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In the middle of the twenty-first century, Earth is about to breathe its last. In an almost impossible attempt to save what can be saved, two giant ships, Caravel and Flores, each containing 500,000 survivors, are built and set off on a journey of no return to the vast space in search of a new planet, unfortunately, Fortunately, the first ship exploded midway. At the same time, Flores successfully reached ENOC orbit after an 83-year voyage, taking Outriders game from there.


A quick overview of the game Outriders!

Outriders haven’t received much attention since the beginning of this year for being one of the first AAA games to make its way to the scene in the dry period of the past months. Still, because there is a development team behind the title that has some confidence in the players and has previously provided unique experiences on similar projects, Studio People Can Fly, known for their work on Gears of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm, both of which are similar to the new project in many of the elements and gameplay mechanics, which made the door wide open to resounding success and popularity if we take into account the availability of the game on Xbox Game Pass on launch day and access Millions of players without any effort.


The end of the Earth and a new haven

The title doesn’t take a lot of time in pointless introductions. Instead, it builds up a plot that escalates over time and puts the player right in the center of the action. The destination was Enoch. A distant planet that looks a lot like Earth (you won’t feel like you left Earth in the first place). And has the same Characteristics Except for a few nonsensical phenomena, as you might expect. The Outriders were the first to set foot on the new planet. An elite team tasked with exploring the drop zone and clearing the way for the survivors.

The planet that humans considered their salvation revealed its true face and quickly wiped out all explorers through electromagnetic storms known as Anomaly. Instead of falling victim to this incomprehensible phenomenon. He managed to survive somehow and enter into a state of stability for several decades before awakening. However, to find himself in a catastrophe worse than the one he left behind on planet Earth. The new planet is torn apart by the warring factions. That did not learn from what happened previously and replay the same scenario completely. In contrast, the player must find quick and immediate solutions to save the situation.

Before things worsen and humanity ends forever.

The main lines of Outriders’ story feel exciting and give players a drive to move forward with great enthusiasm and a burning desire to know the truth. About what is going on and the end awaiting humans after all those wars. But at the same time, we quickly found myself stuck in overly dense cinematic clips that add to the questions. During the sub-discussions rather than trying to explain the truth of what is happening.

Boring sub-dialogues rarely come out with anything useful with characters attempting to force you to sympathize with them through the dramatic memories and suffering they experienced before. While another group is trying hard to gain their popularity through the scary soundtrack. The high tone of voice and the succinct comments as if they are natural leaders whose instructions must be followed to the letter. But in fact, both fail to get us to empathize with them. And because of the way the tasks are designed that force you to talk to each character repeatedly and in short periods of time. You will find yourself wishing you could follow the events Directly without having to chat with most of the characters.

Linear stages in a semi-open world that force you to travel again and again

To be realistic, Outriders is a third-person co-op shooter based primarily on RPG elements with a huge skill tree and unique abilities that characterize each faction. Given that it is a loot-based game, the story is not the primary driver Games of this type as much as the design of stages, distinctive battles. The diversity of enemies, and artificial intelligence that pushes you to make all efforts to defeat your opponents. Not to mention the tools that you get in return after you achieve your goals. Which are the advantages that Outriders were good at offering, or more precisely. They did not offer better than them But is this enough for the game to succeed and continue supporting it for years? Possibly, and it may backfire unexpectedly.


We can’t describe Outriders as an open-world game but rather a project akin to an RPG based on dungeons. This is the most appropriate description when discussing how the stages and environments are broken up in the game. Rather than navigating a vast open-world without restrictions. Here, each region has its level and is different in design. Even though we are on a completely different planet from Earth. The terrain and general layout are identical.

Our world without any difference.

Structures or even abnormal phenomena that strike the region every period, in return. You and your allies travel in a non-stop research convoy. Moving between different areas scattered along a linear path on the world map that expands as you finish more story missions. You can’t move on foot or using the truck, but only through fast travel. Which is one of the disadvantages of the game that starts early. When you find yourself having to travel fast more than once before each primary mission to talk to a specific character. Before you get the green light to start the task which will often be imposed on you Fast travel to a completely different geographic spot.

Various categories to choose from. Choose the one that suits you best.

Along the way, you’ll gain access to “World Tiers,” a feature that offers the player the chance to get bigger loot in exchange for an increased level of difficulty and spend more time trying to take down your opponents. Still, you’ll have to design the main character that will accompany you on your extended journey. For nearly 40+ hours, there are four classes of Outriders to choose from, including Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator. Each with their unique abilities and a completely different battlefield strategy to suit each user’s style. Whether they prefer close combat or support the rest of the team. Or firing a hail of bullets non-stop. Each category has advantages and disadvantages. The player must study well before finding himself alone and trapped after completely depleting his ammo before reaching the specified target.

Each class has eight available powers that gradually unlock as you level up. However, you will only be able to use three abilities simultaneously. Forcing you to think about the interaction between skills and choose the most appropriate according to each battle you tackle or based on the skills.

 The boss you face.

Here, the design of the classes and the unique abilities of each faction should be commended and works exceptionally well in the co-op when a player takes the role of a supporter. For example, and helps others to survive longer. In addition to the presence of a vast skill tree that becomes clear over time and when reaching the final stages where Difficulty levels that require every gal and precious to cross successfully.

Taking into account the primary abilities of the four classes that evolve and offer more options. Such as the ability of the Technomancer faction to create a time dome that slows down everything. That happens inside and allows you to catch your breath and eliminate more than one opponent in a flash Sight, or Pyromancer. Which means dealing with fire and burning anyone close to its range. In the simplest sense, each character has many abilities and skills that work in perfect harmony. With the rest of the characters in the co-op if used correctly.

Never stop shooting and always take cover.

The gameplay can be compared to titles like Gears of War and Mass Effect. Where Outriders always rely on shelter and then shootouts, whichever stage you touch. You’ll know when the battle begins even before the enemies appear. There are many cover points to hide Behind it is conclusive evidence that your opponents are about to attack you. And despite the presence of a massive arsenal of weapons ranging from light machine guns, heavy cannons. Automatic rifles and double pistols, and each of them has a particular rank that changes as the player progresses in the events and gets better loot.

But this equipment is not enough to eliminate On your opponents if you do not use the supernatural abilities and other skills correctly. Unfortunately, it becomes dull and provocatively repetitive if you decide to fight the events of the missions individually and not address the cooperative phase. The same scenario repeats without stopping, where you move from one point to another. And face a group of enemies And then repeat the same formula until.

You meet the final boss.

Of course the design of the missions does not change in co-op. But with one or two players next to you, the level of difficulty increases significantly and so does the AI ​​of The enemies have a unique way. Which makes the battles more complicated and requires constant movement. And thinking of different strategies or else you and your team will be killed in the blink of an eye.


Unfortunately, it’s rare to find an entirely professionally crafted item in Outriders. Even the main game features suffer from apparent problems. In gameplay, for example, you’ll find some abilities don’t work correctly and can leave you exposed. Enemies can take you down in seconds. Add Moreover, after various bugs that make the game inflexible as if it did not undergo sufficient improvements before launch. Such as the character stopping suddenly in the middle of a clash. Or the inability to use hand-to-hand combat with the required accuracy and effectiveness. Not to mention the disastrous communication problems that make the experience as a whole mediocre and not lives up to expectations.

Acceptable variety of environments and poor design of battlefields

Although you will see a lot of variety in the outriders game environments such as green forests dominated by vegetation, alien ruins that terrorize new residents and make them feel like they are always on the hunt. Not to mention deserts and snowy mountains. The way it is played The creation of the battlefields lacks the same variety. There are only a limited set of methods to arrange groups of high walls and some vantage points. In contrast, the movement options in Outrider lack variety and are limited. To running and jumping because the level designs are devoid of any vertical stages and rely only on moving forward.

Fortunately, intense combat encourages the player to keep moving rather than staying hidden behind walls. Your enemies often throw grenades or shoot you away from your center point. Outriders encourage play hard. Each class can restore precious hit points By following targets tactically instead of hiding behind walls and waiting for you to recover your health. But, strangely, its primary reliance on the coverage system makes the player an easy target if he is stationed in an area for some time as everyone will shoot towards him at the exact moment. In return, You will find yourself able to surprise your opponents and eliminate large numbers if you decide to run randomly without protecting your back and clash with everyone who gets in your way.

Character customization, equipment development, and end-game content

The more you dig into Outriders, the wider it is in terms of character customization and your playstyle design. And you’ll find yourself returning to Zahedi in the main camp to develop your new weapons and armor. One of the game highlights is undoubtedly the straightforward mod mechanism. Allowing you to disassemble loot to extract mods. It can then be replicated and installed into another piece of gear. An extensive list of mods can be found in Outriders. Which offer a full range of damage/defense/support capabilities that can then be combined with various weapons and power for entirely different results in an arena.


This mix of exciting gun battles and RPG game mechanics that reward everyone who invests their time in it is exhilarating at first though. Eventually fades as you keep flying from one repetitive story mission to another without a clear goal, and finally. The Outriders transform the only thing that kept us going was the natural desire to get to the end game content. Things sure get better after a while when the game finally decides to put aside. Its not-so-fun story and characters in favor of a frantic shooter. Which is unfortunate considering the number of hours you need to invest in getting to this point.

After completing the main story, you will have access to end-game content. Expeditions missions which were initially designed for co-op play. Which is a redesign of some of the stages you touched earlier with stronger enemies and better rewards. Here the game reveals its best elements with intense battles. The loot is better and rarer. But we doubt many players will make it to that point due to the various repetitions and errors throughout the life of the main game.

Outriders have poor graphics and catastrophic technical issues.

It’s bizarre that a development studio that managed to deliver unique graphic experiences in projects released a decade ago can no longer offer something similar in its latest projects. At first glance, Outriders will feel like a previous generation game for PS3 and Xbox 360. When it comes to It’s at the graphic level, environment details, reflections, character models. And even deaf facial features, as the use of the Unreal engine did not suffice to provide anything unique or striking except for stunning landscapes in some stages.

On the other hand, we can assure you with complete confidence that Outriders is one of the worst video games in terms of technical errors. And connection problems that we have encountered in any game on PS4 throughout the life cycle of the serial device for nearly eight years. Starting with the difficulty of searching for players in the co-op and the taking of it For long periods. Even if we can skip that step and join a random team, the connection is unstable and often drops after a short period. At times we tried for more than 30 minutes to enter the game servers to no avail.

Whether we restarted the game or restarted our internet connection is not working at all.

Add to this the unexpected problems that occurred after the first update. And randomly erased the inventory of some players to lose all the weapons and equipment they collected. And worse, what happened to us in some stages, when you eliminate all the enemies and prepare to move to the following location. To face a technical error that prevents you from moving on. After hours of searching and trying to solve the problem, the only solution was to replay the stage from the beginning from the save point that precedes. The one where you are facing the technical problem. Which made us reluctantly complete the events of the game, so we do not advise anyone to try it at the moment. And wait a while for those problems to be fully resolved since the real fun of the game lies in the cooperative play.


When it comes to gameplay, weapon variety, skill tree, different abilities, and class design. Outriders excels at that and offers it all. Still, in return, the game suffers from obvious repetitions in creating the stages and provides a story that seems exciting at first but quickly becomes true through. The cliched scenario and weak characters, with a low graphic level that is not even compared to the games released years ago. And most importantly, the technical errors and communication problems. That make it a bitter experience that looks more like a project that was released in the markets before. The whole development process was completed.


Playing style: 8

Graphics and sounds: 5

Game content: 6

Performance: 5

Story: 6


Distinguished abilities and skills

The ability to customize and upgrade tools without limits

Uniquely presented RPG elements


An exciting start to the story but soon loses its excitement

Frequent repetition in the design of stages and clashes

Low graphic level

Catastrophic technical errors that prevent you from skipping some tasks

Countless connectivity issues make co-op almost impossible

Bad and boring fast travel feature


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