Spoilers: God of War Ragnarok Players React to THAT Thor Boss Fight

God of War Ragnarok players are now steadily making their way through Sony Santa Monica Studio’s sequel following its release this week, and one fight in particular has everyone talking. The moment has already been branded the “single coolest thing” players have ever experienced in a game.

Spoilers ahead!

God of War Ragnarok’s Thor boss fight praised by fans

During the game’s opening moments, Kratos and Atreus are confronted by Thor and Odin, with the latter attempting to make a pact with the God of War. After Kratos turns down the offer, Thor lunges for the anti-hero, getting into an intense fight that echoes the 2018 game’s boss battle with Baldur.

One of the highlights of the battle sees Kratos actually being bested by Thor, actually being killed by the Norse God for a fleeting moment. However, Thor then brings Kratos back to life with a lightning bolt to the best, saying: “say when we’re done!”

It’s a shocking moment that toys with the player’s expectations, and immediately establishes Thor as a major threat. As a result, it’s already been doing the rounds online:

Memes were also used to point out the discrepancy between Thor and Kratos in this opening fight:

This is what the first fight felt like from GodofWar


And many were also tweeting out their appreciation for Thor in general, branding the character the “best Thor in all media” — take that, Chris Hemsworth.

God of War Ragnarok received rave reviews, including our own, though its developers revealed how they didn’t think it was good enough just three months before its launch. Their concern has been unfounded, though, with it receiving plenty of praise since its release.


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