performance

Many in-game activities are unimportant

The aura system is poorly rendered

Poor movie scenes

There are major output problems


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