Prince of Persia Remake Trophy List Appears Online, Suggests It’s Alive and Well

Though its release date has yet to be officially confirmed, an alleged Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time Remake‘s Trophy list has appeared online. If the list proves accurate, then the game will have seven gold Trophies, seven silver Trophies, 10 bronze Trophies, and the solo Platinum. That’s 25 Trophies in total, many of which focus on story progression. As you might expect, this means that the Trophy descriptions do contain spoilers, so be wary when scrolling on down.

Prince of Persia Remake Trophy list

  • Earn them all!
  • Sand Bearer
    • Obtain the Dagger of Time.
  • Visionary
  • Full Circle
    • Activate palace defense system.
  • One Hard Decision
  • Sword of Strength
  • Prince of Light
    • Solve the Hall of Learning puzzle.
  • The Elevator
    • Survive the elevator fight.
  • Good time
    • Share a night of love with Farah.
  • Ultimate Sword
  • The Big Fight
  • I might need those
  • Water is life
  • There is always time for a drink
  • Flying circus
    • Vault over 2 different enemies while in slow-motion.
  • Crowd control
    • Stun 4 enemies at the same time.
  • Any water is good water
    • Drink water from a waterfall.
  • Sand the fight down
    • Defeat 15 enemies in a row without taking damage.
  • Scapegoat
    • Freeze the same enemy 5 times.
  • Hidden doors
  • It never happened…
  • … I swear
  • Megafreeze
    • Execute a megafreeze during combat.
  • No respect
    • Drink while a frozen enemy is slowly falling down.
  • Smoldering gaze
    • Stare at Farah very closely.

The Trophy list above is sourced from PSNProfiles, one of the more popular Trophy tracking sites.

While it’s common for Trophy lists to leak like this just ahead of a game’s official launch, the Prince of Persia Remake doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date, which makes it surprising to see the Trophies allegedly being revealed.

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