No Ones Stopping The Xbox Train Now

Everything is coming up Xbox lately, they have undoubtedly grabbed the console momentum. The momentum really started with E3 2021, when they showcased Halo, Forza Horizon 5, a massive slate of games coming to gamepass and huge new exclusive Xbox games including Redfall, Starfield and The Outer Worlds 2. The momentum continued all throughout the summer with a really good slate of Gamepass releases including standouts Knockout City, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Death’s Door, The Ascent, Twelve Minutes, Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life, Hades and Psychonauts 2. The excitement around all of these games coming seemingly every other week this summer kept Xbox at the top of all the gaming conversations this summer.

According to a blog post from Xbox, they are going to keep bringing that heat on gamepass, saying “With more than 23 studios worldwide creating games for Xbox, our goal is to release at least one new, first party game into Game Pass every quarter”. Combine all those first party games that will be releasing every quarter with the initiatives ID@Xbox has and their partnerships with publishers including EA and it is clear that new content will be flooding gamepass.

That flood of content will be very evident this upcoming holiday season with a trio of huge first party games launching Day 1 on Gamepass with Age of Empires, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo. They won’t be holding down Gamepass alone though. Back 4 Blood, Crossfire X, The Gunk, Scorn and more are also joining the service Day 1 this fall/holiday.

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