Random: Tired Of Waiting For An N64 Switch Controller? There’s Another Option

Image: Nintendo Life

When Nintendo released the Switch Online Expansion Pack, a number of us also rushed to our regional My Nintendo website to buy the new wireless N64 controller. It’s a rather lovely thing, but this being the 2020s and Nintendo being Nintendo, stock was extremely limited and restocks haven’t eased the situation. That doesn’t stop some clever fans, though.

Reddit user davidp730 highlights that the wait for a restock of the wireless pad drove him to look for a solution of his own. They utilised their experience as a software developer – along with an Arduino UNO R3 board – to create an option that allows them to use their original wired N64 controller with the Switch Online titles.

Anyone with a board and ‘some wire hanging around’ can technically do it, as the whole thing – most importantly the software to make it happen – has been shared on Github. In this solution the software is applied to the board, and then the controller port pins are connected to the board on specific inputs. The board itself connects via USB to the Switch (so this is a docked play solution); the fun of playing the games on Switch with an original pad will necessitate having some trailing cables.

The Reddit post already has enthusiasts sharing ideas for other approaches, too, for hooking up the 25 year old pads to the Switch.

Technology, marvellous isn’t it?


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