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Scarlet Nexus

What are the chances of surviving in a world infested with monsters, connected by technology, and under the protection of OSF teams for someone like Yuito Sumeragi? Fortunately, possessing mental powers that are used for combat is the greatest requirement of the New Himuka government in order to recruit for the forces of other people’s war. As for the naturally gifted Kasane Randall, what is her role in what is happening in this world?

Scarlet Nexus is a fast-paced action game with a character development aspect, with an anime character and graphics in a futuristic world full of technology, infested with monstrous creatures, and offers a sci-fi story mixed with many ideas. You play in semi-open stages and switch between them from a general map rather than being an open world game. A new original game produced by Bandai Namco, directed by Kenji Anabuki (Tales of series) and produced by Keita Iizuka (Code Vein and God Eater 2).

 Scarlet Nexus

In Scarlet Nexus, you’re a newcomer between Yuito and Kasane for the Other Suppression Force (OSF). The general events and direction of the story are similar while the difference is in the special events, the characters that approach them, and the areas that both characters go to. The overall storyline is interconnected with a goal between Yutio and Kasane and throughout the two phases the events will intersect to bring the two characters together during the adventure that awaits them with the rest of the OSF soldiers joining both teams.

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Story, Dialogues, and Characters

Others monsters have long appeared on the face of the earth to cause panic and terror to all the inhabitants of the earth by eating human brains, and the goal of the OSF team is to gather those with special mental energies in order to recruit them to fight these creatures to protect the main city of New Himuka, the capital of the game world. Soon, things develop to take another turn away from fighting monsters to cover the story with a new character mixed with science fiction wonderfully to give us an interesting and interesting story to follow.

The game deals with many issues that are unknown at the beginning, and some of them are very interesting. The combination of the story and its new curve was interesting and presented in a wonderful way, but the events of the story continue with complexity over time and mix many parties and ideas together to link into a complex network of information enough to eat your brain. Sometimes its dialogues turn into a traditional anime story with its goals after it was different and distinguished at its beginning, and returns to be distinguished by its end.

Scarlet Nexus

Talking about the dialogues, as they begin, the conversation between the characters is spontaneous in a way that gave them distinction instead of taking all things seriously during the conversation. There is no difference in the ranks of the OSF factions you join due to rank or age, but as the main story, the dialogues begin to change to focus on things larger than just the close relationships between members of one team.

While playing Yuito, the character is written in such a way that he is oblivious to everything around him, ignorant of some facts in front of his eyes, and acts like an idiot in his conversations with some of the characters. The lack of linking events together to infer things that are obvious to you as a player is annoying at times when Yuito doesn’t know it until he speaks directly in front of him to tie the events together to come to the same conclusion as you. But she adapts to the character over time, and the dialogues with the rest of the characters begin to deepen in order to get to know her personally and closer, and some of these writing problems of the character improve to a point where the level of understanding of the player and Yuito is on the same wave…almost.

The characters are a mixture of what they are accustomed to in anime, there is the cute character and childhood friend, the entertaining and funny character, the serious and arrogant character and others. We liked the relationships between all the people and their goals for joining OSF or even their personal problems and their relationships with those around them after getting deeper into their knowledge of either the main missions or the side talk.

In general, the game’s story is distinguished by its merging of events within a world focused on science fiction and technology mixed with other creatures, and the intersection of the story events between Yuito and Kasane gives each phase a difference of events from beginning to mid-game. The dialogues vary in quality between the distinctive and the ordinary; There are beautifully written dialogues, while others just shake your head. Had it not been for the great complexity of the last half of the game with the addition of many ideas, the story would have been on a consistent level of excellence from start to finish. Fans of sci-fi anime will surely find plenty to love about the Scarlet Nexus story.

Playing and fighting style

Fast action combat is fun and smooth in addition to being elaborate and varied. The fighting is divided into two main styles; When playing a sword-wielding Yuito, normal strikes consist of a combo of close-up sword strikes, with mental powers blended into the middle of the fight. Yuito and Kasane both carry Psychokinesis powers that enable them to lift and throw objects. The battle arena is filled with many chests, chairs, cars and more that the two characters can take advantage of and throw at the enemy using their mental powers. Fighting becomes a combination of rapid successive strikes attached to throwing objects from a distance to break the enemy’s shield and then approaching for more successive strikes. This fun combination gives the fights great speed and fluidity with beautiful animations to look at.


However, the style of fighting is not limited to that. You have a fleet of OSF soldiers that two more can be with you on the battlefield, while you can use 8 mental powers in your strikes. There are those who use the energy of fire, cloning, super speed, clairvoyance, electricity and so on. What can be added here is the use of these abilities within the main combat style to strengthen your strikes, with the use of fire energy you will add to your sword the ability to burn enemies with your fire strikes for a specific period, and with the cloning ability, you will be able to throw double objects instead of one using your mental powers, and the ability of clairvoyance will make you see Hidden enemies or their weaknesses. As you advance in the game, you will also be able to summon these characters to perform a fatal blow instead of borrowing their abilities for your strikes.

Diversity in the use of all mental abilities helps to design other enemies. Enemies who have the power of water can use the power of electricity against them, as for the enemies of oil, the power of fire will burn them, and for the clones, clairvoyance can show you who the real enemy is. The design of the combat system is very elaborate. Even though some monsters are similar in appearance, their different abilities and weak points will make you adjust your playing style to get the best results by mixing the abilities available to you. This is helped by the built-in control system to give you the speed to carry out these moves in the middle of the action without the need to move between different menus, but rather shortcuts such as the R1 + X and R1 + O buttons.

The upgrade tree expands dynamically as you continue to play and acquire new techniques so that you don’t fill your eyes with too many distracting options, focus on the basic ways to upgrade first and as you gain new abilities you will unlock other options. This may be counterintuitive but there are a bunch of games that start the game with you seeing an upgrade tree that spans pages. There are some basic upgrades in our opinion to make the fighting style fun, and locking it as an “optional” upgrade option might not have been the best thing. For example, the possibility of double jumping or executing air strikes, it is better if basic upgrades are given to you with play. The upgrade tree relies on the options to add more Sword Combos and Psychokinesis, while there are also options such as the ability to use a combination of 2 of your friends’ brainpower instead of 1 at the same time.

Another aspect through which the mental powers of the side characters can be upgraded is by strengthening the relationships with the team members. They are usually movie clips and dialogues, and rarely make you move to a place of play to carry out small tasks such as killing enemies. These relationships help introduce you to new aspects of your team members as part of the story, and are fun for that purpose, including new ways to help out in combat. The ability to summon the character to perform a fatal blow is locked until they reach a specific level with each character; They are very important in our opinion to enjoy the fight. As we mentioned earlier, the quality of the dialogues varies, so some of them may be boring, but they can be skipped if you only want to get the upgrade.

There are no side missions as they mean in other games, missions can be taken from the game cities but to carry out challenges during combat. It can be carried out with story missions such as killing some kind of enemy in some way or using fire. Fortunately, there are no side quests to carry out routine needs like in JRPGs.

With the variety and fun of combat, it has relatively little content of the main story missions compared to the dialogues. There will be about 10 groups of enemies and sometimes more in the stages before you move on to a new paragraph of the story. Because of the fun of fighting, we wanted to fight more battles during the main experience, knowing that the fights get more difficult near the end of the game, the challenge is there, but the first half misses some of that. You can return to the stages during the rest time to re-fight the enemies and enjoy the fast-paced gameplay, but there is no motivation for that with the absence of side missions, and even the character development is sufficient through story missions only without the need for side combat. There are also no additional weapons to power up the blows from these missions, they are only available in a limited way in the store.

In short, the combat system is fast and elaborate and the addition of mental powers, whether from you or your team members, allows diversification of fighting against all kinds of enemies while implementing some strategy for the method of use. There are important upgrades to enjoy more gameplay but they are optionally locked under the upgrade tree, and additional team member abilities are through time-consuming relationship-building dialogues. The diversity of enemy types is reason enough to change the strategy, but the story mission combats are few compared to the dialogues and there is no reason to replay the stages in order to fight; There are no side quests or additional weapons to get this way.

Design, graphics, worlds, and enemies

Can’t talk about the designs before praising the Others, the most attention-grabbing designs in the game world. These brain-eating monsters come with a combination of organic, inorganic, and mechanical materials that set them apart from the rest of the games. Merging human and animal organs with flowers and plants as well as inanimate materials may be an inappropriate mixture on paper, but with the final design we got, the merging is beautiful, impressive, and unique to Scarlet Nexus. Some of the designs are really intimidating, making you uncomfortable looking at the details; As one of the monsters whose fingers move in a terrifying way and in reverse, similar to what can be seen in horror movies. Others’ designs are fully featured and are even more terrifying than some of the zombies in some other games.

The game is built in an anime world. Character designs are what is expected of strange costumes and distinctive accessories full of colors that give a big difference to each of the characters. While the world is designed in a way that blends the anime with the real world. The quality of the stages varies within the world, there are dazzling ones, such as cities that integrate technology with daily uses, such as digital road signs or even posters hanging on the walls, and there are other, less impressive stages that depend on one color, such as underground train tunnels, for example. One of the stages in the old hospital is filled with an atmosphere of horror and mystery with accompanying music. There are obvious gaps between the graphical design of the stages, some of them can give you the feeling that this is the unique world of Scarlet Nexus, while others are normal stages that could be in any Japanese game.


As for the design of the maps of the stages themselves, it is the worst part of the Scarlet Nexus. With the system of semi-open stages, most of them are closed areas that lead to straight corridors in one direction and in a linear manner that serves the purpose of moving from the first point to the last point. There are two stages in which the layout differs, which makes it more like a maze to move between rooms and unlock locks, but the similarity of the environment of the rooms to each other makes it more confusing than a fun challenge. A little disappointing, especially since the designs of these stages are visually interesting.

As a whole, the design of the enemy monsters is distinct and different from the rest of the monsters in the games by integrating elements that may be strange on paper, but appear excellent by applying them in the game. The world of the game is uneven, there are some interesting areas with a design that mixes the past with the present and the ordinary with digital, which gives homogeneity between colors and designs, while there are other areas that lack colors and are not distinct from the Scarlet Nexus world and can be from any other world. The design of the stage maps lacks innovation, as they are semi-open areas with small corridors that connect you from point “A” to point “B” in a linear manner that does not encourage exploration.


Scarlet Nexus is a successful title in many respects, albeit with some obstacles that limit it from being a complete experience. The game world and the story are interesting aspects and full of surprising moments, despite the complexity of the second half of the game, and the designs of other monsters are among the things that distinguish Scarlet Nexus from others with its unique, strange and terrifying character. The fast and varied action style with the extra brainpower and energies of the team members as well as the variety of enemy types makes it an enjoyable experience with simple strategies that can be implemented in the middle of combat to give you the advantage in every fight, but the balance between fighting enemies and the story tends to the side of the dialogues more which makes us wish for more fights not Motivate to complete side quests. The balance of the game is towards the fun and smoothness of combat and the surprise of the big moments in the events of the story and it is an experience worth spending time to enjoy.



  • The fighting system depends on a group of systems that complement each other and are presented to you in a simple way separately, until we come up with a fast, integrated combat system that is fun and interesting and breathtaking, but it stands out more in your development network and how you deepen it over time and how it expands as you progress In the game, it also stands out when you carry out your attacks and use the abilities of the character by using the world around you to carry out your attack, for example, you can use a train, a car or a crane to carry out very painful blows to the enemies, also using your friends’ forces opens a wider field of fighting in how to choose the fighting formation your own.
  • The game graphics and the way to apply the aesthetics of colors and focus on the red color and its derivatives was beautiful and harmonious and did not bother me at all, unlike many games and movies that used red tones before, the world was combined with these colors beautifully with elaborate Japanese anime graphics, which makes you think that it is Two-dimensional graphics, which are originally three-dimensional.
  • The game draws you to know more about the story and makes you eager to know the events that happened with the other character. It is possible to end the game with one character and it will absorb all the important things in the story, but the possibility of playing with a different character and with a different fighting system and the ability to see additional story events make the game excellent for those who want to go back to the world and play again.


  • The messaging system between the characters in the game is illogical and does not align with the events of the game correctly, as you receive a message at the same moment when the discussion ends from the same character and they talk about other things or about the same topic, but in a detailed way as if they had never talked about the topic before.
  • I can’t stop the game at the time of the story clips except by pressing the Share Images button or changing the dialogue narration feature so that the dialogue progresses manually. I have to click every time to resume the dialogue, otherwise there is no specific way through the game.
  • The dialogues during the events of the story are told in a fixed manner, represented in its perception of comics or comics supported by voice acting, which in my view is acceptable, but the writing of the texts was very weak and the style of the characters’ communication regarding the events is weak. I do not know if it was a weakness in writing the original game in Japanese or a problem Translating texts into English.



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  1. I think I have over 20 hours into Scarlet Nexus already. Which for me is outrageously impressive. The game has fun (though I could see it getting better with a few minor tweaks) combat. But the story is what got me in, it just kept getting deeper and crazier as you play on. I am a fan.