Scarlet Nexus Director Talks About Wanting a “More Mature” Sequel

Director of Scarlet Nexus has shared that they want a sequel for brainpunk RPG, but this time with an “even more mature” entry.

Scarlet Nexus Director Talks About Wanting a “More Mature” Sequel

Scarlet Nexus the anime-inspired JRPG released last year, introducing the world of modern blood fiends in an Action-RPG combat style. It now looks like the director Kenji Anabuki has ideas for the sequel, as he spoke with Inverse about the possibility of Scarlet Nexus 2.

Scarlet Nexus features a cast of characters with Psyco-Kinetic powers

Anabuki explained how he wants an “even more mature” sequel. The premise for Scarlet Nexus is set in a future where psionic powers and a number of weird enemies are on the loose. The title was dubbed “brainpunk” with Characters possessing a number of different Psyco-Kinetic Abilities. The game was released on a number of platforms and even joined Xbox Game Pass, a few months later after its release.

Producer Keita Iizuka explained how they receive a lot of positive feedback from both players and critics, which he attributes to his experience working n the Tales Of series.

As for a sequel, well there aren’t confirmed plans of that happening at the moment, but Anabuki did share a few thoughts on what he would like to portray in the next one including continuing with the ‘superpower’ theme and creating a story more suited for a mature audience.

If there is a sequel, I would personally want to utilize the ‘superpower’ theme in areas other than battles. The world and settings of the story could potentially be created to suit an even more mature audience; by exploring themes like the dangers of having or using superpowers.

Scarlet Nexus does now only tell its story in the RPG as the title has also seen an anime that follows a slightly different avenue to the storytelling. This could open up a further storyline for a future game, as the world has now expanded into different mediums of narrative.

One thing the devs look forward to is to “keep hearing from all in the future. Your voices build the future for the Scarlet Nexus IP.”

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