Resident Evil Village must play [PS5 GAME REVIEW]

Resident evil village game talks


Resident Evil Village game talks
Resident Evil Village game talks

“Ethan has just woken up from a coma for which he has not known, the tinnitus is still deafening due to the trauma Chris Redfield’s men have transported him and his daughter Rose, and although he does not remember any of the circumstances of what happened, he knows from the corpse of the agent who He found her lying next to him that they had had an accident, in which the car they were traveling in overturned, causing his heart and mind to palpitate, which was quick to think of the first thing any father would think of: Rose.

Where is my daughter Rose?

Then you remember that hard night, the night he could describe as the calm before the storm, Remember Chris Redfield’s men attack their house, remember that Chris murdered his wife Mia in cold blood and left her there for life but why? Why did Chris turn on him after all this suffering?? So many questions almost made Ethan scream, but he got himself under control as we used to.

With all the strength he had left, Ethan was able to stand on his feet in a futile attempt to feel where he was standing, but it was so dark, so thick he couldn’t even see two meters in front of him, but even so, Ethan went ahead, embracing darkness he didn’t know It has an end, on its right and on its left gloomy trees that spread terror in the souls of anyone who dares to walk among its branches, and suddenly he hears unreassuring rustling sounds that kept caressing him all his way.

Indifferent, Ethan found himself bumping into the corpse of one of the slaughtered crows inhumanly hanging from a tree…!

He found himself in front of a small hut filled with darkness and chaos with the emanation of light. It was apparent to him that the human hand had not touched this place for a long time, but it came to him, and treacherous darkness surrounded his body dominant. For something or a being that cannot be human, he made a fuss on the upper floor for Ethan to hide in one of the closets, his sweat pouring profusely and his heartbeat almost coming out of his chest to reveal him, but suddenly…! The sound disappeared utterly, leaving behind an unnatural opening in the hut wall. Who could do that??

Ethan received the best thing he could see in his day out of the narrow lanes: the light. When our hero arrived, he did not expect in his wildest dreams that the source of that light would be an entire village: dark, lonely, and desolate, and in the background: a Roman-style castle of the fifteenth-century ghost shadowed the village as if to protect it in a beautiful scene.

That officially unleashed the events of Resident Evil Village…!”

Perhaps our words might make you think that Resident Evil Village adopted the horror elements from the previous installment, Resident Evil 7, which we loved very personally because, in our opinion, it put the series back on the right track and put you in breathtaking situations that put your hand on your heart during it, like what happened to confront Jack for the first time, for example. But quite the opposite, Resident Evil Village does not rely on this method of instilling terror in the hearts of players but instead extends to what is even more remarkable than that.

The Resident Evil Village experience overall is one of the best Capcom has offered in its history to date and not so much because it has created new horror concepts or explored different ways to hold your breath as a player as it is the ultimate all-round game into which Capcom has poured all its history and creativity. The end of an entire era for the series and the beginning of another and a milestone in which it was able.

To blend the most distinct elements from previous parts.

It managed to take the sweet side of each title to come out with the final mix, simply Resident Evil Village is the combination of the survival elements of Resident Evil 2 with Resident Evil 3 with an element of confinement. Likewise, the breaths of Resident Evil 7 and, most importantly, most importantly: the action beauty of the beloved “Resident Evil 4″…all come together in one mold to form the complete game that will hold your breath until the last minute.”

But. This matter may have stolen Resident Evil 8’s own identity or deprived us of a new revolutionary move we looked forward to during this title, especially coinciding with its release for the new generation of home platforms. Still, unfortunately, we can consider this a minor negative in exchange for the direction or vision that Capcom has chosen for this part precisely. Besides that, the positives here have outweighed a lot of the minor negatives.

The story of the Resident Evil Village game!

Before diving into the story part, it should be noted that the review will not contain any burn, so there is no concern in this regard.

The best part that reflects the overall Lore of the series!

The story of Resident Evil Village begins after the end of the events of Resident Evil 7, yes years later, where our hero Ethan with his wife Mia and his daughter Rose settled in a new house in Europe, leaving behind nightmares of what happened at the home of the Bakers family in Louisiana. Still, suddenly the events turn upside down, as you saw in the trailers. The initial game is where Chris Redfield attacks the house with his men, and then Chris kills Mia and the rest of the place escapes with Ethan shouting why.

Returning to Ethan’s arrival in the deserted village full of blood and death after the crash of the car he was traveling in, as mentioned in the first paragraph, Ethan finds himself in a race against time to save his daughter Rose, who was kidnapped in mysterious circumstances and finds himself involved in problems and all the secrets of this village, what happened with her family in general? The history of her most ancient family and the relationship of all this to the fate of his daughter and the intentions of an evil entity called the mother Miranda.

Who controls everything and is sanctified by the people of the village to prevent her evil.

In terms of the general Lore, this part is very shocking in its events, especially when we reach the end of the game, which we will not burn. Still, it shocked us strongly about how closely the Village part is generally connected to the consequences of the events of Resident Evil 7 itself, which is why we strongly advise you to finish the seventh part first before turning to this part so that the picture becomes clear to you better, which we frankly liked because we felt for the first time in a while that Capcom is walking on a specific plot and story like the story of Ethan that you want to invest in. Therefore if you played the last part, you would feel some satisfaction in this aspect. Add to that many surprises, Exactly, and some shocking Plot Twists that will appear at the end of the game.

But the most important thing for fans of the series is that they will find their investment in the village very fruitful because this part is related to the series in general, which may reach its roots in the first part. We will not explain more than that, so there is something you can look forward to here for the old players, and it is excellent.

Family problems!

The story of Resident Evil Village is not only about the problems of Ethan and the relationship of all this with his daughter, but it forces you involuntarily to know the secrets of this village, which Miranda savage on its people in a day and night and exterminated everyone in it with the help of the heads of four ancient families who once lived in this village together, nicknamed them her children As you explore the town, you will come across a lot of files, as usual, that explain in one way or another the course of what is happening around you.

But it extends to more than that because the game does a very fantastic job in drawing the motives and feelings of each of the heads of these families towards the other. These four are not in complete harmony. Each of them tries to gain Miranda’s satisfaction in various ways, which means that feelings such as hatred and hatred are present. It is the element that we thought he would play an essential role in at the end of the game. Still, it didn’t happen because we didn’t understand. We built scenarios about what the game presented in front of me. These exciting scenarios could have led to better events that didn’t happen and maybe a tiny negative. Still, it didn’t affect our general acceptance of the story.

Four very different, well-designed bosses!

As we saw in the trailers, Ethan is arrested in one way or another by one of the game’s characters. Here he is introduced to the families that rule that village and the head of the enormous serpent which stands behind it, and they are four as we mentioned:

Dimitrescu family:

We don’t need to explain more. This is the family headed by the Big Lady, Alcina Dimitrescu, with her three daughters. As you know, they are a family of vampires that we knew a lot about before the game was even released. Our time in their palace is one of the most beautiful Resident Evil Village moments. We played the game on one of the elements of horror that we were very anticipating and will explain later.

Resident Evil Village game talks
Resident Evil Village game talks


But overall, Dimitrescu’s character is carefully written, superbly technically designed, has a laugh that makes you shiver with fear and ecstasy at the same time, that lady has a strong dominance over the period we presided over during our play and unlike the rest of the characters, we can consider her both crazy and not crazy at the same time and every encounter with her, we wished that it would not end, especially with the excellent atmosphere of the castle, which we will also talk about in its time.

Moreau family:

One of the weakest characters in writing, and his stage is the shortest, but we have to commend his body design itself.


Benevento family:

I’m not allowed to talk about that family, but all we can say is that they changed the game completely to break the boredom.

Resident evil village game talks
Resident evil village game talks

Heisenberg family:

Well, Heisenberg is one of the best characters ever written in Resident Evil Village that fans will remember for a long time. This is because his supernatural qualities and abilities are so unique. In addition, he has such a high charisma that you will constantly question his motives. However, by the end of the game, you will discover that he is one of the most important characters you will meet.

Resident evil village game talks
Resident evil village game talks

As for the writing of the characters, they are excellent with some and very weak with others. Unfortunately, Resident Evil Village couldn’t balance the four bosses, either in terms of their weight in the game’s story itself or terms of the period spent on their stage. Yes, it was a significant focus on characters like Heisenberg. Its motives build.

It’s the same with Dimitrescu’s strong presence.

Still, we can’t say the same about the rest, frankly, which is very frustrating because that game has adopted a new system that you have to go through these four sooner or later for a particular thing which is inconsistent with games like Resident Evil 2 In which the enemy was one to the end, Mr.X, and to break the boredom at the time, he was presented in different forms in every meeting so that you constantly renewed your sense of fear and anticipation and waiting for each new one.

But with four bosses in Resident Evil Village, the game couldn’t focus on everyone in the same proportion and didn’t give them the same love of highlighting them, many times; we felt that some were marginalized or there to link it to some element of the gameplay and nothing more, which is what happened Because the idea of ​​building the game on multiplicity served the game world itself. I’ll explain how, but at the same time, it affected the fighting of the bosses greatly.

On the other hand, the vocal performance of each character was excellent, which made the presence of each character with their dominance a very prominent factor. Therefore, we have no negatives in this regard.

Ethan’s character is developing here excellently!

For everyone who hated playing with Ethan in Resident Evil 7, you are entirely unprepared for what is coming in this part, which focuses on our hero more than ever. From the first perspective, we cannot interact with it for a character that we sincerely loved in this part. It made us make sure that the focus on Ethan was in order, especially since he will have a significant role in the events this time and more than you imagine in an ideal point.

But Chris is a question mark!

If you see Capcom’s trailers, Chris will appear a lot. First, he is the character on the cover of the game. Secondly, he always seems to merge with a wolf, which prompted a lot of certain theories. Still, unfortunately, Chris’s character in this part did not satisfy me. Yes, there are unique scenes of it, along with another surprise. Still, despite all that, we felt that Chris Redfield’s role was very, very secondary to Ethan’s 180-degree turn.

Playing style!

The fantastic thing about Resident Evil Village is that it is a literal mixture between Resident Evil 2 and 3 with Resident Evil 7. As we mentioned, Resident Evil 4 is the first feeling that you will get directly. Still, you will ask yourself an important question: the percentage in which the game will focus on each part’s element, particularly Tend to psychological horror? Are you more inclined to action, or can you do the problematic equation and balance all of these elements for the optimal experience?

An unofficial remake of the great Resident Evil 4!

We know that many people will be pleased to know that Resident Evil Village is more inclined towards the action deservedly borrowed from Resident Evil 4, especially the idea of ​​the village. Still, we expected that the game would balance the rest of the elements of the previous parts in the same proportion or equal proportions, but Capcom’s genes prevented that. As a result, Resident Evil 4’s character is hefty, reaching 75% of the experience. At the same time, the rest of the elements are present, but as you can see in meager proportions, but At least it is there, which in itself is a positive thing. Here that point will focus on opinions and tastes because we preferred the Resident Evil 7 theme, but we did not mind going back to the roots.

“Perhaps the only problem with Resident Evil Village is that it is trying to do too much at the same time, trying to satisfy all parties by including all the elements in one place, but that came at the expense of the overall experience, which was strong, yes, but also lacked its secret mixture.”

A mixture of different horror elements in one exciting template!

The visions of the Resident Evil series differed from the horror and the way it is applied, and your opinion will vary according to the angle from which you look. You have many ways to terrify. The game always puts you in a vulnerable position that cannot confront its opponents. Therefore the player always feels with it in the minority and dependence, resorting to escape more than confrontation and exploitation of the environment around it, such as running from Nemesis and Mr.X in both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, or that the game puts you in a position of multiple opponents so that they multiply on you tremendously, in which you also surrender in the end to escape with random shots, and preferably if the game was not we provided you with a lot of ammo. Here you will start investing in every shot. Every bullet will count.

The following scenario is that the game puts you in the form of psychological horror, where you can be surprised from any side, relying on playing in the dark is usually the dominant factor with breathtaking music and the sounds of strange steps, for example, that your heart beats violently and even puts you always in a scene of tension constantly that does not make Any place is safe for you. It makes getting to the safe zone the same as when you breathe.

That’s precisely what happened with Resident Evil 7.

And finally, the power scenario in which the game provides you with the ammunition and resources you need puts you in a mold of continuous action against a barrage of opponents such as Resident Evil 4, which is what our game strongly tends to.

We don’t know if we consider this imbalance a negative or look at it from the angle that having all these elements in one game is excellent regardless of the ratio. Frankly, we will look at it from the last perspective, as Resident Evil Village felt that we are weak and helpless in front of a torrent. The werewolves gave us the warmest welcome when we first arrived in the village. It was a battle that forced us to run jogging due to our lack of ammunition while killing many people we laid hands on. Still, unfortunately, this scene is the only one with which we felt that way.

The scenario in which the game aptly put us in the mold of Resident Evil 7 lies in a scene that we can’t tell because of the burn. Still, you can expect the mechanics of the last part here, all of the complete darkness that will cover you and surround you from all sides to suddenly find a monster standing in your face based on the still Jump Scares Resident Evil knows how, when, and where to master it with this mixture of narrow corridors and to hide under the bed. At the same time, danger passes while maximizing the tension factor is what we love and what we also found in Resident Evil Village, especially when reaching the Heisenberg stage or when exploring the basements of Dimitrescu Castle full of these zombie warriors with swords as well as.

We saw them in the demo.

The mold of constantly jogging with literally screaming an opponent following you like Mr.X was evident in our horrific period at Dimitrescu Castle. Of course, vampires are not affected by anything, which made escaping the best solution for us. Still, the castle’s mysteries and secret passages worked with an element. There is always an imminent danger staring at you to create an experience very similar to Resident Evil 2 or 3 that is terrifying.

Especially when one of Mrs. Dimitrescu’s daughters suddenly pounces on you behind your back, sucking your blood as the lady turns into Mr.X in her own right as she begins to follow you through all The castle’s narrow corridors and even excelled in appearing suddenly and by surprise so that the confrontation is fiery, especially with its claws that will scream of astonishment whenever you encounter it. This mold of tension and breathlessness is what made the castle period one of our most enjoyable periods with the game.

Finally, there is the most significant and most enjoyable space in the game, which is the clear action, which is the primary concern of the game, which gives you the courage more than ever to eliminate anyone without hesitation and without worrying about running out of ammunition because you will be able to reach them in the end, which is the dominant element on experience the whole game in the style of Resident Evil 4.

Which we found was also excellent.

All of this combined to create the most exciting experience in the history of any Resident Evil game, and in any case, you will always find your adrenaline levels very high, the only drawback is the absence of any stealth scene, as we said, the most significant part of the game will always push you to use your weapons and create action Against a barrage of werewolves who will surround you from every side.

Excellent pace of play!

The game put us in action directly without understanding what was going on around us at first. Still, then it was able to explain to us precisely what is happening in this village and answered many of the questions we had throughout the whole story, including the true meaning of Miranda, the secrets of those families, and others at a pace Excellently balanced gameplay, the game did not give us a lecture about what happens from the first scene in it. At the same time, it did not delay us with the information that our curiosity almost killed us to know.

Thus it was able to cure the curiosity factor that was constantly in our mind at the correct times and give us a piece of the plot cake Bit by bit and eventually leaves us with the parts of the whole picture scattered so that we can deduce them for us and feel the satisfaction of putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

The demo burns a lot of events!

Unfortunately, it is a little late warning. Still, the demo provided by Capcom already burned a lot of events, which made us not be affected by the same image at the most vibrant scenes because we had interacted with it before, so for everyone who wants to try the game, try to stay away from the demo as much possible.

Very frustrating boss fight!

We don’t know how to say it, but we encountered werewolves of all shapes and sizes. They posed a more imminent threat to us than the chiefs themselves, especially the fight against Moreau and Benevento. They were very loose and devoid of any innovation. For what happened in the end but we didn’t feel that dominant from any of them.

Most of the fights were very easy and predictable without anything unexpected, unlike the Heisenberg fight, which was surprising. You will know why exactly when you get to him. Still, in general, as we said, we faced opponents who provoked us to the maximum The degree and the coolest is that they appeared out of nowhere to suddenly challenge us without having enough resources to fight them, unlike every boss which the game prepares you to meet by putting in many extra resources.

Significant confrontations and a great variety of enemies!

Due to the different gameplay environment, which we will talk about later, the enemies in Resident Evil Village varied greatly, each with a specific attack style and accordingly other weaknesses, whether from sword warriors who look like zombies in the dungeons of Dimitrescu Castle, who will rely on darkness to create breathtaking scenes, especially with their terrifying appearance And their ability to wake up suddenly to surprise you, which has happened to us many times, to make our screams louder at home and of course we will not forget that the first-person perspective in general increases the experience of horror exponentially.

And suppose you are tired of these zombies. In that case, the girls of Mrs. Dimitrescu can transform into a torrent of merciless insects, and that’s not all. Still, the game puts new excellent challenges, such as creatures that can fly as well, which we tested our ability to deal with sniper weapons or werewolves and stationed in the village more of their different types Starting with the ordinary carrying an axe to the animal.

That pounces on you relentlessly suddenly without leaving you to respond and finally Heisenberg’s Terminator-like droids that have transformed the gameplay towards more uninterrupted action and, as we said, the design of confrontations in general with those monsters came in Sometimes it’s better, more brutal and a hundred times more challenging than regular boss fights.

Bloody and shocking scenes are intense!

If you wondered about this, we could assure you that Resident Evil Village did not abandon the bloody principle at all. Still, we remember that we opened the mouth with a lot of astonishment because of shocking scenes that we did not expect and the horrors that were unimaginable and unthinkable that Ethan would be exposed to. Still, as we used to, He endures all difficulties with perfect skin.

Old and new mechanics important for gameplay!

Resident Evil Village included some new mechanics, such as the idea of ​​using flour bags to create a cloud of smoke that would block the sight of a werewolf, which means a few seconds between survival and death, add to that the idea of ​​fortifying any house you are in by strengthening its doors or windows so that you gain yourself some valuable time until You can escape from the ruthless torrent of werewolves, significantly since their difficulty levels increase with time so that they require more Headshots, for example, to die opposite the beginning of the game.

You will find that as you progress in the game, your opponents will become smarter against you. For example, werewolves are very dangerous in the idea of ​​​​their quick and completely unexpected movements, which sometimes pose a solid challenge for aiming at their heads.

Among the old mechanics is Ethan’s ability to guard or protect himself from enemies, which we found very useful, especially since Ethan can die from two or three hits, which always puts you in an awkward position. On the other hand, you can shoot explosive barrels to eliminate the most significant number of enemies. Monsters at a time in tactics, the game put you in front of you to use in a time of need and helped me.

Having the idea of ​​the store turned Village for Resident Evil 4 new!

Although we do not have the slightest problem with the predominance of the action factor over the style of play except in the point of descent, the presence of the duke store in the game and the inclusion of the currency system is the rudder of the gameplay to become what it is. Simply put, the Duke offers you options to purchase weapons of various kinds. In addition, it has special attachments that increase its performance, resources like alcohol flasks to heal your injuries, unlockers to unlock locked chests, all kinds of ammo. Of course, the best are Recipes or scripts for crafting types of ammo and projectiles, which you can expect from any store.

RESIDENT EVIL village game talks
RESIDENT EVIL village game talks


To buy, you have to use the game currency, which is the Lei, that currency that you will get during your exploration of the village in general. Still, you will find that it will fall from almost every enemy you kill. This was the reason for making the game more inclined to action, and this is because if you adopt stealth, it will not be. You never have Lei enough to buy any equipment.

Still, it was better to put this item in the action template in Resident Evil 4, which is what we agreed with the game.

The store is an essential component of the whole Resident Evil Village, we don’t remember how many times I’ve come across it and taken advantage of them, which assured us at the time that the game wanted us to play more outdoors, and in fact, we had no difficulty in assembling the Lei, it was like magic, we almost managed to we unlock all the game’s weapons and maximize our inventory by the end of the game without feeling like we need to go on a special mission to find the Lei per se which would undoubtedly kill the fun of the game.

Especially since you get the Lei easily and abundantly, as if it were water, for example, by killing monsters, which made me, unlike the previous parts, bolder than the previous one, therefore, we did not miss any battle or waste it on us by escaping, but fighting was the solution that the game was trying to push us towards.

It’s even better when you defeat a boss or even a giant monster among the monsters, which will make the idea of ​​confrontations significant and unexpected because you get a crystal shape for each boss you kill, you can sell it at the Duke and get an extra Lei, in addition to that.

There are a lot of hidden crystals and treasures that will not require much effort from you in Finding them.

And you can sell them for vast amounts of money, so we have to commend the design of the store in being accessible, not demanding and the prices themselves are very affordable. So you will not feel any helplessness with them, but perhaps the coolest is the idea of ​​​​the choices that the game puts you in. Do you invest your money in Shotgun, for example, or put it in essential resources necessary to survive? What things can you delay buying, and which items are a must? We found ourselves making a list of priorities with often sacrificing to get one thing over another, which is a finely crafted point.

You can also use the Lei to modify your weapons and develop them to become stronger. Although the weapons are many, we found ourselves having developed most of them to their maximum level by the end of the game. Still, we come back and say that you are the one who will choose whether to invest your money in developing a particular weapon at the expense of the other Because it suits your playing style more or will you try to balance all the weapons like us to test each one? It’s up to you.

Which we like.

Well, for the first time, you can hunt animals like chicken and fish and sell them to the Duke to bring you a specific recipe or combination of them that increases your overall life points, reduces damage when doing Guard, increases your speed, and reflexes. Other passive abilities that we honestly didn’t find It has no use. It’s nice to have it.

Still, it wasn’t employed in such a way that we went to Duke every time to take care of it simply because we didn’t feel that throughout the story. Ethan needed to improve his life points, we almost finished it. And we were still at an average life points level which we originally started the game. With and that is why we succumbed to the fact that those Recipes are not important.

Resident Evil Village weapons for every gameplay!

There are a lot of weapons in the world of Resident Evil Village. On top of them comes the pistol that you will play with for a reasonable period at the beginning of the game. With different types of it and then the Shotgun of all kinds, the sniper weapon as you saw in the promotions. The knife and others, we cannot mention them now, every weapon It has a unique way of playing, the focus on details in each weapon was terrific. Even the sounds and smoke that comes out of the barrel of each pistol after each shot added more to the liveliness of the game. Not to mention the same fun that you will enjoy every second of it when killing a werewolf with a Headshot. For example, it explodes on its effect—a large pool of blood.

In general, you will find your favorite weapon that you are comfortable playing with. With a store like the Duke, the gameplay will become more detailed. Especially with the return of projectiles such as explosive bullets, pipe bombs to distract your opponents. And the presence of Mines to eliminate clusters of monsters.

The Inventory and Crafting system is back!

The most significant proof that this game is inspired by Resident Evil 4 is the Inventory system that returns. From this part to enable you to move and organize your resources inside your bag to allow other resources in the future. As you know, this part testifies to the return of the crafting system through which you can craft ammo. A bottle to get your life back or you can even craft different types of shots. And this system is the most used one by me, firstly the crafting supplies are not hard to come by. You can get Herb or Chem Fluid from any area, scrap is scattered all over the place so you can craft the shots we found ourself we carry quite a few. So we gave up on buying them from Duke to save money for something better.

Resident Evil Village game talks
Resident Evil Village game talks



There is no Resident Evil series without puzzles and vice versa. Although the puzzles were terrible and very easy in the Resident Evil 7 part. They improved somewhat in Resident Evil Village. Still, unfortunately, the difficulty level of the puzzles did not rise to the same level as Resident Evil 2 or 3. Which frustrated us very, very badly. Still, the bright side is that it is in better shape than the last part, at least.

During our gameplay, we only encountered one puzzle that confused us for half an hour. Still, without that, it is usually from the Resident Evil series. And sometimes we even feel that the puzzles exist so that their name is there. Prominent on the idea of ​​collecting masks from different places and returning to put them in one place .

Mini-games that test your memory ability and nothing more.

Other than that, you will constantly meet some things that you have to check to access something else that you use to open closed doors, for example, collecting specific keys. Each of which opens dedicated doors that will not be open for you at the beginning of the game to make you return to the same place and pass the risks to open this The door that we finally wished to reach to know the treasures behind it. Still, unlike Resident Evil 2. Which puzzled us all with its endless number of keys and required a solid memory to save all the places of closed doors. Resident Evil Village did not go deep enough in this crevice.

It is there, but you will not feel any challenge in terms of memorization. All the puzzles are clear and almost self-explanatory, or so we felt. We do not know if this is because we are used to the scenarios that Capcom presents in front of us throughout this series or because they were straightforward. And did not require much effort. Still, in both cases, scenarios Puzzles, in general, have become highly memorized and expected. You will find yourself doing them automatically.

Other than this, there are things that you will need to combine with others to obtain a tool that will benefit you or open a secret door for you. A lot of confidential documents about treasures, and so on. And this is what makes us address the next paragraph, which is the design of the world.

The most remarkable and most extensive world Resident Evil has ever seen!

The design of the world of the village reflects a lot. First, it serves the idea of ​​the game that centers around sorcery, werewolves, and vampires perfectly. Second, the general atmosphere of the game is unnaturally elaborate that puts you directly in the center of the action. And delivers the feeling that it is supposed to offer to you with distinction, from the abandoned village. Full of blood and chaos and furniture scattered everywhere which made us feel dangerous to represent the bloody goats. We found hanging and slaughtered for the same weather which tends to gray.

The atmosphere becomes more black and gloomy. Passing through the castle of Dimitrescu, with which you feel a fatal glimpse always makes you ready for any danger. That may lie in wait for you at any moment and in any place. Not to mention the beauty of its details and furniture based on the ancient Roman way to go out and look at the castle from afar to find it standing tall as if it were a ghost that terrorizes anyone as.If it were a stern warning to anyone who wanted to approach.

We very much enjoyed the general atmosphere, which contained the greatest environmental diversity that you can see in this chain of castles, villages, tombs, factory, mines, lakes. And other places that were wonderfully designed and perfectly exploited by Capcom to give each area its character. That also suits by extension with the type of leader who governs the region.

The idea of ​​stepping into a castle and passing through its vast and beautiful rooms. To suddenly fall into dark hidden vaults and then into a wine cellar floating in blood was illusory and invisible. This transition from one character to another with a contrasting atmosphere that made.

The Resident Evil Village experience constantly alive.

In terms of designing the world itself, almost for the first time. The series testifies to the existence of a Hub or a place you return to constantly in the village. So that it is the point and stronghold of your operations in which the store is located. And from which you prepare to set off on another journey. That point is a crossroads in the village that was the place we were returning to it constantly to catch our breath from the horror of what we saw. In general, we liked that detail. Whatever you do, you will always find yourself returning to that meeting point, which you consider to be security and safety.

And by extension, because the world is built like this. The world of Resident Evil Village is the largest in terms of size and duration of content that it offers. So there is a lot to do if you are not delving into the main story. A lot of hidden treasures that may include rare weapons waiting for you to get them in different ways. Some simple puzzles, such as the four labyrinths that you will encounter. Will have a significant role in getting you very rare things that are worth getting tired of.

The length of Resident Evil Village and Mercenary Mode!

The length of the Resident Evil Village game is not long. Still, you will feel that the overall journey is very satisfying and abundant. We finished the game in 11 and a half hours without counting the exploration and loss times. Still, Capcom games have always been this long, so we have no problem with that. Especially since the game is designed to be unlocked more than once with new weapons to unlock. More demanding challenges to test yourself.

As for the mercenary style, it is a mixture of the old phase mixed with the Raid system. Which puts you in a particular stage that you have to prepare in advance with the necessary weapons. And equipment before entering against a torrent of zombies that you have to use. To complete specific objectives that the game commands you to gain access to the area. The second stage and the general goal are finishing the stage in the shortest time with the most significant number of combos. And before the end of a specific time frame. The experience, in general, was delightful. Especially with the abilities that the game guides you to either to increase the timing more or to reduce the damage. You get or increase your damage rate to become the stage Very dynamic.

Resident Evil Village graphics and performance on PS5!

The usual RE Engine is responsible for the great graphics of Resident Evil Village. The overall ambiance, as we said, is excellent and elaborate. The attention to detail both on the weapons themselves and their sounds and the veins of Ethan’s hands look great. Even the details of the monsters themselves are accurate and make each beast stand out from the other. Still, There has been a lot of variation in the graphics of the game on PS5, especially the Terrain Quality in the village. Which was exposed to Texture Pop Up the first time we saw it on the PlayStation 5.

Dimitrescu Castle is another story. Those beautiful details in the materials of the castle chairs and the decoration of its walls made us fall in love with its beauty. The big lady’s bedroom is a fairy tale with its details and the splendor of the painting on the wall. Which made us feel like we were inside a high-class castle.

Perhaps the lighting played a vital role, that light that permeated the windows of the castle to spread itself on the small space in which we were standing was terrific. The lighting, in general, differed from the cold village to the inside of the castle, which kept. As we mentioned for some people, beautiful yellow lights.

Our only problem is we didn’t feel ray tracing enough on the PS5.

As for the performance, it was stable most of the time at 60fps steadily. Except for some scenes in which we found the game dropping to strange rates that might reach the forties. As for the sound effects and music, we served the experience to the fullest. The soundtrack changed according to Dimitrescu’s pursuit of you or not. The sense of tension that the game tried to convey. Not to mention that all of this is fully supported by 3D audio and some of the features of Dualsense. But not all of them, especially in terms of Haptics and about the loading screens. Which did not exceed two seconds on the PlayStation 5. The SSD did its job perfectly at this point.


Story: 9

Playstyle and horror factor: 9

World design: 8.5

Graphics and Exploitation Capabilities of PS5: 9.5


A story that ties into the general Lore well

The writing of the characters is mostly excellent, with good motives

Ethan’s character is perfect in this part

Dimitrescu and Heisenberg are adorable characters.

Bloody and epic scenes

Enemies are very diverse between vampires and werewolves

Unexpected encounters and excellent game pace

Relying on mixing all the horror factors from the previous parts in one mold

A breathtaking adventure with solid action

Various weapons that serve any character

The store idea is excellent

Fake Lighting and Graphics on PlayStation 5

Good performance and average utilization of PS5

Design a wonderful world based on the point of return and a fantastic atmosphere

New mechanics that change the gameplay

Inducing a sense of exploration to find treasures and post-game content

Popular systems like Inventory and Crafting are back


Frustrating boss fight

Puzzles are also frustrating

Some of the main characters are left out to highlight others

The demo burns a lot

Chris’ character was a question mark

The graphics are sometimes good and sometimes bad, especially in the village.

The game tries to satisfy all tastes, but it succeeds and fails once


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