MLB The Show Tips: How To Complete AL West Team Affinity Season 4 Fast

MLB The Show’s Season 4 of Team Affinity has arrived, and the AL West Team Affinity program has some awesome rewards. The grind to 150 TA points can seem daunting, but there’s a few paths to completing the program quickly. Here’s how you can get the likes of Craig Biggio and Pudge Rodriguez into your lineup as fast as possible.

Get An Elite Pitcher From The AL West

For me, it was the Shohei Ohtani 99 OV card. He’s the best option, as he is an elite hitter as well. There are plenty of other great choices though, such as Frank Tanana from an earlier Innings program, Mike Scott from the Astros, or a multitude of others. The key here is to get a pitcher you can rack up 15 strikeouts with in a game. Why, you ask? Because you’ll earn 5 TA points towards the 150 total for the AL West Team Affinity program every time you strikeout 15 players.

Get a starting pitcher with a high K/9 rating, and you’re off to a good start.

Build Your Lineup

Some players like to use their favorite lineup and earn TA points slowly as they go. That is not, in any way, the best way to complete Team Affinity programs quickly. The best method is to focus on one division at a time and grind through it.

You’ll earn 10 TA points for every 100 plate appearances by AL West players, and another 5 TA points for every 20 total bases you accumulate with AL West players. You’ll earn even more if you want to play online. Because of this, construct your best lineup comprised of entirely AL West players. Here is an example:

With this lineup, you can earn TA points very quickly. If you’re a good MLB The Show 21 player, you’ll earn 10 TA points per game for getting 15 strikeouts and 20 total bases in every “Play CPU” game you play. You’ll earn another 10 TA points about every three games for accumulating 100 plate appearances. With this formula, you’ll complete the AL West Team Affinity in about 12 games. Less if you are a great online player.

Who Should You Take First?


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