Peyton Manning Gushes Over Emily in Paris on SNL While Tackling Tom Brady Retirement Reports – E! Online

Manning continued, “I really think for Tom right now, it’s just a tough decision between balancing his career and relationships…Sort of like Emily.” 

Then, combining his two biggest passions, Manning used a football play simulator to painstakingly detail how Emily’s actually “emotionally making forward progress” in her love life in season two by dating Alfie, despite being in love with Gabriel.  

“And don’t even get me started on the coaching, okay? Her friend Mindy seriously told Emily to break her pinky promise to forget about Gabriel and stay true to Alfie? Sacre bleu, man.” He groaned. “It’s almost halftime of season two. You’ve gotta call a time out there. ‘Ooh la la?’ More like, ‘Oh no you didn’t, girl.'” 

Channeling his inner Emily, a known fashion icon, Manning then put on a red beret to describe the profound effect the Netflix series has had on his life. 

“If I’ve learned anything from Emily, it’s to follow my passions and always be true to myself,” he said. “The French have a saying, ‘Parlez-vous Français,’ which means, ‘You do you, girl.'” 

Trying to control his laughter, Jost replied, “Alright, so you think season two was even better than season one?” 

Manning’s response? “Wait, there’s a season one?”

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