Stadia-Exclusive Game Gylt Could Be Ported to PS5 and PS4

When Google announced the upcoming closure of the Stadia servers at the start of next year, this meant some of the streaming service’s exclusive titles would be lost. One of those is Gylt from Tequila Works. So that the game doesn’t disappear altogether, they’ve revealed they will be porting Gylt to other platforms and a couple of those could be PS5 and PS4.

What is Gylt?

Gylt is a third-person horror game that’s intended for a younger audience. Assuming the role of a young girl called Sally, she has to enter a creepy world to face her fears about bullying and childhood nightmares as she tries to find her cousin Emily. This means coming face to face with terrible creatures, using an Alan Wake-like flashlight or fire extinguisher to vanquish enemies, or just hiding to keep out of their way.

Tequila Works revealed that Gylt is going multiplatform in 2023. As the team has been working on the port “for a long time”, it seems like the decision was made long before Google’s surprise announcement, especially as rumors of a multiplatform release started in 2019. Players will be hoping Gylt will appear on PS5 and PS4, especially as the developer’s CEO Raúl Rubio has previously voiced admiration for the Dualsense controller’s unique features.


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