New Battlefield Single-Player Apparently Returning After Disastrous BF 2042

EA is hunting for a new “Design Director” whose primary responsibility will be to create a “best-in-class single-player campaign experience.” Following the poor performance of Battlefield 2042, it looks like EA is bringing back a solo campaign to accompany the multiplayer component.

New Battlefield single-player campaign to be “masterfully designed”

In the job description of the role posted to the official EA Careers page, EA describes how the new Design Director will “embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single-player campaign.”

While there aren’t any juicy specifics given, with no clear setting described, just the mention of a single-player campaign will be enough for many hardcore Battlefield fans that have been missing the solo experience.

Though certainly not the main attraction of a Battlefield game, the franchise’s campaigns have offered varied FPS single-player experiences ranging from the comedic tone of the Bad Company titles to the more serious Battlefield 3 and 4. There is also the Hardline campaign, where players take on the role of a police officer, which was quite different from the usual military theme.

With the latest BF release, Battlefield 2042, failing to meet the publisher’s expectations, it seems EA is now reassessing the importance of including a single-player component in its multiplayer-focused games.

As EA is only just putting out a call for a Design Director who will “build an amazing campaign from concept through release,” it’s clear that the next Battlefield single-player game is a long way out yet. Fans shouldn’t expect to hear about it anytime soon.

In other PlayStation news, a lack of Red Dead Online updates have led to players planning the game’s funeral. PS5 console exclusive Forspoken has been delayed again. God of War Ragnarok has finally had its release date confirmed!

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