r/Health – Could artificial intelligence help people survive one of the world’s deadliest diseases?

After years of looking for a way to spot sepsis, Hancock says he has finally developed a kind of early warning system that could revolutionize patients’ chances of survival.

Hancock’s latest discovery began as he was looking to confirm some unremarkable data from other studies.

But as the number of patients in his study exploded, Hancock said the possibilities of what could be revealed about sepsis grew.

His team eventually got their hands on blood samples from 348 sepsis patients from across four different continents. Now they had the raw data of thousands of genes. The problem was how to spot the behaviour of a single pair of genes that dictate how the body’s immune system responds to sepsis.

Whereas in the past, sorting through all that data would have been next to impossible, today machine learning is supercharging the kind of insights researchers can draw from big data. In Hancock’s landmark study, his team turned to artificial intelligence to filter the huge amount of data and detect genetic red flags to spot severe sepsis before it’s too late.

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