Mafia: Definitive Edition Review

Mafia definitive edition

In the year 2002, the gaming industry was not booming and with this much progress as it is now. But if you are one of the old “players”  .. surely you did not miss the experience of one of the best games at this time, which is Mafia with its first release on PC and then its arrival For PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2004. We were amazed by the power of graphics “at this time” and also by the wonderful classic gameplay and the amazing dramatic story that stuck in our minds and did not leave us, but who would have imagined that this experience would return, but with the nature of games in 2020?

Mafia Definitive Edition review

Mr. Tommy Angelou is back this time 18 years after the original game, bringing with him the same great experience but with improved graphics, an open world and a lot of other things that we will explore together during our review of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

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Same original story, better plot and sequence

The game takes place within the fictional city of Lost Heaven during the 1930s, and follows the journey of taxi driver turned gangster Tommy Angelo in the crime family led by Don Salieri. The story is the same as that of the original game, but the scenario of events has been changed to appear more realistic and logical, if If you have played it before, you will naturally bring back memories that cannot be erased from memory, and if you have not played it before, then this is your lucky day.

We don’t want to go into the story too much to avoid any of the potential burn-out elements, but the thing to mention is that the story is very well presented with the acting, character performances, soundtrack and also the modified sequence of events in this version, it may be slow in the beginning and reminds us a bit of Red Dead Redemption 2 is into this, but soon the story will quickly take you deeper.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

The cinematic clips in the game also have to be said that they are designed to perfection. You will feel that you are watching a movie. The game is also rich in those clips, especially at the beginning of the game. The duration of the clips will often overcome the playing time at times.

Stunning graphics, amazing lighting and rain effects. the biggest change in this version is definitely the graphics

Of course, the biggest change in this Remake from the original version may be the graphics. and nothing but the fees. So, we will start talking about it in the review. Unusually, the developer Hangar 13 has already created the rebuilding of the game completely from scratch while preserving all the details of the city The original as it is, which is the difficult equation in the remade games, where you will find here the same vehicles, characters, as well as city details from the original game, but with improved graphics of course due to the use of a newer engine than the original version of the game.

The graphics in general look amazing, but there is a clear disparity between day and night in the game, as the game appears much better during the night due to the reflections and the wonderful lighting effects that the developer has put in the game engine, we may be exaggerating when we say that we felt at times that Playing a game that has ray tracing effects but isn’t.

But all the lights are reflected perfectly on the surfaces, the rainy atmosphere that you will encounter a lot as you progress on Mr. Tommy’s journey was more than wonderful whether in the morning or at night, the water on the ground reflected amazingly and the effect of the tires looks like real, you will prefer Drive and roam the game world at night and in rainy and stormy conditions much more than the game in the morning.

This does not mean that the game is bad in the morning, on the contrary, the game also offers impressive graphics, especially with the timing of sunset, as well as with the overlap of shadows with buildings and their reflection on the city streets in a visually impressive manner, or if there are “pools” of water on the ground left by rain, you will find that trees for example, it reflects on that little puddle in the ground, which is one of the things that personally fascinated us in the game.

The  Mafia: Definitive Edition

Speaking of the game world. To be honest, the world here is not very diverse, but it is also wide at the same time. In fact, in a game like Mafia, this is not required “we mean diversity in the world”, except outside the city that contains many green places, but it can be said in general that the game world depicts that time period “the thirties” more wonderfully, especially since the city of Lost Heaven in which the game takes place is a fictional city and does not exist in reality.

The design of the missions was also very elaborate, which is what we liked the most while playing the game, the missions take a very linear aspect in their design, but the game leaves you free to move in the city and here the first defects of this remade version appear, which is that although the game offers an open world experience for players But there is really nothing you can do in this world, other than the main missions and collect some stickers, comic books and cards as usual in series games.

“Mafia: Definitive Edition offers an open, spacious, and visually impressive world, especially during the night and in the rain, but the design of the missions is completely linear, and there is no kind of side activity which is the most prominent contradiction in the game”

The idea of ​​presenting an open world free of side activities may be popular with some, especially if we mention those games that offer three or four types of side missions that are distributed on the map and are repetitively boring, but that idea changed with games such as The Wieher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn, which presented Interesting ‘separate’ stories in side quests, so we didn’t like the lack of any kind of side quests or something to take a breath and rest a bit from the story quests, even the idea of ​​playing the game after completing the main story seems impossible with this empty world of activities.

But for us and any fan of open-world games it can be a little “frustrating”, there is nothing encouraging to take a trip in the game world except the graphics of course and with the game’s lack of a Photo Mode we did not wander around the game world except to reach the main story missions.

Classic gameplay, fun driving, and car customization were a good plus

Mafia: Definitive Edition stuck to the classic gameplay, which means that the game at all difficulty levels will be “difficult” and like most games of that period there was no idea to restore the automatic health level, and therefore you are required to search for health tools scattered inside buildings in the places you found them Extremely balanced in order to restore your health level during battles.

There is also a punishment from the police for exceeding the speed limit on the roads and also against committing crimes in the game map, it can be said that police chases are one of the almost “non-existent” side activities in the game “unintentionally”.

But despite that, the developer put in this version the Casual Mode through three levels of difficulty, in which health is restored automatically while hiding, as is the case with all games this period, and the police are less strict against you, but we do not recommend it and advise you to play the game in classic mode.

Shooting is also sticking to the “classic” in the way of hitting different weapons, or equipment such as Molotov cocktails and regular bombs. In fact, there is no great variety between weapons and there is no way to buy them either. Just get them with the progress in the story, you will suffer a little with the low ammunition, especially in missions in which there are a lot of enemies, but this makes the game fast-moving and encourages not to hide, but you have to move to get additional ammo from the enemies you killed and then re-position to kill the rest of the enemies.

The game puts you in a lot of exciting moments during car chases, but unfortunately the AIM while driving seems too “shaky”, there’s really nothing interesting about that approach, you just hit the Aim button and let Aim Assist do the rest, some missions in contrast progress More fun chases while giving you the freedom to shoot enemies.

As for the Melee hand-to-hand combat, it was boring to be honest, the hand-to-hand combat seemed like a game released about 10 years ago and the animations weren’t that strong, but the good thing is that the stealth system works and some missions allow you to perform tasks in disguise and surprise enemies silently from behind instead of From entering directly into confrontations with weapons, as we mentioned, the ammunition in the game will be a headache in your head throughout the playing times, so a bit of savvy will help you finish tasks faster and better.

The driving style of vehicles is “fun”, but it can be said that it is a little difficult and you will need time to get used to it, especially since the game gives you a choice between the normal mode and the simulation mode for driving. There is a great variety between the cars in the game, not only in looks but also in driving methods, speed and all these things, Also, through your garage, you can modify some cars by changing their shape or even their color, which is a great touch that we loved having in the game.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

We also liked the wayfinding system very much, as it shows you the road in the mini map, of course, and it also appears as signs on the road. Those signs disappear when you approach them, which is an addition that we found wonderful and made it easy to drive without having to look at the mini map.

The game still retains the ability to set a specific speed of the car Speed ​​Limiter to make it easier to drive and avoid problems with the police, we liked the realism of the game with regard to driving, as the collision will cause damage to you that may reach death at times.

“Screw the games of the current generation that brought up the idea of ​​Health Regeneration, there is nothing better than the old classic system of health recovery that fortunately follows Mafia: Definitive Edition”

Another aspect about the cars is that they are very elaborately designed, from the look and the way they drive to the sounds as well as the radio channels to truly depict the cars of that time period.

The gameplay elements in Mafia: Definitive Edition are also professionally designed, we are talking about a game that has been remade from the ground up, although we did not like the way Tommy runs and his movement, which does not rise to the game released in 2020, but the way to hide and take cover and that Moving between one cover and another was fun, thanks to the way the tasks themselves are carried out and where the enemies come from, as well as the drawing of the world and the elements that help to use it optimally.

The computer version is great in terms of performance, no problems here, but…

Speaking a little bit about the performance of the game on the PC, where this review was done through the computer version and on a device carrying the AMD 3600X processor and 16 GB of random memory, in addition to the RTX 2080 Super graphics card, the game worked very well, there are no problems at the level of optimization You can get a high frame rate with medium cards as well and with graphics settings raised to their maximum.

The game will also be playable at a good frame rate with a display resolution of 2K. We also noticed that the Utilization for the memory, the processor and also the graphics card is excellent. So, from this point of view, congratulations to the developer for this work.

In our case we mainly used 1080p and with this savage card we could get 144 frames and above too easily, but we have a comment that the frames in the game don’t look that smooth, we don’t mean the game isn’t smooth even on that many frames for the game It’s a third person perspective, but we did feel a little rough in the picture when the frames went down in some places for 100 frames and that shouldn’t have happened.

The developer did not use “anti-aliasing” for the image and Motion Blur did not help with smoothing the image either, but in fact, it is not a big problem, the game runs smoothly and at a high frame rate and we did not face any problem in this regard.


Mafia: Definitive Edition is not an open world game, it is a completely linear action experience, you will move from one point to another, and one mission to another in a linear way until the end of the game, but those linear missions are polished, masterfully designed, and have a great deal of fun, especially as they are accompanied by a wonderful and dramatic story of our hero Tommy Angelou, great performance and acting with elaborate cinematography.

In fact, using the open world and making it “free” of side activities was a bad idea, especially since this version was built from scratch, so we were hoping to put some side missions or some activities on the game’s wide map for a more comprehensive experience, especially after completing the main story, with this The way the developer Hanger 13 condemned the game to death completely as soon as the story ended, but fortunately the life of the game is not short, the driving is fun and the “classic” gameplay will appeal to all fans of the series as well as new players.

If we were to highly praise this version, all the praise would be on the graphics and the rebuilding and drawing of Lost Heaven from scratch with the same details as the original game but with better graphics especially during the night and thunder and rain, Mafia: Definitive Edition is definitely worth your time even if you have wasted resources if perfectly used, it was one of the best releases this year.

 Mafia: Definitive Edition


  • Story: 9
  • Playstyle: 8
  • Game content: 7
  • Price: 7


  • Same story as the original with tweaks and quests to be more refined.
  • Completely rebuilding the game from scratch.
  • The graphics of the game are great and the lighting is amazing.
  • The cars are fun to drive and the possibility to customize them was a great plus.
  • The mission design is cool, epic, and a lot of fun.
  • The gameplay elements are professionally designed, the way to take cover during battles is great.
  • The story is age appropriate, neither long nor short.


  • The idea of ​​an open world devoid of side activities did not work.
  • Hand-to-hand combat is carelessly designed like a previous generation game.
  • The main playable character’s running movement looked awkward
  • Aiming while driving is bad and doesn’t have any kind of skill.
  • There is a discrepancy between the lighting at night and during the day.

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