Official Elden Ring Art Books Are Out in Japan, Here’s How to Get Them

The official Elden Ring art books are out in Japan, and from what we’ve seen, they’re an excellent look at details players might not notice otherwise. The game has some fantastic designs, and it’s great to be able to stop and drink it in without a giant dog or bird trying to eat our heads. Fortunately, getting the Elden Ring art books delivered to the US, UK, and many other destinations is not tricky.

Official Elden Ring Art Book Volumes 1 and 2 are available to order now

While the Official Elden Ring Art Books have only been released in Japan so far, fans elsewhere can order them as well. They’re available on Amazon Japan and are eligible for international shipping.

Both volumes cost ¥4,400 (around $32), which is a steal for two huge full-color, hardcover books. However, the catch is that shipping is steep. It cost me $41 for priority shipping, and standard is only a bit cheaper.

So far, there’s yet to be a release date for the official art books outside of Japan. So, if you want to get your hands on them, you’ll want to order them quickly. You never know when these will sell out or if they’ll get a reprint.


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