Square Enix Details ‘Custom Race Mode’ In Final Fantasy Spin-Off Chocobo GP

One game you might want to be on the lookout for this March is the new Chocobo GP for Nintendo Switch.

It’s a new kart racer by the Final Fantasy company Square Enix in the style of series like Mario Kart and features an expansive roster of FF characters. Square Enix has been sharing a look at these racers over on its social media channels, and now in a follow-up post, it’s detailed the game’s custom race mode.

It’s a simple but neat feature that should a little bit more entertainment to the upcoming racer:

Custom Race mode in #ChocoboGP lets you create your own races by customizing a range of things like race class, type of magicite available, the CPU’s skill level & more! Two players can share controllers & race together in Custom Race mode. Coming to Nintendo Switch March 10th!

In addition to this custom race mode, Chocobo GP will also include a story mode, 64-player knock-out tournament, time attack and much more. Square Enix is also releasing a free-to-download version of the game – allowing players who don’t own this title to join in on the fun.

Is this a game you’ll be taking a look at on release? Tell us down below.


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