Sonic Frontiers Update 1.10 Patch Notes Fixes Crashing Issues, Improves UI

The patch notes for Sonic Frontiers update 1.10, the second major update for the open-world platformer, have been revealed. It is currently available for download on PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox platforms. As a follow-up to the game’s day one update, it’s largely the same, focusing mainly on performance, stability, and crashing issues. However, the details for the other enhancements to the UI and gameplay are rather vague at the point.

Full patch notes for Sonic Frontiers update 1.10

As reported by UpdateCrazy, here is what has been improved in the latest update 1.10 (otherwise known as 1.010.000):

  • Fixed random crashing bugs
  • Addressed audio related issues
  • Added UI improvements
  • Added gameplay optimizations
  • Added stability and performance improvements
  • Other minor fixes

As mentioned earlier, these patch notes don’t go into much detail at all. We’re hoping that Sega is able to provide a more thorough account of what it has improved, especially if it has been able to get rid of graphical pop-in. In terms of specifics, a tweet from user SAAC_News, an account that focuses on Sonic news, says this latest update apparently fixes issues with the Giganto boss encounter and has removed instances of quest icons not disappearing.

Several days after the game’s launch of November 8, 2022, game director Morio Koshimoto said in a tweet that he believes Sonic Frontiers still has “a long way to go” and is looking at the game “as a global playtest.”

Our Sonic Frontiers review scored the game a 7.5/10, and Sonic Team has made hints at a Sonic Adventure 3.


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